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Found 5 results

  1. RULES: I post a thing that could fail horribly, and does. The next poster comes up with a set of famous last words to match the failing thing, and comes up with another dangerous system. This just continues for 1 eternity. Let's go! A man walking along a cliff falls off.
  2. This is simple, you need to put Something after "Not", it could be stupid, funny, or wathever it could be! Examples: ForumUser1: Do Not the Cat. ForumUser2:Do Not the Hot Wheels. ForumUserVeteran1:Do not the Lava. ForumUser3: Do Not Pomegranate. ForumUser4: Do Not KSP with RSS. Rules: Respect the ksp forum rules! NO CONVERSATIONS IN HERE!!11ONE!1!11111!111!!11ONE!!111!!!111!!!!11!!111!!11!111! Don't derail this thread to something else. Fun. Suggestion: type your Do not posts in Bold. *presses Submit Topic Button* I'll start: Do not The Atlas-Kerbal.
  3. It's REALLY simple. Poster 1: What will he say if Harry Potter plays KSP? Poster 2: "How can this thing fly without magic?" What will she say if Marie Curie plays KSP? This game shall end when this forum is end. I will be the first: What will he say if Tony Stark plays KSP?
  4. This is the game where you think of a Kerbal job and the next poster rate it from 1 to 10. Examples : User 1: (The job) (Explains the job) User 2: (Rate it) (the job) (Explain it) I'll go first: The Nuclear Bomb Detonator Because Kerbin lacks remote fuzes, some brave Kerbals will drop with the bomb to detonate it.
  5. Hi guys! Im so Happy to Join this Forum! I have joined this forum in 11 of July. However,im NOT new on the game! i have been playing KSP for like 4 months. I Hope that this community keeps Surprising me a Lot! -Kane Kerman,a(not so) Expert on how to fake a Jool landing Video- *Smash the Submit Topic button*(and hopes he wont get banned)
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