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Found 7 results

  1. What is the relationship between the air intake number and the jet engine air number? The wheesley engine has a air in take of 29 but runs fine on a ramp intake that has only 2.
  2. Hello everyone, and welcome to the.... HIGHEST ALTITUDE ACHIEVED CHALLENGE "But what is this challenge?" I hear you ask. Well, this challenge is about achieving the highest possible altitude (duh ), with jet engines only. RULES: 1. No ALT-F12 CHEATS, KRAKEN DRIVES, LADDER DRIVES, BUG EXPLOITS, OR OTHER SHENANIGANS. 2. ONLY JET ENGINES. 2a. R.A.P.I.E.Rs are fine as long as they stay on air-breathing mode 3. NO PART MODS. 3a. Mechjeb, KER, Pilot Assistant and other autopilot/informational mods are allowed. 3b. Visual mods such as EVE, Sca
  3. I just read on the wiki that Laythe's atmosphere has a lower oxygen concentration the Kerbin's. I assume this effects the efficiency of jet engines. I have a jet powered boat en route to Laythe and another being prepared for launch. The one en route and the new one I'm working on do not have air intakes other than the engine nacelle parts, one for each engine. These provide 5 air, which is more than the engines i'm using require on Kerbin at sea level. But I doubt sea level on Laythe has the same conditions. Should I add air intakes to the boat I'm working on?
  4. I know the exact composition of Eve's atmosphere or its oceans is a mystery, but I like to think of it as some sort of organic chemistry, something that would burn If added Oxidizer. How about jet engines would work there, but in reverse: Burning oxidizer in a fuel-rich environment instead of fuel in an oxidizer-rich environment. I now this would change gameplay drastically. I'm curious about your opinions.
  5. Hi, I am currently modding the J404 Engine to fit it to my SU27 replica (might release as part mod eventually). I noticed something weird when I was editting the engine curves and trying them out ingame and this is true for Stock KSP engines aswell. The static thrust of the J404 is 130kN, @ Mach 2.5 it is supposed to be 219.5kN okay that is as advertised when you try it out. However when I look at the curves the thrustmultiplicator of the J404 at mach 2.5 is 3.5. 219/130 is a mere 1.8-ish of the thrust that the curve says. I thought the atmospheric curves play a role in this and might expl
  6. At sea level, Mach 3 is around 1021m/s but by the time you get to 60,000ft or 18,288m it's down to around 885m/s. Does KSP model this change when it comes to the performance of jet engines that vary thrust depending on your velocity?
  7. I'd like to see a few ramjet engines that need to be going above a certain airspeed to produce thrust but which unlike @8bitsblu's Instell scramjet engines, can provide thrust at speeds below 900 meters per second, and also unlike his scramjets, can accelerate a craft from slower speeds starting in the thicker air of the lower-atmosphere. And before you say that's not a ramjet, I present to you, the work of René Leduc, designer of the O.10, the first ever aircraft to be propelled solely by a ramjet engine. Yes, it had to be carried aloft piggy-back style atop another plane, and air-launched, t
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