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  1. I know mini planes are not new; however, this one is unique! This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Bob-cat 5 Armored jet, by Unapt Satisfactory Systems! This Flying Doohickey is the greatest of all doohickeys! The Bob-cat 5 alone is able to lift this 1.2 ton missile, making it an Armored jet. But this is not only a jet, it is also a car! just a quick press of the "1" key and it'll scoot you around KSC at a max speed of 9.9 meters per second. This beauty flies even better than it looks (thankfully). Its brilliant response and handling is great for even the most
  2. Taking Requests, is you want to see quality of my planes, look here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/129950-mig-15-fa-18c-super-hornet-jf-17-thunderkeurofigher-and-the-mig-29kub/
  3. Wiplash One The Wiplash one is a craft designed by me, made by me and tested by me If there's any sign of similarity to real planes i'ts purely coincidential Note, this craft requires the following mods to function: - B9 Aerospace - BDArmory - Tweakscale - Procedural Dynamics Description: the Wiplash One is the first jet in a possible series of fast jets witch will include: Supersonic cargo planes, Supersonic Bombers, Supersonic UAV's (possibly CAS uav's) It has Exquisite handling and acceleration, an overwhelming max spee
  4. So after playing a ton of GTAV the other day, i thought to myself that that hydra is a fun little plan and could probably be pretty easily made in KSP. Naturally, about 30 minutes later, i had myself a working replica. There are a few things im not happy on. The wings where a pain, ballast in the fuel tanks could be better, had to have an extra vtol jet to actually get lift force needed. besides all that, it flies decently well i would say! Has some roll issues from the wing angles im pretty sure, the flaps have been set to 60-70% and the main engine doesnt vector.
  5. For small SSTO probes or larger, long term long distance SSTO travel, I feel like our 0.625m Dawn ion engine needs a bit of love. Well. Not the Dawn engine itself, but the Ion engine mechanic. We have a huge whopping/gaping hole in Ion engines or Ion fuel tanks which desperately needs filling. Sure, we have nuclear engines... I guess? But they are also somewhat limited to LFO, and man - that stuff's heavy! Xenon gas and electric power is as light as air!... Hence... "Gas". Bad pun, huh. As more ION engines are needed/wanted, this is an idea for an SSTO based Ion drive:
  6. Are there any mods which include decent two-seater cockpits suitable for training/reconaissance craft? I'd love to have something that looks decent and has a shared IVA, as I'm getting a little tired of makeshifting it with cubic struts and offset.
  7. The Kerbin sightseeing and pigeon feeding society contacted Farnsworth Rocket Surgery a while back. They asked us to design a craft suitable for visiting points of interest, or points that have no interest at all! They never did pay for the design work so we are releasing it to the public (lucky you)! The images are from the brochure that we had. It has some landmarks in it, so some may consider it a spoiler. Introducing the Ray long range flying wing. The Ray will rotate off the runway fully fueled at around 65 m/s. Cruising altitude is 8km @ 250 m/s
  8. Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing the Stormwind fighter series. These crafts are long-range multirole fighters, quite reminiscent of the F-15, that can fit into almost any task, whether on the battlefield or fulfilling contracts. Stormwind Mk. 2 Especially when fitted with droptanks, this craft is quite long-range. Its large wings allow it to cruise at pretty high efficiency. While not as fast as the Stormwind II, this original variant is more efficient, slightly cheaper, and easier to use. Though it has some good traits, it also has stability problems, and will easily sp
  9. I successfully developed a 4 part plane that flies! Although it doesn't fly very good, it still works! By the way, this is in 1.1.3 And people thought groundbreaking meant bigger. Does anyone know how to make it more stable with only 4 parts and no vertical stabilizers?
  10. Lockheed Martin F-35 replica with built in bomb bay/ weapon bay, the craft were covered with JEBTECH radar absorbing material,and it's twin buffed afterburning engines allows it to sneak through enemy air defense system with ease. its weapon bay allow it to bring some serious punch to the enemy base. The "b" version is designed for short takeoff and vertical landing ( stovl) and here are some pics of our new jet at its manufacture state f35 f35b mod used: IR https://spacedock.info/mod/657/Magic Smoke I
  11. So i have never seen a craft or replica or anything of the Honda jet before, and i decided to try and tackle it for myself. It wasnt all that hard and im quite happy with my end result to the point i would like to share it with yall! Unlike the real thing, this doesnt have winglets as i couldnt get them to a fit i like. It also only seats 2 instead of 5. excluding pilots. It has a range around 3500km with normal fuel load and can load an additional 90units of fuel. As always, my crafts are tested to take off, fly, and land without any external assistance (other than the possible SAS). Whi
  12. I was developing a trainer jet... Perhaps, this thing appears to be more agile than anything else I have ever seen in KSP... It is easy to modify, have low parts count, and can be used as enemy crafts for hardcore BDArmoury AI shenanigans... Download: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/XF-10a-Wakizashi
  13. Just finished up my project for today, a semi-detailed Su-27. Complete with radar and weapon systems, as well as accurate landing gear positions. Initially it had center-of-lift issues, as well as some crazy instability, but that's mostly been tweaked out. I used parts from a variety of mods here, such as B9 (for the engines and wingtips), and BDArmory for the weapon and radar systems. And, of course, I had to tweakscale various parts to get it to look decent. Real-life comparison
  14. Good evening everyone, I was trying to figure out how to change certain values in the configuration files of the Jx-4 "Whiplash" jet engine, but after a quick thought I figured that maybe you guys could help me with it. Where exactly do I have to go and what do I exactly need to change in the configuration files so that the jet engine would start behaving itself like any other one that isn't dependent on the Kerbins' atmosphere (so that no air-intakes would be required and such)?
  15. With some inspiration from a friend from gmod (his name is customer service [yes i'm being serious]) I present the A-666 Corvus, a slow close air support attacker/bomber. Sporting two F119 afterburning turbofan engines, a large double delta wing design, two inverted V tails and probably nowhere near enough control surfaces, the A-666 can move at leisurely speeds and attack pretty much whatever its pilot feels like. The A-666 also features two redundant drone control systems, in case one or both of the pilots is incapacitated, but chances are if the cockpit exploded then so did the drone c
  16. In this video Jeb and Bob"Wing" take the Junk Hunter out for some space clean-up. Download Junk Hunter here!
  17. JUNK HUNTER Download her now! Click for more images Click here to see the JUNK HUNTER in action on Krog TV! She seats 4, can withstand de-orbit using radiators, shes flyable, landable and can even split apart to 3 separate controllable crafts. She's down and dirty and she makes no claims to be anything but, The Best Interplanetary Tow Service this Side of Jool. Enjoy folks!
  18. Squad should add a new turbojet, something in between the turbo ramjet, and the wheesley. Not a panther engine though, just something that will work better at higher altitudes. The J75 was used on the U-2 spy plane to carry it to the edges of the atmosphere. We should have an engine that is smaller, and capable of doing this with really good fuel efficiency early on in the game, and to provide a way to air launch something from the edges of the atmosphere, or to do some early exploring of Kerbin.
  19. INTRODUCING: THE JM-01 BUZZ The latest advances from SAP-C have brought the Buzz missile into play! This thing is a long-range, high explosive, high speed, medium altitude, completely jet powered missile. That's a lot of things. The Buzz missile contains 9 Small High Explosive Warheads (SHEW's) which provides a heck of a blast. Comes with a warranty to fix your Buzz if it doesn't completely destroy the enemy! (Warranty is voided if launched) Two Panther engines provide the Buzz with extra starting speed, or you could use them to extend your range providing you don't use the afte
  20. This week i will try to set a new record in KSP. I will try to reach a speed of 6000 m\s OH YEA Only with stock parts ! I dont know what more i have to say IF i will do that i will upload a video on YT !
  21. Welp i made a lovely "little" plane a few days back and i thought i might share it. The original plane idea came from the mix of the Raven fighter from XCOM and the Cybron Air Superiority Fighter from Supreme Commander.. It's quite an agile ship and it's very stable. This is probably the best ship i have ever made. Here is the download link --->> http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/riptide-t-22 And please comment what you think about it :3
  22. This is a fully stock replica of the Viper Jet MkII, which was originally designed as a prop aircraft but was converted to a jet aircraft to save structure costs and difficulties. The Viper Jet is a homebuilt civilian jet aircraft. Built to within 2% of the exact dimensions of the real Viper, and includes an open cockpit for your eager pilots. Enjoy! It flies like a dream; the plane pulls a quite realistic ~5 G's, and has a highly maneuverable roll rate. Download
  23. Using FXModuleConstrainPosition, how do I set up vectoring nozzles for a jet engine?
  24. Hi, so i made this plane, i dont know what is wrong with it but it is realy unstable, at take-off it just starts to roll+ it strafes right when taking off. Can you please give me any suggestion on what to change as i realy like the design.. thanks
  25. I need this to loop indefinetly like the big engine from squad.... help :s MODULE { name = FXModuleAnimateThrottle animationName = SwallowFanSpin responseSpeed = 0.1 layer = 3 dependOnThrottle = True weightOnOperational = True affectTime = false baseAnimSpeed = 0.01 // base + (throttle setting * multiplier) baseAnimSpeedMult = 100 playInEditor = False animWrapMode = 2 // Default = 0 Once = 1 Clamp = 1 Loop = 2 PingPong = 4 Clamp
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