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Found 1 result

  1. Improved Tree Engine Placement // v1.4.0 License: CC BY-NC 4.0 The scope of this mod is to improve the order in which you unlock engines in the community tech tree. It does this by splitting the rocketry line into a lifter line and an efficient propulsion line, into which go booster engines and vacuum-optimized engines respectively. Nuclear and fusion propulsion lines are shifted up a row. Inspiration has come from the recently released BetterEarlyTree mod, which I quite enjoyed, as well as Unkerballed Start, where I liked the separation of rocketry lines. The logic behind the ordering is that you unlock engines following their diameter, i.e. you get 1.25m ones before 1.875 and so on. That logic fails though as you get into mods that add very similar engines, taking the mainsail and the mastodon as an example. Therefore, they have been ordered following a rough comparison in deltav and thrust. As of v1.4, most of the 0.625m parts have been moved around for a more sensible progression, since they always felt in the wrong place, and would suffer from underuse. However I am still unsure of the exact ordering that should be kept. No pics no clicks, so here we go: Since this is my first official mod, feedback is very welcome, especially on my module manager patches, but also on general balance or further mod implementation. Notes: The icons are based on the Terrier, the Harrier and Tharsis engines, the latter two being from cryogenic engines. Supported: Stock ReStock+ CryoEngines Near Future Launch Vehicles Near Future Spacecraft Dependencies: (not bundled) Community Tech Tree Module Manager Optional (recommended): Better Early Tree Dowload: SpaceDock GitHub
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