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Found 33 results

  1. In 1.1.0, at least for me, rover wheels placed on armored vehicles often get the "Wheel blocked: Yes" and "Motor: Inoperative" status. I don't see this issue on very simple cars with no structural parts, but it makes riding almost every armored vehicle much harder than normally. Such wheels create heavy ground friction about the same as of non-wheel parts, and won't respond to control inputs. They also tend to slightly sink into the ground, and sometimes make the vehicle "jump". Can someone help me resolve the problem, please?
  2. Hello everyone, Whitecat again! Another issue hindering my progress has popped up lately; I am saving values to a config node for example: ConfigNode newVessel = new ConfigNode("VESSEL") newVessel.AddValue("SMA", vessel.orbitDriver.orbit.semiMajorAxis); Upon saving the node to a file, a rounded version of the actual semiMajorAxis is saved, this happens regardless of adding .ToString() or .ToString("F3") etc. For example, rounding to 6643460 To check I printed the semi major axis in the debug log and the actual value was displayed; print(Vessel.orbitDriver.orbit.semiMajorAxis) With the actual value being 6643459.62314, Can anyone explain this and provide some work around? My Orbital Decay mod requires precise values and for some reason the ConfigNode system wants to round values. - This seems to be a recent issue, I cannot remember the same thing occurring before KSP 1.0.4. Thanks, Whitecat106
  3. Hello! So i recently decided to dive back into ksp, and try out the new features of the game. I download the gamefiles and launch the 64-bit version. aaaaand, the game files wont load. After trying the regular version, and the launcher without much luck, i run the game in admin mode, and it finally loads succesfully. I create a new gamefile, and enter the VAB. Next, right after selecting my first object from the menu, my whole computer shuts down, and reboots. ok?!??... So i launch the game. and load into the same gamefile, and try to enter back into the VAB, but nothing happens, pretty much all buttonpresses with the mouse dont work or respond in any way. i can click on the runway, but not the launch button on the popup screen. I can hit escape, and enter the settings, but i cant click the return to main menu button. Everything lights up when i hover over them, but theres nothing happening when i click on them. So i minimize the game and close it. I start the game a third time. and as i get to the select savegame location, i try to delete the savegame, thinking it might had just been a one time happening, but the delete button doesnt work at all, nothing happens, so i click cancel. And create a new savegame. This time im able to enter buildings, and start working on a plane. Everything seems ok, and is working as intended. Then i hit launch, aaaand, once again, nothingness... i can click on some buttons, like the advanced tab in the top left corner, but i cant rotate the vehichle, i am not allowed to pick any new part, or move my creation, i can however rightclick and edit settings on the parts. all the buttons in the top right corner are grey and does not give any feedback when hovered over or pressed. Im really confused. I have never seen anything like this before in ksp, or any other game for that matter, it has always worked flawlessly. I noticed some layout changes has been made since i played the game last time, and that some major updates have been released as well. For me, it doesnt run well at all, and i have no idea why.. Sorry for the long text, but i felt like, explaining every issue, would maybe help explaining whats going on with the game. Has anyone else encountered similar issues?? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello again everyone, I am currently having issues trying to revive one of my old modifications but after compiling to KSP 1.1 I have noticed that the CelestialBody.pqsController function no longer has any attached subroutines for example, CelestialBody.pqsController.GetSurfaceHeight(Vector3d) In KSP 1.0.5 pre Unity 5, was a valid function. However now this does not seem to exist, throwing the following error during compiling: Error 2 'PQS' does not contain a definition for 'GetSurfaceHeight' and no extension method 'GetSurfaceHeight' accepting a first argument of type 'PQS' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) C:\Users\Marcus\Documents\KSPModding\MaritimeRelease\Source\BackgroundScene.cs 212 52 BoatNavigation I am assuming members of this function have now been changed to Private rather than Public somewhere in the transition to Unity 5 and 1.1? Or that another reference is required from the KSP Managed folder? If there is no apparent solution does anyone know another method of getting surface height from a vector? The vessel in question is Inactive and unloaded due to the nature of the plugin which is why I think I used this function in the first place Whitecat106
  5. hi, I need help with installing or setting up procedural wings. i'm running KSP x64 1.1 and have two mods installed (mechjeb and Engineering redux). and that was with ckan and they are up to date. I've tried installing the Procedural.Wings.v0.11 and then the B9_Aerospace_PP-040 but cannot get them to work. i can see the parts and clip them to my aircraft but i cannot configure them (using the T, G, B, keys and mouse or right clicking or using the "J" key) after attaching the wing to my air craft. I've followed the install steps in the and .txt's, rebooted and even reinstalled the game completely. Yet i'm still unable to edit the wings after attaching. please help!? thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, Whitecat again; so here's a really annoying issue I have discovered. Basically I have been building a Solar Cycle Simulating plugin for my Orbital Decay mod, everything is going fine, data is being loaded from a config file into a config node and subsequently manipulated and saved again. However, my program relies on knowing the total elapsed time in the game to determine the position along the 11 year solar cycle. This is required on each scene transition and works for every transition except for one. When loading the SpaceCenter screen from the Main Menu for the first time, the function Planetarium.GetUniversalTime() returns a number from 0.0 - 0.2, irrespective of the current game duration; (for example, my testing scenario is currently at year 52, so the number of seconds since the save beginning should be around 506912827 seconds and not 0.2). In any other transition, for example, from the TrackingStation to the SpaceCenter, the function works fine and returns the correct value (Being called in either the Awake() or Start() subroutines), but just not after the initial transition from the MainMenu... Any ideas on this one? Seems like a pretty big issue, I have replicated the problem by calling the function within the first 2 seconds of the scene being loaded and still no change. Furthermore I tried using the function of Planetarium.fetch.time and this returned a similar false number. Whitecat106
  7. Hey there, I have a problem with the window tabs while playing with the latest MechJeb version (2.5.5). When I engaged autopilot in the ascent guidance tab everything was good until I pressed space bar to initiate the launch where suddenly all the information in the window disappears and it goes blank! Also executing nodes does not seem to work and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a techincal error? Thanks, Paul
  8. I'm trying to dip my toe into making mods, but I'm being hindered by a big problem: KSP refuses to load my parts. Looking in the debug window, it seems to be because my collider's tricount is above 255. I say seems because this error occurred even when I used a default box collider, which has 12 tris. Any idea why this may be occurring?