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Found 7 results

  1. "Travel to Kerbol system bodies in style!" - Stephen Kerbon Jr. (C.E.D.A Technologies Chief Engineer of ITS) This modpack consists of parts that allow you to build vessels that are well suited to explore Kerbol planets with ease. What are you waiting for?! It's recommended to install KRE (Kerbal Reusability Expansion) mod to fully experience the pack. Dependencies (Bundled): Downloads: GitHub - https://github.com/KerboNerd/ITS-Aethon SpaceDock - https://spacedock.info/mod/2427/[1.9.x] C.E.D.A "Aethon" Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) If you have any suggestions for parts to add to this pack, shoot a comment! In the case of a bug, please use the "Issues" tab on the pack's GitHub page. https://github.com/KerboNerd/ITS-Aethon/issues ! ATTENTION ! This is NOT a SpaceX Starship ripoff!
  2. Привет обитателям этого форума! Есть вопрос к знатокам. Ksp 1.4.1. Стоит мод Tundra explotation и Tundra tehnogies ну и куча ещё других. Вывожу в океан платформу из мода для посадки ступеней. BFR/Its с помощью мехжабы пытаюсь посадить на эту платформу, но они промахиваются и садятся за ней, хотя в жабе целью посадки выбиралась платформа. Они всегда стремятся сесть в одну точку за платформой, причём Its разбивается при посадке на 140 м/с, хотя на середине спуска скорость почти не гасит двигателями. Подскажите, в чем может быть проблема? Всю голову себе сломал, от моих матерных криков жена икает)
  3. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/YMrd28A I've built a Stainless steel SpaceX Starship by using the new silver panels from the Making History DLC. Works very well. It can to a Mun fly-by in a single launch and If refueled, it can land on Duna and the Mun. The link here allows you to download the Crew, Tanker and Cargo versions! It is recommended to circularize into LKO before re-enry since the two fins at the top have terrible thermal performance. NOTE: The file may be read as incompatible. This is because I use FRMS which is a mod to assist the re-usable functions of a rocket. (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/157214-151-flight-manager-for-reusable-stages-fmrs-now-with-recoverycontroller-integration/) It doesn't add extra parts to the game so if you're a purist just ignore the warning the game gives you. Should still work. NOTE 2: It's still a work in progress. I will post when I add more features and update the link. Craft file: At my website https://sites.google.com/view/denshispaceprogram/rocket-downloads#h.p_ok59RHeaMUSF
  4. I was looking on the around and noticed there isn't a thread for re-usable rockets not even Falcon 9 replicas so I decided to start one. I don't care if they just reuse the first stage or the whole thing, POST IT HERE! PS I will have mine up soon.
  5. THIS MOD HAS BEEN RELEASED! CHECK OUT THE RELEASE THREAD HERE SpaceX Interplanetary Transportation System! With realistic sized parts (aka massive), accurate mass (launchpad might explode occasionally) and other stats as close to SpaceX presentation as I could get. Now you can colonize Mars SpaceX style. Intended use for this mod is going to be RSS/RO, because it is obviously overpowered for stock Kerbol system. It took me a lot of time to model these parts and even longer to make them work properly, so I hope you will enjoy and provide feedback, because it is very much needed! DISCLAIMER: This mod is absolutely overpowered for the stock game. The engine performance and ship stats are as close to their real counterparts as I could make them, and as of now it works just fine in RSS with FAR and RealHeat installed. You don't need RO for this to work 'realistically' in terms of performance, except the fact that the fuel is not right (liquid fuel/oxidizer instead of liquid methane/oxygen) and engines don't suffer from ullage and other great features that RO brings. DeltaV stats, Isp, masses and all related parameters are nevertheless more or less correct. Currently in development Internals RSS/RO configuration for proper fuel usage - partly done, files on Github ISRU Backwards compatibility for 1.1.3 (for RSS and RO) - compatibility done. Config files for stock KSP Proper configuration for the landing legs Engine heating animation (I totally forgot about them) Split body flaps for the ship Imgur Album - more pictures. Downloads: Spacedock Curse Github - extra configs for RealPlume and SmokeScreen, also WIP configs for RealFuels LICENSE: All rights reserved. If you want to use models or textures from this mod, just ask. It's the second mod ever and therefore there are many, many sharp edges and strange solutions. Some parts might summon Kraken, so be warned. This endeavour turned out to be far bigger than I ever expected and I have certainly underestimated the complexity of such operation. Development will be slow because I have learn things on the fly, but if you would like to help with the development, please contact me. In any case, I hope you'll enjoy the mod and please share some screenshots!
  6. Wow, Elon Musk wants to go to Mars! Wow, he made a rocket plan that can go there! The ITS. Oh boy. Where do I start. Elon Musk is a pretty genius buisnessman. But he's not a scientist, or engineer. Neither am I. And for SpaceX, that's been a pretty good thing. The Falcon 9's relative simplicity and lack of (yes, it's not innovative- everything on the rocket has been done before, fight me) innovation has cut costs to unprecedented levels. The ITS I've been wanting to make this thread for a while. But now that SpaceX fanboyism has probably cooled down, maybe people will actually listen to my concerns. There are 2 big problems that automatically stick out when I see this rocket. 1. NO ABORT SYSTEM Yes, it has a 2nd stage that 'can' be used as an abort stage, but that's a horrible idea. The 2nd stage is the stage that has to do the MOST IMPORTANT burns in the mission. The ones for landing, for example, that can't be aborted. It has to fire multiple times and do course adjustments. It's already under massive stress from constant re-firing. Worse, it's vulnerable ITSELF to failure. Remember that one time when the Helium tank in the 2nd stage blew? Thus, if the 2nd stage fails, you're screwed. No one else uses the 2nd stage for an abort system, because the entire point of an abort system is to be separate from the rest of the rocket system. There's also the fact that it may not have enough thrust in a pad explosion to get out quickly. 2. Too tall for landing. It's height-to-width ratio is comparable to the F9 1st stage (WHEN THE LEGS ARE SPREAD OUT), more than anything else that lands today. That is fine for an unmanned system, worse case scenario, you're going to lose a stage. But something that's fairly unstable in design is not a good idea when landing with humans on another body. Even Mars One uses landers that have a height-to-width ratio similar to Soyuz. NASA's Altair and DRM Mars are much wider when their legs are spread than they are tall- meaning they have a natural stability. Also, the ITS is top-heavy on that final Mars landing- its propellant tanks are empty 3. (BONUS !(lol)) The Heat Shield As we all know, this is a major issue. Sure, the Shuttle survived 4 times when it reentered from Earth's atmosphere when it's shield was holed up- but it failed that one time. It was a pretty unlucky hit, that foam strike. And you're going to be in deep space for at least 12 months, minimum. A strike of some sorts is an inevitability... And that shield needs to be used 3 times during a mission- none of which can be aborted. You could fix this with a covering, but that one covers the first 6 months TO Mars. What about the final aerobrake to Earth? It's more dangerous than anything else, since Earth's atmosphere is so much more dense, and it's coming it at MUCH faster speeds than Columbia in 2003. A hole that might have not been a big issue for the Shuttle could become a major failure point for the ITS on that essential final brake. And no, the ITS probably does not have the fuel to propulsively enter Earth Orbit. I'm not sure how much the aerobraking in Mars lowers the landing Delta-V, but I can safely assume the amount needed is MUCH lower than that needed to Enter Earth Orbit. And the engines probably aren't good heat shields at these sorts of speeds. Their cone shapes concentrate plasma at their tops. The dust storms probably aren't a big deal though, thankfully, due to the dust's low energy. And that doesn't account for the fact it's carrying 100 PEOPLE. If a mars Landing fails, and all the crew die, compared to the 7-man Shuttle disasters, that's a SPACE GENOCIDE. The Public would lose trust in commerical space, and Congress would probably nationalize all US Space operations. All of Elon Musk's work to build SpaceX is now in vain. Not only that, anyone trying to do the same is now MASSIVELY HAMPERED. Every time one proposes a commercial Mars landing, people will turn to the ITS disaster, in the same way people turn to Hindenburg with Airships. Thus, everyone loses. Let's remember the story of the Turtle and the Hare here. We aren't going to win by simply 'jump-stepping' to Mars. It's not the year 1700. People send people to space with the full expectation they will return. If they don't... well. Look at the history of NASA's plans being demolished by Challenger, Columbia, and Apollo 1. For the record, the Shuttle was supposed to fly until 2030 until Columbia.
  7. Ok, so we're building this giant rocket to send lots and lots of people to Mars and beyond. Let's say Elon Musk's plan works out and we get humans to Mars' surface safe and sound on this thing. They've aerobraked and landed without a hitch, and everybody's ready for the historic first step. But how do they get from the living space thirty or forty meters above the ground to a position where they can step off and put their feet on the regolith? Is there a ladder? A staircase? An elevator? A big pillow to fall onto? I can't seem to find anything even in cutaway diagrams like this one: Does anyone know where the exit is on this ship?
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