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Found 8 results

  1. My vision for this mod is to create stock alike believable parts to build passenger planes with. It is inspired by Airplane Plus, and will be made to supplement it as well as the stock parts. Here is an album with some concept art and work in progress screen shots: https://imgur.com/a/fAViy And here is an album showing up the semi finished parts: https://imgur.com/a/ljyIgIH Parts currently in the mod: Download at: https://github.com/neistridlar/Neist-Airliner-Parts/releases Tweakscale patch by @TMasterson5: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6cliq18972oo1g/AADtWdAcCjVC
  2. I am playing KSP 1.7.3 with RSS RO and RP-1 and AJE(2.14 compatible with 1.7.3 and RO) and everything works fine except when I am trying to use J57-P-21 or J75 engines - basically engines with afterburners.(I am playing Career Mode and have not unlocked other engines of this class). By simply adding a tank and engine - in game info and MJ is showing delta V = 0 though it is showing TWR>0 and a burn time of 1K sec appx. only KER is showing a delta v value - and the vehicle is not moving even if engines are on, in full throttle , giving thurst and showing nominal status. one thing I not
  3. Who in Billy Mitchel's name picked those jet engine sounds for KSP 1.4? And why did they get so much louder in KSP 1.4.5? I know my way around part configurations. If I can extract the original jet audio from an older KSP edition, how can I replace the 1.4.5 jet sounds with them?
  4. So, today i downloaded the 3.2x rescale mod, and I'm loving it for the rockets parts and imho is a nice middle ground between RO and stock, and is doable with stock parts (and for bigger rockets i have spacey/spacey expanded). However i would love to do also some SSTO, but here lies the problem: orbital speed at 3.2x rescale is around 4.1 kms/s ( from the 2.25 of stock) so i would love to rescale also the rapier engine so they can bring me around mach 8 at 25-30kms in air-breathing and then from there on switching to the closed cycle. I already know how to change the perfor
  5. Hello guys, I am running a 64 bit 1.1.3 version of KSP with following Mods (updated) installed, but note that the problem did occure long after any game file changes. B9_Aerospace, Deployable engines, EasyVesselSwitch, Firespitter, Hangar extender, JSI, KAS, KAX, KIS, Kerbal engeneer, KW rocketry, Mark IV system, MechJeb2, NavyFish, Near future Props, Planetary Base, Procedural Dynamics, RocketSystems, OPT, Tac fuel balancer, Tweak scale. Actual Problem: I build a heavy lifter SSTO spaceplane using the MKIV system and the Sabre engines from B9 with the corresponding precool
  6. Junkers Juno Tournaments This Season: (seasons end when we don't have a new winner for 1 month, then we assume no one wants to play, or that the best craft that will be submitted, has been.) Build a aircraft powered by 1, 2, or 4 juno engines. PLEASE HAVE A PILOT The objective is to build a aircraft capable of the old Kerman specifications for a single, and double engine jet fighter, or bomber, as well as 4 engine bombers. Here are the specifications, and point systems. Single Engine Fighter: -Top Speed of 250 m/s. -25 second turn time
  7. Exoplanetary jet engines? What want you mean brother? Okay, the title can be confusing, but the idea is simple: I suggest add special jet engines to fly in "no kerbal like" planets. The main problem of current jet engines is that only works in kerbin and laythe atmospheres. This is not really a problem, because has logic, jet engines works burning fuel, so need a oxygen atmosphere. However this do the planet exploration a little limited. My idea is add special engines fly in not-oxygen atmospheres. These are my ideas: 1. Propeller: It w
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