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Found 9 results

  1. This is a very subjective topic, as well as one I don’t have that much expertise in. But hear me out. I think that many of the jet engines are too op, and the atmosphere simulation is pretty sucky in Kerbal. From my experience once you get the jist of how aerodynamics works, it’s fairly easy to make a spaceplane in Kerbal. I don’t really have a problem that for the most part with the slower planes, what I have a problem with is the planes designed to go over mach 1 and SSTOs. The fact that you can just slap a couple of Whiplashes onto some stinky piece of junk and have it fly over mach 2 at SEA LEVEL is bonkers. Heck, I’d say that getting to mach 1 is too easy. Once I made a pretty bad, really heavy replica of an Airbus A320 and had it go 400m/s pretty easily. So how would we fix this (I’m not an expert in aerodynamics so sorry for any broad metaphors)? First, at least early in game, going mach 1 should be like smashing through a brick wall. Not that it should be extremely hard, but it shouldn’t be a walk in the park; like getting your first rendezvous. Second, heat should be much more of a factor. Going mach 2-3 and having your plane being enveloped in plasma is kind goofy. I think that there should be new cooling systems in the game, and the ones that are already implemented should be much more important. This would also apply to the jet engines. Having engine failures due to heat would not only make high velocity spaceplanes more challenging, but also make room for some pretty spectacular crashes/disintegrations. And thats it. I’m a little paranoid about this not being implemented due to the game only being a little bit more than half a year from release (assuming there aren’t any more delays), but I’m optimistic. Would like to hear anymore things that some other people have come up with.
  2. My vision for this mod is to create stock alike believable parts to build passenger planes with. It is inspired by Airplane Plus, and will be made to supplement it as well as the stock parts. Here is an album with some concept art and work in progress screen shots: https://imgur.com/a/fAViy And here is an album showing up the semi finished parts: https://imgur.com/a/ljyIgIH Parts currently in the mod: Download at: https://github.com/neistridlar/Neist-Airliner-Parts/releases Tweakscale patch by @TMasterson5: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6cliq18972oo1g/AADtWdAcCjVC-oGoO1_Jycfaa?dl=0 I am pretty new to modding in general, so if you have advise or suggestions you would like to offer, please do so. I do believe, however, that I have many of the skills required. My plan is to use Fusion 360 along with Blender for modeling, Gimp and Inkscape for image and graphics editing. I do know a little C++, python and matlab, which might come in handy, though I have never programmed anything with more than a command line interface, so I expect to have a few things to learn if I want to get into that side of modding. Also I want to set this up so that it is easy for someone else to take over in the case that I should disappear (knowing my self I usually don't stay focused on one thing for more than 1-2 years at a time), so any suggestions as to how to accomplish this would be welcome. @kerbmario Is now making updates for Neist Airliner Parts: https://spacedock.info/mod/3034/NeistAir%20Reupdated This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0
  3. I am playing KSP 1.7.3 with RSS RO and RP-1 and AJE(2.14 compatible with 1.7.3 and RO) and everything works fine except when I am trying to use J57-P-21 or J75 engines - basically engines with afterburners.(I am playing Career Mode and have not unlocked other engines of this class). By simply adding a tank and engine - in game info and MJ is showing delta V = 0 though it is showing TWR>0 and a burn time of 1K sec appx. only KER is showing a delta v value - and the vehicle is not moving even if engines are on, in full throttle , giving thurst and showing nominal status. one thing I noticed is in SPH if I leave the engines without attaching it to anything while editing my craft , I cannot re-select it. Can somebody help if I need to add some special part of have something special when having this engines in plane to make them work as this is the first time I am trying AJE. EDIT: same is for atar 9k and j79 GE 17, again J58 is working fine
  4. Who in Billy Mitchel's name picked those jet engine sounds for KSP 1.4? And why did they get so much louder in KSP 1.4.5? I know my way around part configurations. If I can extract the original jet audio from an older KSP edition, how can I replace the 1.4.5 jet sounds with them?
  5. So, today i downloaded the 3.2x rescale mod, and I'm loving it for the rockets parts and imho is a nice middle ground between RO and stock, and is doable with stock parts (and for bigger rockets i have spacey/spacey expanded). However i would love to do also some SSTO, but here lies the problem: orbital speed at 3.2x rescale is around 4.1 kms/s ( from the 2.25 of stock) so i would love to rescale also the rapier engine so they can bring me around mach 8 at 25-30kms in air-breathing and then from there on switching to the closed cycle. I already know how to change the performance of rocket engine, but i can't wrap around jet engine parts, and what means what, especially in this parts PROPELLANT { name = IntakeAir ignoreForIsp = True ratio = 6 } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 3200 0 0 } // Jet params atmChangeFlow = True useVelCurve = True useAtmCurve = True // no mach limit velCurve { key = 0 1 0 0.08333334 key = 0.2 0.98 0.42074 0.42074 key = 0.7 1.8 2.290406 2.290406 key = 1.4 4.00 3.887193 3.887193 key = 3.75 8.5 0 0 key = 4.5 7.3 -2.831749 -2.831749 key = 5.5 3 -5.260566 -5.260566 key = 6 0 -0.02420209 0 } atmCurve { // higher thrust at altitude than even TRJ key = 0 0 0 0 key = 0.018 0.09 7.914787 7.914787 key = 0.08 0.3 1.051923 1.051923 key = 0.35 0.5 0.3927226 0.3927226 key = 1 1 1.055097 0 I know that the 1st number of the velcurve is the mach number, but everything else? I have tried with lowering the intake air ratio to 0.6 and almost doubled the 1st number of the velcurve, but even on levelled flight at 20 kms ( high atmosphere line is at 21 kms in 3.2 rescale) the engine get starved for air with a shock-nosecone worth of air intake per engine. Can someone help me?
  6. Hello guys, I am running a 64 bit 1.1.3 version of KSP with following Mods (updated) installed, but note that the problem did occure long after any game file changes. B9_Aerospace, Deployable engines, EasyVesselSwitch, Firespitter, Hangar extender, JSI, KAS, KAX, KIS, Kerbal engeneer, KW rocketry, Mark IV system, MechJeb2, NavyFish, Near future Props, Planetary Base, Procedural Dynamics, RocketSystems, OPT, Tac fuel balancer, Tweak scale. Actual Problem: I build a heavy lifter SSTO spaceplane using the MKIV system and the Sabre engines from B9 with the corresponding precooler and airintake. I set up my action groups as followed : 1 = Toggle engines, 2 = Switch engine mode and toggle air-intake. Once on the runway I hit 1 to active the engine which fires up in Airbreathing mode. If i hit 2 the engines get switched, the airintake closes and if the engine was still running the Closed circle mode fires up. After that I am unable to shut down or restart the engines with action group 1. I have to activate 2 (going to airbreathing again) to potentialy shutting them down or if I want to restart them I have to toggle them in Airbreathing mode and switch mode again. In short : once I switch the mode I cant shut down/restart the engines properly. By rightclicking on an engine I can still start it manualy even though the action group does not work. To specify, I am using this ship unmodified for a long time and the problem just suddenly appeared. I tried altering the action groups from toggle to one for activating and one for deactivating the engines, i tried using staging, drone controle, deinstalled all non essential mods for that plane, made a fresh game install but the "bug" persist. If you need any futher informations let me know, but if anyone could help me that would be awesome as I am using that ship for basically everything... Best regards, Aventh
  7. Junkers Juno Tournaments This Season: (seasons end when we don't have a new winner for 1 month, then we assume no one wants to play, or that the best craft that will be submitted, has been.) Build a aircraft powered by 1, 2, or 4 juno engines. PLEASE HAVE A PILOT The objective is to build a aircraft capable of the old Kerman specifications for a single, and double engine jet fighter, or bomber, as well as 4 engine bombers. Here are the specifications, and point systems. Single Engine Fighter: -Top Speed of 250 m/s. -25 second turn time or less. -Climb to 7000m in less than 6 minutes. -150 units of fuel. Twin engine fighter: -Top Speed of 260 m/s. -30 second turn time or less. -Climb to 7000m in less than 5 minutes. -400 units of fuel. Twin engine bomber: -Top Speed of 220 m/s. -40 second turn time or less. -Climb to 8000m in 10 minutes or less. -Bomb load of 4 fully loaded small ore tanks. -600 units of fuel. Quad+ engine bomber: (Don't use over 8 engines) -Top Speed of 200 m/s. -60 second turn time or less. -Climb to 8000m in 10 minutes or less. -Bomb load of 6 fully loaded small ore tanks. (Radial ones) -1200 units of fuel. POINT SYSTEM: Whoever has the best stats according to the specifications above has the best aircraft, so don't JUST do the specifications, try to exceed them. LEADERBOARD: (TOP 3) Single engine fighter: 1.) @swjr-swis 2.) @Cunjo Carl 3.) @He_162 4.) @qzgy 5.) @hempa2 Twin engine fighter: 1.) @swjr-swis 2.) @MiniMatt 3.) @qzgy Twin engine bomber: 1.) Quad engine bomber: 1.) @He_162 2.) @DoctorDavinci 3.) Allowed Mods: (Suggest one if you want it on the list) B9 Aerospace Pack Procedural Parts BDarmory SXT (Stock Extension) Any Mod That Doesn't change game mechanics or modify the Juno engine (not including texture). Heinkel's Attempts: La-174: http://imgur.com/a/iDJY3 Junkers 4: http://imgur.com/a/Jbhrp
  8. Exoplanetary jet engines? What want you mean brother? Okay, the title can be confusing, but the idea is simple: I suggest add special jet engines to fly in "no kerbal like" planets. The main problem of current jet engines is that only works in kerbin and laythe atmospheres. This is not really a problem, because has logic, jet engines works burning fuel, so need a oxygen atmosphere. However this do the planet exploration a little limited. My idea is add special engines fly in not-oxygen atmospheres. These are my ideas: 1. Propeller: It would be a basic device, obtained in the first tech slot with relation with aircraft propulsion (ie, in the same slot that the "basic jet engine". The propeller would have these disadvantages and advantages: + Propeller only needs electricity, and does not need fuel. + Propeller can work in any type of atmosphere (with notable density and pressure), because her propulsion is based by movement of such and not reaction. + Cheap. - Propeller generates very little mounts of propulsion (low isp), unable to obtain supersonic velocities (in kerbal are 300 m/s), also can not support these velocities (explodes or simply does not work) and suffer very big increase of temperature at these speeds, so only works in subsonic and transonic slow speeds. Also, propeller would require of special animation. 2. Dunian/Evenian jet engine: It would be a special engine capable to work in any atmosphere that would make use of two things: intake air and "alkaline fuel". What is alkaline fuel? This jet engine that I suggest is based in real design for mars exploration aircraft. The real version make use of the atmosphere air (that can be of any type, except helium) and magnesium. The magnesium has a big relation with solid fuel, in fact my first idea was make use of solid fuel, but I think that by utility has more sense add a new different fuel. Obviously "alkali fuel" does not fit much, it can be considered an aproximation of the final name, I am opened to suggestions to change the name. This jet engine would be obtained in a advanced tech slot, like advanced landing, hypersonic fly or super-heavy rockery. Disadvantages and advantages of the evenian/dunian jet engine: + Can work in any atmosphere. + Works as well as the "basic jet engine" (similar thrust) in Eve and Dune atmospheres. + Works as well as the cheap "turbofan engines" (similar thrust) in Kerbal and Laythe atmospheres. + Capable to obtain hypersonic speeds in cluster (in theory). - Works with 1/2 the "basic jet engine" power in Jool atmosphere. - Expensive as "RAPIER engine". - Heavy as "RAPIER engine". - Isp ever is minor to normal fuel-based jet engines, due to make use of alkaline fuel that is heavier. The addition of this new jet engine also implies the addition of "alkali fuel tanks" that are a little heavier than fuel tanks. Fount: http://www.wickmanspacecraft.com/marsjet.html Another alternative to "alkaline fuel" (if the idea of add a new material is not convincing), is the "solid fuel". 3. Nuclear jet engine: We have nuclear thermal rocket engines, why not nuclear jet engines? Nuclear jet engines would be heavy but would not make use of fuel, only intake air. Disadvantages and advantages of the nuclear jet engine: + Does not make use of any type of fuel, works in any atmosphere. + Capable to obtain hypersonic speeds in cluster (in theory). + Unlimited flight possibility. - Very heavy, like a "rocketmax engine". - Power of thrust similar or superior to "basic jet engine", difficulty to obtain big velocities. - Very expensive, like a nuclear thermal rocket engine or major. As last curiosity, this type of engine was in development in the past: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear-powered_aircraft NEW: 4. Joolian jet engine: A joolian would be similar to normal jet engine and dunian jet engine, but only can work in planets with hydrogen/fuel atmosphere. Wait a moment the only hydrogen planet that we have is jool. I can not support this thing due to her specific single use. Don't worry, be happy. Yes, we only have one fuel atmosphere planet, but is planned add two or three new gas giant in the future, in the update 1.1 or beyond. Fount: http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Planned_features#Celestial_bodies How the joolian jet engine would work? This engine would make use of the intake air in gas giant planets and liquid oxidizer. Disadvantages and advantages of the joolian jet engine: + Can work in gas giant atmospheres. + Works as well as the medium price "turbofan engine" (similar thrust) in Jool atmosphere. + Capable to obtain hypersonic speeds in cluster (in theory). - Only can work in gas giant atmospheres. - Expensive as "RAPIER engine". - Heavy as "RAPIER engine". - Isp ever is minor to normal fuel-based jet engines, due to make use of oxidizer that is heavier. The addition of this new jet engine also implies the addition of separed oxidizer tanks. Thanks for read.
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