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Found 3 results

  1. Thread of the month of April ! After 4 months of work, I am very proud to present my first add-on: Aurora Space Center! Presentation Aurora Space Center is a mod that adds IRL/fictives buildings and launchpads! This mod has for vocation to be improved very strongly in the future, come back often to see the thread! Buildings and current launchpads: Features: Buildings and launchpads use stock textures. All other textures (logo or text) can be modified in paint for exemple! Buildings and pads will automatically turn on and turn off spotlight like the real KSC buildings. RSS compatible: all buildings are done in real scale ! (for stock users down the scale of buildings at building setup) Buildings and pads use a auto-matching grass color module, so that you can place them anywhere on Kerbin/Earth and even Mars ! Animated object by a simple click on it: INSTALLATION & HOW TO USE IT Install Kerbal Konstructs and Module Manager (link below) and put Aurora Space Center into your GameData directory and that's all! To put a building: open the KK menu (ctrl+k) and place it anywhere you want ! (If you choose to place a launchpad, you will need to restart your KSP to convert it automatically into a launchpad) A huge thank you to @JadeOfMaar, @Omega482 and @CobaltWolf for their help, without them Aurora Space Center could not have looked like this. And a very special thank to @damonvv who helped me enormously when I started! DOWNLOAD: Dependencies: Kerbal Konstructs & Module Manager If you want to see the progress about Aurora Space Center, take a look at the Roadmap ! FAQ How do you do that ? Check this video ! How to open the HIF doors ? The HIF doors can only be opened for the LC-2 launchpad, for the primary door click on the top segment of the door, for the south door, click on the left segment How to trigger the Crew Access Arm ? Click at the base (green thing) of the Crew Access Arm (Picture) Changelog All models and textures are distributed under All Rights Reserved License You can follow my twitter to see some updates before everyone: @chloe_mathon
  2. Minato Heavy Industries [DEV/WIP Thread] This mod is focused on adding, from the first japanese rockets, to the most modern ones, including also, Cargo Vehicles such has the HTV and what-not. It'll try to as well aim for seamless usage between another stockalike mods such as BDB or Tantares [still thinking about that] I highly appreciate feedback and advice of all shorts, i'm always looking to improve as this is my first time making a mod and using a 3D Editing Software. I want to thank @DylanSemrau for giving me a small push with his feedback and tips, the mod wouldn't be at this phase without his help, cheers buddy イプシロン 2・ロケット Epsilon 2 Rocket SRB-A3 (Derived from the original H-IIA side boosters) 1st Stage M35 TVC 2nd Stage fitted with Avionics KM-V2b and CLPS 3rd and 4th Stage (will have different adapters options, including a truss mesh one if everything goes accordingly) Sizes (Diameter) 1.5m 1st/2nd Stage 0.9735m 3rd Stage 0.625m 4th Stage If you wanna follow this mod's progress, be sure to check out my Trello! Click Here!
  3. https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2018/06/hayabusa2-asteroid-ryugu-sample-return/ The Japanese Hayabusa 2 spacecraft arrives on the 27th
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