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Found 3 results

  1. INTRODUCTION I'm been always an HUGE fan of the NASA concept design of the IXS-Enterprise since its conception. Now, after a long hiatus from the KSP scene, I started back to play and sorting out all the mods that I could like to use, I found myself very involved adopting a lot of @Angel-125 mods for my personal install, and it was a bit of let down to find that the "IXS Warpship" mod, that brought the NASA's concept ship inside Kerbal Space Program, was not adapted also to "Blueshift", Angel-125's warping mod. So, I'm right here to bridge finally this gap! MOD DESCRIPTION As the "IXS Warpship" mod is currently mantained by @linuxgurugamer and @Denko666, this is NOT another release of the mod itself, but just a series of Module Manager patches that update it to work properly with Angel-125's "Blueshift", "Kerbal Flying Saucers" and related functions. It fully uses the assets provided by the "IXS Warpship" mod, but, in a lot of case, VASTLY modifing their function (and in some cases tweaking them to be more in line with the latest KSP releases and two functionally parent mods) to fully use all the game mechanics provided by Angel-125. WARNIGS AND DISCLAIMERS!!! I HIGHLY RECCOMEND TO USE THESE PATCHES ONLY IN A NEW SAVE, OR AFTER RECOVERING ALL THE CRAFTS USING PARTS FROM THE ORIGINAL "IXS WARSHIP" MOD!!! None of the craft eventually deployed should break, but upon istallation of these patches, a lot of parts could behave differently from what originally they could do! (No guarantees are provided for stranded Ships and Kerbals, not caring of this advice) Additionally, it is HIGHLY possible that other warp mods, beside "Blueshift" installed, aiming eventually to patch themselves the "IXS Warpships", would create conflicts and unwanted result, so the BEST results could only be achieved if "Blueshift" is THE ONLY warp mod in your game, as my patches for "IXS Warship" are envisioned for an install with ONLY IT AS FTL PROPULSION!!! DEPENDENCIES My patches will not work correctly if the following mods are not installed: IXS Warpship: "IXS Warpship" Forum Thread (obviously, as needed for the parts and related assets) - download ONLY the mod itself, not OTHER suggested warp mods, to avoid problems as stated in the above "WARNINGS AND DISCLAIMERS"!!! Blueshift: "Blushift" Forum Thread Kerbal Flying Saucers: "Kerbal Flying Saucers" Forum Thread (both needed to have the fully functional mechanics included in my patches) Waterfall: "Waterfall" Forum Thread (not "functionally needed", but HIGHLY recommended to have all the warping FXs) Community Resource Pack: "Community Resource Pack" Forum Thread (for the resources' definitions used) Module Manager: "Module Manager" Forum Thread (to obviously apply the patches: without it nothing is working) SUPPORTS: My patches support (but are not needed for correct work of the main functionalities): Space Dust: "Space Dust" Forum Thread (for atmospheric and exospheric resource prospecting and harvesting, very useful for some of the -rare- resources needed for warp propulsion) Community Tech Tree: "Community Tech Tree" Forum Thread (for a more balanced tech tree for career and science gameplay) Far Future Technologies: "Far Future Technologies" Forum Thread (for additional and challenging game mechanics) Outer Planet Mod: "Outer Planets Mod" Forum Thread (if you like, like me, to explore past Jool, with stock-alike similar planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and using "Spacedust", I added the needed Graviolium resources) Download: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Get your copy of "IXS Warpship for Blueshift" subscribing it from CKAN Or manual download it just right down here: Spacedock: "IXS Warship for Blueshift" on Spacedock HERE!!! Github: "IXS Warship for Blueshift" Github release page HERE!!! (latest actually: v. - 04/09/2021) Manual Installation Guide: follow the above link select the needed version click on related "Assets" menu click on "Source code.zip" link download the .zip file once promped to do so go to your "GameData" folder inside your KSP installation delete (if present) older "IXSWarshipsBlueshift" folder, to avoid old file eventually not needed to be persistent AND/OR possible errors add, in the same KSP's "GameData" folder (where you should be already) the new "IXSWarshipsBlueshift" folder present inside the .zip file downloaded (inside its own "GameData" folder) OR go back to your KSP installation folder and merge the .zip file's "GameData" folder to KSP's "GameData" folder Changelog: (Sources and Licensing; here ) Some good pictures as eyecandy:
  2. LATEST - Work In Progress Video Update 2, below main post. Kelland Kerman, affluent playboy billionaire and co-owner of global multinational corporation TKR, has found his true goal in life - to make sure everyone knows what a small-time, know-nothing charlie Elon Kerman truly is! "Duna? All he cares about is Duna! Who wants an electric toy car company on Duna?!" Kelland doesn't think small, he thinks BIG! And has set up a specialized company, Superluminal Space Industries, to take Kerbal-kind not just to Duna, but to Jool, Sarnus, Neidon, Urlum, and even the next star system! That means quickly advancing Kerbal technology to Deep Space Exploration and eventually faster than light travel...all whilst still adhering to Kerbin International Health and Safety standards, of course.. *coughs* Having set up SSI a few years ago now, the first fruits of his labour have begun to show themselves... Superluminal is designed to be a late game parts pack that aids in reducing part count and giving the player more options in using deep space exploration mods like USI, Keep Fit, Kerbalism, Interstellar, Outer Planets, Nertea's Near Future etc etc. Weekly Update Videos Update 2 Update 1 The "Normal" Part A lot of the stuff here is farther along than i've shown, and any help when i hit roadbumps (Like the Spacebus issue i had) will always be gratefully received and credit given when the mod releases in full. I mainly play KSP with (amongst a good many others) USI, Nertea's stuff, Outer Planets and Infernal Robotics. So i'll be mostly focused on getting them working with them in mind first (EDIT - Regarding IR - nothing will require IR but the VTOL engines. The centrispinnials will be standalone but IR -compatible-.) The centrifuges will b. But i will be making sure they're usable standalone and for the other more popular mods (like Interstellar). I also adore the idea of centrifuges (everyone says so, but barely any modders make them), so i thought i wanted to make a really big pack of them for me....*coughs* and by extension everyone else to play with. And i always glanced at the KeepFit mod and thought it such a cool idea (both realistically and adding another enjoyable level of gameplay challenge), that it deserved some parts. So this mod is my love letter to KSP and to get us some centrifuges. (mad rambling sentence below) To be honest, this entire thing span out of the simplest reason - When i was creating the new IXS a few months ago, i realized the schematics made it better suit the 5m ingame dimension rather than the 3.75m. So i thought "But i want a 3.75m command bridge!" and made the Enkeladus. Then i thought "Well, if im going to go into deep space exploration parts...centrifuges." and it kept getting larger and larger, and now ive thought of and designed most parts i think will make the set. So! To sum up... the mod will comprise of 5 sections. Superluminal Bridges - 11 Command Modules and Support Craft Centrispinnials - 11 centrifug...spinnial customizable modules Superluminal Hulls - 3 large hulls to customize your long voyage requirements after you've decided on what type/how many/how large your centrif..spinninals are. Superluminal - 4 warp ring sizes Misc - A few small parts that make quality of life improvements. Thanks for reading folks, and i hope you guys are up for some alpha/beta testing soon! Steve If you want to buy me a drink as thanks or just tip me for my hard work, feel free at Frequently Asked Questions What other mods will be required to make this/that work? - The Command Modules will need b9partswitch. The Centrispinnials will most likely use WildBlueTools. All subject to change. All parts will be made Infernal Robotics -compatible- but not required. The only part that will require IR will be the Priax VTOL engines, but even then, the Priax can double as a rover buggy without its engines. The aim is to make it work as much with the stock game as it can with the modded versions. IVAs on the Centrispinnials? - Yup! That's the plan! Rotating if possible, and thanks to some helpful people here in this thread its looking ever more likely. Will the warprings utilize Roverdude's warpdrive / KSP-Interstellar? - Yup! ModuleManager required, but they should work for both Roverdude's WarpDrive and KSP-Interstellar. What's the License on this mod going to be? - Creative Commons. As long as you don't make cash out of my hard work, you can play with it, fiddle with it, and abuse it however you see fit. I'm a firm believer that the Kerbal community should get the most support they can, because this is one of the best games ever made. Will there be testing? - The schedule of releasing and testing will go as follows : Alpha 1 - Functionality Testing - Will add the Command Modules and Support Craft Alpha 2 - Functionality Testing - Adds Centrispinnials Beta 1 - Functionality and Balance Testing - Adds Warp Rings, Main Hulls and Misc. Beta 2 - Final Balance Test before 1.0
  3. Yay! the IXS Enterprise is a reality! I made this from scratch. I am pretty sure people have made this already, but I wanted to make my own. mods: Mechjeb 2.0 and KSPI-E. Any questions? Just ask. You may need to add a few fuel canisters. I left them out so you could do a little Work for yourself. You can use my craft however you like, just credit me. Any questions? just ask! https://ibb.co/d7W6pa https://ibb.co/dEgT2v https://ibb.co/cEHe9a Craft File
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