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  1. Some attempts at modeling late WWII jets I made earlier A rather chubby Me 262 (based on one I saw on the forum a while ago). Needs cannons *COUGH* @TUKE (Please add mk 108s to your pack) And a P-80 that barely looks like a P-80 (My Gloster Meteor model was so atrocious that I have elected not to show it) Any ideas to improve these models?
  2. Porkjet told me I need to have bones and he said that the animation for the panther is scaled, although i noticed certain parts of the panther (the nozzle opening and closing) do not change area (faces). I figured he scaled them along the normals in blender, problem is, I can't get my head around that in bones! :c Here's picture to show what I need: Please help if you can.
  3. Here's the pictures of the progress so far Models in sketchup! Late cockpit model ingame with textures and placeholder IVA
  4. Hello, I couldn't help but notice that, in the 1.0.5 update, you made it so that jet engines drain fuel equally from all tanks at the same time, even those separated by decouplers. The things is, this only works well with ordinary planes which are not intended to fly into space. For spaceplanes, it does NOT work that well. This is because the jet engines drain the fuel from the tanks which are intended to be used by the rocket engines, which is not a good thing. So, my suggestion is that you make it so that players can select (or toggle) which tanks they want the jet engines to drain
  5. Welcome to Brand Co Air & Space, where we mass produce planes and rockets to help you achieve missions or just to help you have fun. Below you will find our currently available stock: :cool:L99thebeaver's products: The LTR32(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Being the 32nd of the series, it is BY FAR the most stable, and the fastest, being able to get upwards of 400 m\s horizontally, this baby does some work! Pictures: 39 P16-Mongoose(.16 requires c7 mods... for now) Description: Pictures: 50-60 L42-Onyx(.17) Description: Highest speed: 567 m\s Pictures: 75-81 J_Man_X_663's p
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