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  1. There used to be a ton of mods that replaced Kerbol with a black hole and added a ton of extra star systems but I can't find any that work with 1.3. Are there any such mods?
  2. A while ago I saw a video on YT of a recreation of the ISV Venture Star from James Cameron's Avatar. The spacecraft in the movie was part of a fleet of twelve vessels meant to carry people and cargo to Alpha Centauri. I love sci-fi. I really love sci-fi when they do their research and make something that is a lot closer to sci than fi. The ISV Venture Star falls into this category. It is quite the gorgeous ship and really quite practical and realistic (for a fictional interstellar starship) when it comes to parts, equipment, design, etc. The ship in the video was quite the amazing spacecraft and a very nice build, but I wanted to get as close to accurate as my rinky dink little computer can handle. So for the past few hours that's exactly what I did. Hope y'all enjoy! Here is a diagram and picture for reference: And here is mine (I tried to recreate the image, but then realized I had it rotated 90 degrees). Oh well.. It is approximately 925,000 tons fully fueled and about 1400 meters in length (slightly shorter than the diagram due to the fact that I did not include the shields and only the protective mirror). Astonishly I was able to make it with only 192 parts so my caveman computer can run it just fine (definitely could go twice that, but would be dealing with about 5-10 fps). I may even be able to make two valkyrie shuttles and attach them without it setting on fire! Thanks to whoever made the original video and craft as you are my partial inspiration for this! Let me know what y'all think! Cheers, Taylor EDIT: I will be spacing out the radiator slightly and extending the rear truss to more accurately match it. I'll eventually add the shields (I think) at which point I'll also angle the engines outward slightly to also more accurately match the spacecraft.
  3. So I'm playing on ksp 1.2 with kerbalism and interstellar and some other mods I'll post them later but,I'm trying to make a warp ship to blalo in kss which can carry 1000 tons. I hope that some of you guys can help me out and also learn from others. -Thanks Devan
  4. So I have built a vessel to carry my crew to the Jovian system in KSP. I am trying to leave the Kerbin system with a DT Vista Fusion Engine, but I keep running into the same problem over and over. Out of the blue, my thrust drops to 0. I check Kerbal Engineer and it says that my fuel is burning and all other resources are being consumed as normal. Check the engine itself and it says it has 600Kn of thrust, but my orbital speed isn't changing at all. There is a constant supply of power coming from the Nuclear fusion generator, keeping the power above 2.5Gw. This isn't happening right when I start my burn either, I will use 1,750DV in a certain direction with perfect output from the engine, but after that it just stops, with 250 more DV required to finish my burn correctly. I have been looking over this all night and I cannot for the life of me figure out what is causing this constant failure in engine output. Any advice? Anyone else seen this weird bug?
  5. Easy Mode: Do a manned flyby of every body in the Antares system found in this mod. You may only use stock parts and stock game mechanics. The only other mods allowed are visual aid mods such as Kerbal Engineer and Trajectories. Then return all astronauts safely to Kerbin. Normal Mode: Do a grand tour of the Kerbol system on the way home. Hard Mode: Land on everything except the stars and gas giants. Do atmospheric flights of the gas giants. Extra Hard Mode: Do the same with the Kerbol system. Ultra Hard Mode: Impress me. How to Impress Me: Figure it out. *BTW This must be done in KSP 1.2.2.
  6. Hello all, So I've been messing around with a lot of Space Planes; I've got the Mk2 expansion and starlion industries upgrade with KSPI. One thing the pack is majorly missing is atmosphere processing. I've been wondering if there's a way to make a separate part that can convert atmosphere intake (intake atm) to a gas/liquid fuel much like the stock KSPI processors, but not acting as it's own intake. ideally it would use the ratio of gasses in the current atmosphere and same charge-output ratios as the processors. the point of this is the have in inline processor hooked up to a few streamline standard intakes to use with KSPI and other engines. cuts down on part count, drag, and weight, and makes it more realistic and pretty. tl;dr i want a part to be an inline atmosphere processor, but not an intake, that can convert from intakeATM to other gasses. I've tried cut-paste code from the processors, but the KSPI setup is far beyond me. [EDIT] the code in the .cfg file seems to refer to another module somewhere else, or perhaps something in a DLL file. also, sorry, i wasn't clear that this was a request for said part.
  7. I have a mod idea, and the title says it all - procedural systems connected by wormholes that unload the previous system and load in the new one to avoid the problems that come with ludicrous distances in KSP. Here's how it could work: Obtaining Parts In career mode, after you have visited all the inner system planets (Moho, Eve and Kerbin) and at least one of the outer system planets (Duna outwards) a mandatory mission will appear asking you to send a ship to investigate an anomaly detected near Jool. Upon arriving at the anomaly, you will be instructed to get within 100 meters (yes, meters) of it to analyze it. However, it expands and you are pulled inside, cue loading screen. Upon arrival in the closet procedural system, you finish analysis and fly back through the wormhole to Kerbol, and then back to Kerbin. The science team then makes some cool new parts for you to play with! New parts Wormhole Drive (WDrive) A part that can be used on ships that uses ludicrous (10,000+) amounts of EC to generate XM (Exotic Matter). The part can hold 100 units of XM, and each unit of XM generated allows one LY (lightyear) of wormhole travel, allowing for a maximum 100 LY range per usage. Opens up a menu to allow you to select systems and subtargets (planets, moons, WGates, WBeacons) within those systems. Can hold 1 crew member, a Pilot will provide better jump accuracy (arriving closer to subtarget), an Engineer will improve XM generation rate, and a Scientist will do nothing. Wormhole gate (WGate) A part that can be put in orbit that has the same capabilities and requirements as a WDrive, except it opens up the wormhole in a gate that smaller ships can pass through. Has subtarget capabilities. Useful if you want to transfer supplies to your colony but don't want to send one of your expensive WDrive-equipped ships. Can hold a destination queue, essentially allowing you to, for example, put three cargo ships in line and tell the WGate which ones are going where and in which order. It will automatically open the wormholes in the order you specified and send the ships through. Same crew bonuses as WDrive. Can send to other WGates and WBeacons. Wormhole Beacon (WBeacon) A part that can be equipped on stations to allow them to be subtargeted for travel by WDrives or WGates. Only requires a few units of EC/sec to keep it going. No crew bonuses. Wormhole Comm (WComm) To allow probe control and crew communication over interstellar distances, the WComm was created. It uses a micro-wormhole suspended within the radially attached device to communicate with satellites that are also equipped with WComms in Kerbin, or directly to KSC if no satellites are available. Uses a few units of EC/sec when active. Uses 0.1 XM/LY to open or readjust the wormhole to your target. Wormhole Inhibitor (WInhibitor) Should you ever want to prevent any sort of wormhole travel in or out of a certain area, the WInhibitor can be deployed, preventing inbound or outbound travel from occuring within a 10km radius. Any destinations within this area will be colored red on the subtarget menu, however ships can still attempt to jump to these locations and will be dumped just outside the affected area. EDIT: MORE PARTS Probe WDrive Just like a regular WDrive, except cannot generate XM (uses XM fuel tanks) XM Fuel Tanks Would come in a variety of sizes and capacities. Designed mainly for probes, but can be equipped on larger ships for travelling further without refuelling. XM Converters Converts space particulates into XM. Would be disabled by default - if enabled for an extra challenge, XM Converters and EC would be required to refuel, and if you were to add on more converters, XM would be collected quicker. DISCLAIMER: Do not let kerbals near an active converter - the magnetic field generated may pull them into the conversion mechanism, turning them into XM. XM Generator Can be equipped on a station or a larger ship - generates XM for transfer into ships docked to the station or large craft, used for refuelling small ships and fuelling probes. Other Ideas WDrives can be configured to hold wormholes open like a WGate at the cost of EC and XM for each ship that travels through the held-open wormhole. WDrives, WGates (except those with a special part) and WBeacons cannot be used in the atmosphere or on the surface of planets. (Configurable at extreme risk for those who want to jump into the middle of a mountain) Procedural systems will span out anywhere from 500ly to 10,000 ly. (Configurable) WDrives and WGates must be at least 500km away from the surface to be used. (Should be off by default) Surface WGates. This could be extreme, but an extra radial part on two WGates, one on say, Kerbin and one on Duna, to allow instant transit between the two. Configurable chance of drive malfunctions dropping you into interstellar space tens to thousands of LY away from your target system. So what does everyone think of this idea? Anyone think it would be cool if it were included in stock KSP? Cheers, UbuntuLinuxKing
  8. Galactica 'An interstellar mod' Description: Galactica is a mod which (only for now) adds a binary solar system, Kerbol-Kerbrus. Kerbrus is distant from Kerbol, however not outside of its sphere of influence. There are no planets orbiting Kerbrus, but it is accompanied by a small brown dwarf, heated from Kerbrus' light and radiation. In Kerbol's planetary system, however, there are four planets and three dwarf planets (although this may change). Currently the only major objects in order are: Istrocene, a semi-ocean and desert planet, holding with it one purple desert moon, Hyomascae. Menochiton, the largest planet with four moons. Menochiton has a large ring system, although no large objects are within it. Its moons are Euranum (sandy moon), Neupheia (ocean), Ceuliene (home planet), Curea (scarred moon). Azarmea, a toxic/acidic planet with green rings. It has one moon, Ochrae. Styre, which is a purple gas giant with three moons, all of which are ice moons. As for dwarf planets: Predail, a small lonely planet burning up near Kerbol. Femmon, a larger dwarf planet with Remailas as its primary moon and Sneodas, a captured asteroid. Nismah, an ice planet orbiting between Azarmea and Styre. Outside of the solar system is Slago, a supermassive singularity which (doesn't) contain a vast accretion disk from a former blue star. Compatibilities (Suggest which mods I should add compatibilities to) Distant Object Enhancement Scatterer Planetshine (buggy) Upcoming/Suggestions (Open to development team) Soon, I hope to add asteroid belts and periodic comets/inter-Kerbrus asteroids, which are in an orbit distant enough to be influenced by Kerbrus. EVE Compatibility. Timewarp limits SciDefs Nismah Credits: Thomas P: Kopernicus Compatible-Mod developers (making this mod better than it otherwise would've been)
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Brandon and I am a pathetic loser that can't make any of the reactor-powered nuclear engines work. Vista, Tokamak, VASMIR, Plasma, Warp Drive. I have the latest versions of KSP and KSPI-E. The problem I am having is that both the Pebble Bed and Dusty Plasma both show outputs of several MW not GW, and I can't get a fusion reactor to actually start even after experimenting for several hours. I won't even mention antimatter... Look, I fully expect to be torn a new one for my ineptitude. My experience with internet forums is not a good one. But with any luck there will be enough kind souls that will help me figure this out.
  10. This is part one of the Zaywa Solar System Pack (also my first mod!), a solar system designed specifically to have unique planets and moons. The bodies included in part 1 are Zaywa-221, Zarya-BBC, Hade, Pike, Rayne, Kepler, Sahra, Galleon, Zomg, Woh and the mysterious Planet X. Part 2 will include the rest of the moons, Borag and some fixes to the already existing planets. If you know how to solve any of the issues associated with the pack, please let me know about a solution so I can fix it. The Zaywa Solar System Pack requires Kopernicus and the latest version of Hyperedit_1.4.2 to function properly. Hyperedit is currently required to have an ocean on Zomg and to adjust the atmospheric pressure of some of the planets. Development Thread: Download Link (Part 1):http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/zaywa-solar-system-pack-part-1?gameCategorySlug=shareables&projectID=242342 The Zaywa Solar System currently features: Binary star system. A "puffy planet" (actual scientific term) Amusing lore with bad puns. Stock-alike naming? Easter Eggs. (Hints: "What is Planet X?", "Treasure Maps", "Patience is key," "Numbers.") Compatibility with most popular planet packs, including Kerbal Galaxy and most of the popular planet packs. Absurdly high science values. Memes. Known Issues: Incorrectly colored rims appear on most of the planets. I can't seem to figure out why this happens, though. The day/night sides of the terrestrial planets do not seem to match up with Zaywa's sunlight. Sahra's oceans may appear spazzy. Overheating in Pike's lava oceans is often unpredictable. Land there at your own risk. Triva Facts: Woh's green coloration is actually caused by an unforeseen bug that strangely made Woh turn out better in my opinion. Galleon was originally supposed to be an oddly shaped planet that got its name from the way it wobbles. Most of the planets in the Zaywa pack are actually based on real-life exoplanets that have been discovered. I intended to have an asteroid belt between Rayne and Kepler. Zomg's atmosphere tearing ships apart is completely intentional and not an issue. Confirmed Changes: More terrestrial bodies. Better ambient lighting. With enough requests, I may include a silhouette of Planet X. Galleon will be renamed "Palleon". A new biome map for Palleon and working biome maps for most of the terrestrial bodies, including Rayne and its singular biome: Endless Ocean. More moons and some lore alterations. A complete makeover for Sahra, Rayne and Borag. Special thanks to @ProtoJeb21. Without him, the Zaywa Solar System Pack would not be possible.
  11. About me - Introduction to the topic - Even though we know a lot about space, and are extremely advanced to know stuff, there is something holding us back. We have only sent man to the moon and nowhere else. And we are a lot far behind than our thinking, and in someway our seeds of doubts and community problems is stopping us. I know many of you may disagree, but yes I do point out that I am not completely right about this. My aim you see, is to improve space travel, by using the best methods. Note that I just wanted to improve the technique, but philosophy before is a must, heh. Please note that to add your ideas and thinking to this thread in a kind way, don't be hypocrites pls <3 The main aspects are - 1) Philosophy/Society 2) Techniques Philosophy If we see humanity from a perspective, we can see the world is a bit bleeped up. People are deep in philosophies which only makes a person deep in doubt and without any motivation, even when they think that they are right (may contain irony). People are overly sensitive for everything, even the wrong. Wanting equality for those who are not normals (gay people and all are normal, I am not pointing them out lol, I'm pointing out the hypocritical backward thinking people who are sadists, and are mostly found everywhere as well as always create barriers in development through their pointless but non arguable ideologies) and we fight for equality of groups RATHER than individuals. There should not be an organisation specifically for blacks, women or stuff, but an organisation for only the individual who is suffering as just fighting for groups is not easy as people misuse it and create even more inequality, and people with idiotic ideologies come in it and misuse it as a weapon. This will only bring us together and solve bigotry issue in the world. We be more aligned towards knowledge and creativity and science! Be happy together in a delightful world. See the point is not to make the world completely good because that's impossible, but to make it more comfortable for evolution to take its pace. Techniques Back to topic, first of all I have this dream of making an "International Space and Analogy Organisation" where we unite as species, all the space agencies of the world, combining the best of technologies, combining the best of technologies to create even better technologies! I also made a logo (yea I do graphics) - http://i.imgur.com/ff0riIJ.png Now the main tension, many of you might know that rockets were not always the best method to get into space and were solely made to win in the space race. You may also disagree, and you are good at your points, still, there are better methods such as spaceplanes, spacehooks, nuclear pulse propulsion, space bridges (idiotic imo) and spaceguns (serious g's will be taken) The problem is that when we need to launch a rocket, in order to go to another planet, we compromise a lot, as 80% of the rocket is fuel. And due to that we are not able to create a comfortable ride to outer space, even the fuel is 60% used when we get outta orbit. Satellites are different, I am talking about man in space. So how do we not compromise too much, but still have reusable methods of interstellar travel with minimum effort? The answer is mother ships. How you ask? there are 3 components of this - The Explorer and The Mothership and The Rescue ship Mothership - If we part by part build a fully functional mothership (not too big, but enough, you see we will make it as small as possible but still it will be so big that it could not actually be sent into space through rockets, but in parts) just like we built the ISS, and the mother ship will be the "International Space Mothership (ISM)" which will be upgraded with the best of technologies again and again, and it can travel between planets easily, as all the effort of the world will be on this, and it may not fail. When not in use, it will orbit the earth. The con is that we would need to keep it safe, so we can send someone from the ISS to take care of it and constantly send probes to keep it intact. Another problem is that there is over 30000 pieces of debris which travel at speeds up to 23,000 km/h around the earth, which is again, dangerous. We can make the ship circular to create artificial gravity through centrifuge Example - https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJO6P4CrEDb1kEnJxZW_qwz1ESLNzMtuUXlwk6m2ZsHgg5TtbR Explorer - To keep it simple, It will be more like a space plane which is like a drone - rocket (Hey, aerodynamics doesn't work on all planets, some places stuffs extreme as hell. See neptune) (and it is an SSTO Plane-rocket- drone) and can easily get into orbit or outer space, it is not just a plane but works more like a plane and a lander, and can maneuver almost everywhere. Example - http://www.starshipmodeler.co/gallery16/dh_021215_lander_h1.jpg Rescue ship - Keeping another backup ship in orbit to sent if events turn out like "The Martian" Similar to interstellar, if you have seen the film. Just imagine, we can actually do it but still we aren't. I guess, I might be wrong, but still we can do it and it is one of the most easiest ideas I have (easier said than done, btw) and would be so easy to colonize planets. I am would love making this a megathread, Please give your ideas below, and correct me if I'm wrong. Also, please explain some science too, in order to prove this all. I would love to have all your ideas.
  12. In this story, I will be describing the first contact between humanity and Kerbalkind. Pretend that the Kerbol system is scaled up to real size, while still having the same planets. I am also including the OPM planets. Date: 7/25/2077 Location: Low Earth Orbit Interstellar Probe 37 was docked to the carrier ship that contained the reactors and Alcubierrie drives. It flew to a newly discovered solar system and released the probe. To be continued...
  13. Looks like any old interplanetary ship, doesn't it. But it most definitely is not ordinary.This craft, inspired by a ship-that-will-not-be-named in a movie-that-will-not-be-named, features a rotary habitat ring! It provides artificial gravity in order to stop your kerbals from devolving into puddles of green slime. The habitat ring rotates independently of the main ship, and crew members can easily transfer between their quarters and the command section. The ring rotates at a speed of 20 m/s at its maximal safe capacity, enough to produce a centrifugal force of around 0.3 G. The rotary engines are good for about 120 days of sustained rotation or 220 days of 0.2 G gravity. Use the physics warp mod for it to remain rotating. The torus is held in place by a state-of-the-art system of road wheels and dinner plates. A few pieces of metal is all that is stopping the torus from floating away into the void. Some corners had to be cut in order to keep the craft light enough to be sent into orbit. Due to the limitations of the stock game, the torus must be at the end of the craft in order to function properly. Also due to the same limitations, the torus may exit the wheel cage when using physics warp, so be careful. Can reach Jool with a well-executed maneuver. No botanists allowed. Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zs4inu48dx6wcqz/Stock%20Hermes%20inspired%20craft%20-%20Copy.craft?dl=0
  14. While there are many planet packs that you can download that will give new a whole new set of places to explore, my planet pack attempts to do that and provide some of the most unique planets ever while also staying true to stock naming style. Keep in mind that this mod is still in development and it will require Kopernicus. As of right now, I don't even have a beta version ready yet, but hopefully, that should change soon. When I get my first beta version ready to release, I will link it in this post! I don't have all the names finalized yet, so suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Feedback and opinions are also greatly appreciated. Until it's decided that more than 3 solar systems will be added, Zaywa will orbit Kerbol with a semi-major axis of roughly 8 light-years. Zaywa: A blue star about twice the size of Kerbol that emits normal sunlight so players can fully appreciate the beauty of the other bodies in the solar system. One of the problems I see with blue stars emitting blue light is that they tend to make the planets darker and/or mask a lot of the beautiful colors, so by having it emit the same color sunlight as Kerbol, players can fully appreciate the beauty of all the planets and stars in the pack. Zaywa-2: *Naming suggestions wanted* A tiny red dwarf star that again, emits a small amount of normal sunlight for the same reason as its big brother, but orbits Zaywa in a very close orbit to give us a binary star system. Hade: A moonless dark gray gas planet that has a tight orbit around Zaywa. While being roughly the same size as Jool, it's far less dense due to the high temperatures. Crafts should be able to survive a high-altitude flight here as long as you have a heat shield protecting the front of your craft. Pike: A rocky planet with towering volcanoes, lava lakes and a thick, smoke-like atmosphere. Touching the lava is a great way to fry your Kerbals. Overheating in the lava lakes WILL be incorporated in the initial release! Rayn: *Naming suggestions wanted* A large water world with an endless ocean beneath a beautfil blue sky. It features an atmosphere with a small amount of oxygen. Kepler: A green and blue gas planet in the habitable zone of the Zaywa system which has its own set of rings. Its moons are thought to contain life. Atlas: A Kerbin-like world complete with mountains, deserts, oceans, rivers, lakes, grasslands and ice caps. May add in an alien space center Easter Egg if I can figure out how to. Sahra: A world that has vast deserts, tall mountains, ice caps and small oceans all beneath an atmosphere rich in oxygen. Small lakes and rivers are scattered about the desert landscape. Galleon: A large, tidally locked, terrestrial planet that has rings and a few moons... All in a polar orbit! Galleon is meant to rotate on its side, similar to how Uranus from our own solar system does. The dark side is a large ice-covered flatland while the light side is mountainous and rocky. Moon suggestions for Galleon would be greatly appreciated. Kale: A bluish rocky moon that orbits just outside of Galleon's rings. Zomg: A gas planet so large, its mass rivals that of a brown dwarf. It makes Jool look tiny by comparison and it has rings in a rainbow of colors. Unlike most gas giants, it has an ocean formed from the immense heat and pressure. Woh: A gas giant about half the sie of Jool that orbits Zomg. Hyperion: *Naming suggestions wanted* A Dres-sized rocky moon in orbit around Woh. It can be a bit tricky to encounter thanks to its moon. Dingus: *Naming suggestions wanted* A large moon placed in the perfect position to screw with missions to Hyperion. Sur: A boring asteroid-like moon in orbit around Woh in a mostly Geostationary orbit. Ched: A Moho-sized rocky, yellow moon that orbits Zomg with enormous craters and a few mountain ranges beneath a thick, yellowish atmosphere. Might make an integration for Environmental Visual Enhancements that adds a few layers of yellow clouds that hide the surface. Swish: A greenish-yellow rocky moon that has many craters on its surface. Glace: An icy moon in a highly eccentric orbit around Zomg. The decription will mention the possibility of a warm ocean beneath its icy surface. Herb: A dark green rocky moon with a surface peppered with large craters and deep, vast canyons. Kierra: A mountainous moon with a few peaks that rise above a thin atmosphere. Kyro: An oblong rocky moon with a high orbital inclination that makes a complete rotation approximately once every 30 minutes. Borag: An ice/snow-covered planet that features lakes and volcanoes that spit out ice instead of magma. It also features a very tiny set of beautiful cyan rings. Hiemal: An ice-covered asteroid-like moon in a distant orbit around Borag. Special thanks to @ProtoJeb21 for letting me use his planet pack's configs as a base so I could see how Kopericus works and understand how to begin making my own planet pack. Be sure to let me know what you think of my planet ideas thus far and do tell me how I can improve upon the Zaywa system.
  15. Hi all, one of my career modes was nearing endgame, so i decided to spice it up by installing Interstellar, since it contains a tech that's missing from stock parts - thermal turbojets for exploring planets with anoxic atmospheres. As these super powered engines were threatening to make things too easy, I added Ferram Aerospace , which with it's tendency to make you obsess over the area rule curve sent me scurrying towards B9 Aerospace procedural wings to get the shape i wanted. Interstellar is a pretty big mod in and of itself, but apparently needs Tweakscale and Starlionindustries KSPI Integration patch to work properly. This all worked OK for about a week, spent the best part of a day creating an airframe. Then, all of a sudden the Kraken strikes when i try to launch any of my vessels. Everything appears normal for a second, then the world and the vessel disappear. The screen is black apart from the UI, which is updating at about 0.3 FPS. From that point, if i try to return to the Space Centre, all I can see is an empty milky way skybox - Kerbin itself is gone, quit to main menu and reload is the same, the only way to bring the planet back is to quit to desktop and reload. Same thing happened even on one of the training scenarios. I then removed all mods, and game seemed to work again. I put back only the mods listed above (since that is what my aircraft requires) but the bug returns. I spent a whole day test flying and tweaking the design but it looks like i'll never be able to fly the finished article?
  16. So I followed all the steps to install this visual pack but it doesn't work. Before completing the installation I downloaded all the other necessary mods but those don't work either. My game works fine but there is no change at all. I don't see any planet shine on my stations whatsoever, and when I open the map or am above Kerbin, there are no clouds, it's just the stock normal one. I'm attaching a picture of my gamefolder http://imgur.com/FgGcP7Z
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