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  1. HabTech2 | V0.2.5 | ISS Parts for KSP Had it with HitchHikers? Sick of Science Labs? HabTech provides only highest-quality pressurised tin cans space station modules for use in constructing your ultimate habitable structure in Kerbin orbit. My total revamp of HabTech is still in its early stages, but you can download a stable release below, which features all of the main pressurised components of the US Orbital Section of the ISS! The cover image features parts from Restock and Tantares (which is essential to build the Russian segment of the ISS). SPACEDOCK
  2. ISS Community Revival Ok, so was very sad to see this mod go away. So, went ahead and cleared it with both Bobcat and Dragon01, and they have both allowed me to attempt to revive this mod. I am still in early phase 1 of the revival, which is establishing what is wrong, missing, or otherwise broken/obsolete. I will not post the download link as of yet, as the mod is no where near ready for distribution, but felt the need to announce what is going on. I am, however, seeking to start a modding team to work on this, as my abilities can only go so far. Ok, moving i
  3. This mod adds several new parts heavily inspired by the International Space Station to be used for space stations or interplanetary crafts. All crewable modules have IVAs, with future plans to continue adding additional props and texture revamps to increase immersion. Docking ports based on the Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) and Androgynous Peripheral Attach System (APAS) also included, with features such as docking port gendering (active can only dock with passive) and restricted docking angles (90 degree for CBMs and 120 degree for APAS). Primary goal for current phase of this mod p
  4. Hey I'm Dom, I'm trying to get more noticed on the internet, and i want to share my space station designs as well as seeing others. Also if you have any advice on getting bigger on forums/youtube, that would be appreciated.
  5. Rather interesting case: NASA astronaut Anne McClain, who participated in Expedition 58/59 from December 2018 to June 2019, is claimed of having illegally accessed her ex-wife's bank account during her time on the ISS. The Agency says it has opened an investigation into what could be the first crime in space. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-49457912 Interesting is the fact that (according to the article), "a legal framework sets out that national law applies to any people and possessions in space. So if a Canadian national were to commit a crime in space, they would be subjec
  6. The ISS mission has to end some day. What would you do with the modules?
  7. I wonder how long would take ISS to do decay it's orbit and burns up if no one would boost it to its proper orbit?
  8. First station was I published, it's "Mir" Base module Kvant-1 Kvant-2 Kristall Priroda Spectr Mir Other station: Russian/USSR: Almaz-1B Almaz-T Almaz RKK-A Almaz RKK-B Mir Mir-2 (2 sick variant) TKS(FGB) OPSEK Salyut-1 Salyut-4 Salyut-7 American: Skylab-CSM Chinese: Tiangong 1 Tiangong 2 Tiangong 3
  9. Disclaimer: I was originally going to call this project an "ISS Replica". I had already built Zarya, Node 1 Unity, and the first two PMA's... and then I discovered the following thread. After seeing what those guys did, I decided to call this an "ISS Approximation". If you're at all interested in a stock version of the ISS, I encourage you to check out what they built. It's pretty amazing! My first attempt Stock ISS was built back in v0.23.5, and back then the high part count made the game lag very badly. I knew that part count would not be as big an issue this time. However, due
  10. The ISS Replica Project Over the past three years of playing KSP, I have made many stations, and about a third of those were attempts at making our beautiful ISS. Of all my attempts, the one that got the furthest only got as far as the Z1 truss, and it was hardly accurate. So this time, I decided that I would go all out and build the most visually accurate ISS replica I can possibly manage, module by module, and share it with you guys! My goal will be to build the modules, and put them in orbit with realistic launch vehicles, to be constructed in a realistic fashion, while providing educa
  11. UPDATED 29/04/18 FINAL PATCH WHILE WORKING ON NEXT MISSION! This is a basic mission that let's you head up to the International Space Station with the new Orion Module, not yet operational by NASA yet, transfer crew and return safety back to the KSC. I hope you all enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE! Rookie
  12. HI all. the mission although simples requires a lot of red tape. Put it simply ask politely at brave people of IIS to printer of 3D jebediah ou others (i personally prefer Valentina) Carlos
  13. For clarification this would be Kerbin Orbiter's space program however that save is corrupted and well I've done two saves on that one so this is the third save ive added a few mods, removed some aswell, most notably RT because KOS refuses to do anything with RT installed even with a connection BREAKING PRESS RELEASE! so are you planning to go to Duna? KSEA-"yes we are we plan to go to Duna by the end of the decade" will you be using falcon heavy? KSEA-"no we won't we will be unavailing the rocket in around 10 days all I can tell you is it's HUGE" woule you
  14. Things slowed down here due to an update a while back, but it has been revived spectacularly here! This is a challenge for the space station builders out there. I have created a very simple Sandbox Stock savegame (I'll try to keep the latest link above the picture), and it has been added to by other players. There is a single orbiting station that started with 5 parts at about 100km over Kerbin, and a number of kerbals are inside. Your mission is to add 5 parts to the station by flying a mission and docking to the station. Do it in this order to complete the challenge: Post a not
  15. As you may know in 6 days time (20/04/17) a soyuz spacecraft is launching to the ISS (International Space Station) so i decided that i would take some time to create what the mission would be like: and feature upcoming missions to the International space station (non-commercial [until we have commercial crew supply missions]) ISS, 14/4/17 yes i know its hard to see but there are soyuz and progress there as i type on 14/04/17
  16. DrDevil having exploited an army of Kerbals and he made a copy of the International Space Station ISS. Sorry i'm French and i'm working on the reverse .. Thx for watching and please tell me what you think.
  17. The launch is in about an hour! It's an unmanned resupply cargo spacecraft, due for ISS docking. It carries several small satellites as well, to be deployed from ISS.
  18. Today three members of the Expedition 48 crew successfully reached Earth orbit and are on the 2 day journey to ISS. This launch is somewhat special, because it features new version of Soyuz spacecraft. I want to share some videos related to launch and new Soyuz: Launch video (in English): Soyuz-MS features highlight (from popularmechanics.com article ): Video about Soyuz-MS spacecraft (in Russian, but you can try English subtitles): 360 degree video from launch pad (watch the box!):
  19. This International Space Station runs about 400 parts, which is good for KSP 1.1.3. It is missing most external modules including the ESP's and ELC's and other external pieces. This model includes the Leonardo and Orbital Sciences Cygnus Orb. TWEAK SCALE IS REQUIRED! Downloads: http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/scale-stock-international-space-station Known Issues: Poisk is in the wrong place. Zvezda is missing a docking port on Zenith side. Uzlovoy is missing. The AMS is missing The Nodal Module is missing. The SPM modules are missing. The
  20. http://www.nasa.gov/feature/new-solar-system-internet-technology-debuts-on-the-international-space-station
  21. Hi! Everybody I have finally updated to KSP 1.1.2 64-bit and now Lazor System doesn't work anymore. Is there any alternative Canadarm2 replica available for International Space Station. Please help.
  22. so i managed to get a kerbal to my space station at 150,000km for 5865 funds with less than 1 propelent left in the eva pack. so can you do better than 5865 funds? here is the video of my craft The idea was when using my career mode i could get food or kerbals to the spacestaion for cheap. i probably end up stealing some ideas if anyone has ago at it sorry about some of the confusion guys, it was my first post but i wont make the same mistake twice! leader board: 1st - Cunjo Carl - 502 funds per kerbal (2nd try) 2nd - Cunjo Carl - 745 funds per kerbal (1st
  23. https://www.yahoo.com/news/piece-space-junk-chipped-one-165222115.html
  24. http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-36112137 I normally pass on this stuff, but I think the beeb finally got a Peake article that passes muster.
  25. as the russian nodes are less encumbred with survival packages from Soyuz for The Crew upthere we can now enjoy visiting them too. dunno if someone already shared this, but anyway might interest some people so: http://esamultimedia.esa.int/multimedia/virtual-tour-iss/ watch for the notes, videos and all the dynamics stuff, there's a lot. Enjoy ; )
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