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  1. JNSQ Real Date This is a patch for Kronometer that replaces in the in game D001 Y001 clock with the real world Earth clock and calendar. Features: Earth days and months are used, no leap years involved. Starts 1st January 2001 Days remain 12 hours long but Months and Years display as you would expect. Pics: Install: Download from Spacedock CKAN of course Dependencies: Module Manager JNSQ Kronometer Licence: This work is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 license. Thanks: Thanks to @JadeOfMaar for the assistance in creating this and the Kerbal rotation to make sunrise 6am. Thanks to @TeamGalileo for JNSQ
  2. As the tilte suggest I made a config for JNSQ and I am releasing my first stable-ish configuration. This is the first config I have ever written for KSP. It´s stable-ish version but not the final version as I am still configuring some settings, there are still some known and unknown issues. [If you find any issues let me know, I will try to fix them, may take some time]. [Also working on custom textures, may take a while though] Currently known issues: Planets turning into a silver mesh thing ,I assumme this was caused by my old config [Fixed as I haven´t encountered it again, maybe?] Random gray squares [happend once fix below] Asteroid alike planets having white dots on their terrain If you have any visual anomalies like the gray squares appearing, please go to the trackingstation and back to your vessel that should fix it. I used kopernicus for ksp 1.11.1 and made this config for that version specifially. Important Before you download, if you care about your saves test this config in a sanbox save first. I would suggest turning off true lightning and shadows in the parralax global config. Scatter performance is currently unknown test at your own risk. Rover are quite lets say bouncy turn down your springs and turn up your dampers, drive safe everybody. Download from google drive. Feedback is really appreciated as it helps me to iron out some issues, if this config is done, I may even make some for other planet packs. Installation Requires Parallax, JNSQ, Kopernicus. You have to rename your Parallax_StockTextures to ParallaxJNSQ. Then you drag the the contents of the zip into that folder replacing all. My fps is around 80~90 fps in my newest config with a 1080 and Ryzen 5 1600, varying on diffrent planets. Eye candy included: Higher Quality version of the gif below here. On a lonely planet far away from home, Jeb watches as the sun rises above the horizon. I like this one quite a lot tbh. Duna and Huygen are definelty worth checking out Eeloo gives of creepy vibes check it out for yourself. Dragonfly wannabe taking flight on Huygen Higher Quality version of the gif below here. Distributed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 License. Special thanks to: @Gameslinx for making such an amazing mod and just being awesome in general. @R-T-Bfor continuing and updating Kopernicus and giving me permission to use his configs. @Galileo and the whole JNSQ team for making such a unique planet system.
  3. lemon cup's Stellar Frontier Initiative presents... PROJECT STARPOWER - Combining Kerbin's many sectors of industrial might with years of trailblazing research and experimentation in the field of nuclear fusion propulsion. STARPOWER aims to do what has never been done in the history of Kerbalkind, and do so with the utmost ambition and intrepidity: Harness the latest in fusion drive technology to send a crew of 6 brave kerbonauts to the surface of Laythe, and back, in under 6 months. CONTENTS Introduction Part 1: Pre-Mission Part 2: Departure Part 3: Arrival Part 4: Landing Part 5: Return Part 6: Home Epilogue: The Future Introduction PREFACE This is a somewhat straightforward mission to Laythe with a few twists and heavy emphasis on realism, or rather, what could be reasonably assumed to occur and what obstacles (some huge) would have to be overcome. I couldn't make up my mind on how hard to go with this, so I figured I'd go all in! Expect detailed explanations, real-world science, tons of pictures, and the unwitting Kerbal perspectives on such matters. That being said I will do my best to keep fluff to a minimum, and content rolling in thick. MOD LIST Lots...I won't list them all! Rather I will list the ones that feature prominently here in plain sight. Those that reside beneath the surface, I will mention throughout if I think it to be relevant. In order of significance: JNSQ - the astounding community-favorite planet pack, where this all takes place. Far Future Technologies(beta) - provides all of the theoretical nuclear propulsion aspects that make this mission possible; Nertea just dropped the 1.0 release for download. Near Future Technologies (full suite) - I think of this as the de facto expansion pack to KSP as I know it, adds incredible depth and utility parts for advanced spaceflight and features heavily on this mission. OPT Spaceplane - used to craft the Mk.III-J "Shadowfax," the mission's interplanetary SSTO. Restock - revamped models for every stock part, meshes flawlessly with NFT and other mods. Kerbal Atomics - nuclear fission reactors and advanced NTR rockets CryoEngines/Tanks - adds hydrolox and methalox engines and tankage SSPXR - Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux adds the large hab modules you'll see here. Kerbal Konstructs - you will occasionally see some decorative infrastructure, thanks to this mod. Visual Mods include: EVE, Scatterer, TUFX, DistantObjectEnhancements, and Planetshine Some QOL mods: MechJeb, KerbalEngineerRedux, BetterTimeWarp, PersistentThrust, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Tweakscale, RCS Build Aid, EditorExtensionsRedux, and more... AND LASTLY, playing in KSP 1.10.1, let's get started. STELLAR FRONTIER INITIATIVE Excelling where previous space programs have failed, SFI was founded to put a stop to repetitive gameplay mission architecture centered in Low Kerbin Orbit. Instead of wasting excess time, resources, and funds at the behest of corrupt save files administration changes and economic lulls, SFI is the result of a joint venture between many Kerbal nations to go to the Mun, Duna, and beyond, and this time for good. Many strides have been made in the past 3 decades. We've researched much science, completed many contracts, and earned much reputation. Also we took some pretty pictures. Over the last 10 years, breakthroughs in rocket propulsion and particle physics has led to a boom in the exploration of parts unknown. I'm playing in JNSQ, where planets are 2.7x the size and even further away from each other. A minimum-energy Hohmann transfer to the Mun takes 4 days. To Duna takes almost 9 months, and beyond that, years. The reality is, Kerbals don't live such a long time, being the little frog men that they are, and that would be cut even shorter should they be exposed to the harsh radiation of interplanetary space for such long durations. Of keen interest to Kerbalkind is Laythe, the crown jewel of, erm... Jool. Before now, it has been held beyond our reach by vast gulfs of time and space, accessible only by our long range probes. But this, is the Fusion era! Behold the latest in experimental atmospheric probes designed to study Laythe and identify areas of interest for future exploration teams. Nicknamed the "Blindwolf," it is both a high-concentration test bed, and a valuable research platform. It is able to convert superheated air into reaction mass via a state of the art high-powered electromagnetic ramjet, and a compact spherical Deuterium-Deuterium powerplant generates the electricity necessary to do so. Top speed is limited only by the melting point of the skin. As it tears through Laythe's atmosphere, it is able to send back telemetry on a particularly optimal equatorial island, with ample flats for a landing... All that's left to do is assemble the vessel, the crew and their vehicle, and the resources needed to get them there. Easy, right?
  4. One Small Step Saturn Sarnus Lindor to the Stars Hello everyone! My name forum name is Misguided_Kerbal. You might have seen me around the forums, whether it's in KASA, the Megathread, or somewhere else. Alright, alright, enough with the intro. So, what is this? This is basically what the subtitle is. This is a kerbalized version of the Saturn program, with some ETS (Eyes Turned Skyward) stuff mixed into it. It'll be played in Sandbox, on 1.9.1, with many mods, with the most important being BDB and JNSQ. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! Chapter list: Introduction (This Post) Chapter 1: A New Beginning Chapter 2: Two is Better Than One Chapter 3: Testing, Testing... Chapter 4: Big is Better. Or is it? Chapter 5: Fly Me To The Mun, And Let Me Play Among The Stars! Chapter 6: The Show Must Go On Chapter 7: Go for Landing Interlude 1: The Meeting Introduction Ever since the dawn of time, Kerbals have maintained 2 qualities. The first was the ability to constantly look up. When a kerbal accidentally discovered gunpowder, his first idea was to see how high it went. The second quality was for them to maintain eerily peaceful. There had never been any wars on Kerbin, nor any conflicts. Kerbals rarely argued, and conflicts were always settled by peaceful means. Things on Kerbin were looking up, and kerbals started venturing into space, with the first Kerbal sent into LKO just a year after the space program was inaugurated. But just as it seemed that everything was well, tragedy struck. A huge asteroid slammed into Kerbin, and sent all of Kerbin into a nuclear winter. No longer did the Kerbals have the resources to look up. Instead, all Kerbals ventured underground, beneath the surface. After a hundred years, a few brave kerbals ventured up.... and to their astonishment, Kerbin was habitable again! And so, little by little, the Kerbals started going back up. A few kerbals even dared to look up again, flying high above the surface in winged contraptions. Over time, little by little, Kerbals once more began looking to the skies. As a new millennium approached, 200 years after the asteroid, Kerbals once more decided to start a new space program. Slowly but surely, the Kerbals built up a space center, and dared to dream again......
  5. Good day! I've been putting together a nice customized install for my newest JNSQ playthrough. My system has 16GB of RAM, and is technically able to handle everything. However, the issues soon arise. First off, the game will not load without a database reload, as the loading itself stops with a System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException. After the database reload which only takes a few minutes, the game can continue to the main menu... kind of. The game loads, but all you can see is Kerbin and the three Kerbals, without any Scatterer features or the main menu buttons and title ever popping up. The music also stutters badly, and my entire PC has actually locked up before due to this. It required a hard restart. I found this error in the logs, which may be related to this. However, if at all relevant I must mention that all of these mods were installed by CKAN, which is not exactly known for allowing incompatibilities. [LOG 22:26:50.143] EVEManager: Issue loading PQSManagerClass! Error: UnityEngine.UnityException: Unable to apply node! ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object This is so far, the extent of the major, game-breaking issues. I have here the KSP.log and the ModuleManager logs from my final session while troubleshooting. I also have a screenshot of the full modlist, if it helps at all. Thank you for your time, please get back to me if possible! KSP.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0w8hjrl07u5soy/KSP.zip?dl=0 ModuleManager Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9humx2cttby5864/ModuleManager.zip?dl=0 Mod List: https://www.dropbox.com/s/57i534iip6zf3it/image (1).png?dl=0
  6. Hey everybody, Hypercore here, or better know as someone of the same name on the r/KSP discord, Today I am starting a project by the name of "The Case for Space". It will consist of mainly albums of screenshots, and maybe some stories! Information I had the idea for this project literally this morning This will be a kerbalised version of the real space race, but vessels will be original, people will be fake, and only inspiration is taken. The format will be an album every chapter, with high quality screenshots, some description, and possibly infographics and literature. This thread is still Largely WIP, and screenshot work will ensue ASAP. Due to schoolwork progress will be slow until summer break. In the meantime, community submissions are taken, more detail below. Mod List [WIP] JNSQ Ad Astra Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares Knes ReDIRECT Modular Launch Pads Community Submission If you have any ideas, or completed works like: Logo/flag Craft files (LV, sats, landers, etc.) Screenshots Mod suggestion Anything else That you'd like to contribute to this project, you can drop me a dm on discord, Hypercore_Gaming#5278, send the file here, or I can be contacted through a plausible media of your choice. Final Words And again: this is very WIP! I might drop attention for this at any time, and might not appear here for a while. So while I AM focused on this project, I will do my best to continuously expanding and working on this project of mine.
  7. 1020-273: The Kerbal Space Administration of Cape Town has submitted a formal budget request of the MacKerman parliament for an ambitious plan to follow up on their successful and still ongoing Triton landings on the Mun and Minmus. Says director-general Cernan MacKerman, “The completion of the first round of kerballed landings has allowed the technology to catch up. Using this the plan is to test long-term habitation in space with a visit to Gilly, as well as gather important scientific information to share with the space international group.” Critics of the plan and Cernan’s abandonment of first-generation Triton landings say that the wide reaching plan is trying to do too much, too quickly, and not for enough scientific gain. Amberger Kerman, a science journalist and leading skeptic, claims that the plans involve “both too much legacy hardware and too many new components. They threw out the stuff [Triton first-generation] that was working well, and want to replace it with equipment that have never been tested.” Many also express the opinion that the program cost too much, more than the barely acceptable Triton program, when that money could be used for safer, cheaper, and more investigative unkerballed craft, or just used on Kerbin instead of shot into space. Skeptics of the wide-reaching plan in the parliament that have expressed their opposition do not number enough to strike down the budget request. However, many are wary of Cernan’s decisions after the KSA decided to abandon Triton Munar landings in favor of service to Munar-orbiting space stations which will be supplied by a much-delayed Pegasus lander. Nonetheless, members of the scientific community and KSA are excited about the possibilities of this proposal.
  8. Broadcast Schedule Join us on Discord at That Other Server 2 in the #gaming voice channel, nightly at 19:00 UTC -6 / 7 PM US Central Time. Monday 28 DEC Tuesday 29 DEC Wednesday 30 DEC Thursday 31 DEC Friday 01 JAN Saturday 02 JAN Sunday 03 JAN Kerbin Relays Launch Minmus Launches Minmus Exploration Minmus Return (Taking this day off) Mun Launches Mun Landings Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete 1 of 2 Complete Monday 04 JAN Tuesday 05 JAN Wednesday 06 JAN Thursday 07 JAN Friday 08 JAN Saturday 09 JAN Sunday 10 JAN Mun Exploration Postponed Mun Exploration Mun Exploration Mun Explore or return TBD Moho Prep 2nd landing complete Postponed Complete Complete Returned Safely! Cancelled Complete Monday 11 JAN Tuesday 12 JAN Wednesday 13 JAN Thursday 14 JAN Friday 15 JAN Saturday 16 JAN Sunday 17 JAN Moho Launches Moho Landing Moho Exploration Return to Kerbin Re-Arming Re-Arming Duna Build Complete Complete Complete Complete Kraken attack! Complete Complete Monday 18 JAN Tuesday 19 JAN Wednesday 20 JAN Thursday 21 JAN Friday 22 JAN Saturday 23 JAN Sunday 24 JAN Duna Launch Duna Arrival Duna Exploration Duna Exploration Duna Exploration Quick visit to Ike? Return to Kerbin Complete Landed Lander In Progress In Progress Complete In Progress Complete! All craft used should be available on Kerbal X, in my JNSQ Do-over Hangar, at some point. In 18 months and four KSP versions, I produced a JNSQ Exploration series. This came up after suggestions that no one ever explores past Duna, or no one ever explores past Jool, after completing the first JNSQ Space Race. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and once I fought through Moho and Eve I figured I could reach the rest of the system with relative ease. Then time constraints came up and I introduced RoverDude's Project Orion engines just so I could get to places within a reasonable amount of real-world time. But then came surface interaction problems that all started once out at Lindor, and I found the only way to work around those was to start over in a new saved game. So what I'd like to do is stream the process. I wouldn't post new episodes to YouTube until out to Lindor again, and I'd redo episodes 18 and 19 for Krel and Aden. But I'm also curious if there's a viewership interested in watching that process, including the expected failures. I don't have a Twitch account so that's out. I could stream to YouTube but I'd want to hide or delete the stream archives afterward. I think Discord would be a better choice. Is there a Discord server someone has that would be interested in hosting this? I'd like to do a regular schedule of 7 PM to 8 PM Central (UTC -6). five days a week. Once I'd reach Lindor again and ready to visit Krel, that's when the regular streams end. It would be a science mode playthrough with the goal of reaching each world's random monolith, assuming it exists. I'd use Bon Voyage to time warp through ground and ocean travel. Please let me know in responses what you all think. I'll link to here from the JNSQ main thread shortly. -- The JNSQ Exploration Do-Over Looks like I'll be able to do this weeknights from 7 PM to 8 PM US Central (UTC -6) starting on 21 DEC 2020. I picked December 21 because that's the first day back from being on-call from work. Streams will appear on "That Other Server 2" in the #gaming voice channel on Discord. Thanks so much to The @Misguided Kerbal for hosting this series! I'll try to keep some kind of advance notice as to what point a given episode will be, and hopefully I can skip past boring bits like The Science Dance and long transfers to and from Lindor. Check back here for a table featuring dates and episode themes. In the meantime I'll occasionally stream over there to show off preparations and other work. But the next week (14-18 DEC) is off because of real life on-call. I'll post an add-on list in another post here as well, so You At Hometm can play along. I'll also try to keep all craft constructed at Kerbal X, which should mostly be stock except for Explodium Breathing Engines and RoverDude's Project Orion parts.
  9. An episodic account of the next great step. Index: I’m using obscene amounts of mods (my sig has the current number), but only a few should significantly alter how this Sandbox save and these missions play out: Engine Ignitor EVA Fuel FAR Improved Ablator (seriously nerfs heatshields) JNSQ Kerbal Construction Time Kiwi Tech Tree (part upgrades) Kerbalism on hard with my own profile KIS/KAS KoS KRASH Mandatory RCS Rational Resources RealChute Several home-made patches to nerf stuff that's too powerful/not the way I want it to be About a billion parts mods I’ve set a completely artificial deadline of Year 10, Day 0 for a Duna landing, the KCT settings so it takes 15 days to build a rocket, and will do things to the save as if there was political pressure from Kongress, like grounding kerballed flights for years at a time if something goes wrong and a crewmember is lost. That’s enough talking, have the actual introduction:
  10. Winner: @jimmymcgoochie !!!!! After dropping out of my Space Race with @HansonKerman because of technical issues, I decided to start a new, JNSQ space race. I took inspiration from @The Dressian Exploder's JNSQ space race, which is itself based off of @Ultimate Steve's RSS space race. This is going to be a 4-part series, the first part being the beginning (Satellites and a Kerbal into orbit), the second part being landing a Kerbal on the Mun and Minmus, the third part being establishing a presence at the Mun and/or Minmus, and the fourth part the land on Duna. Everything, including all the milestones and prerequisites, will be based off of game time. Now, let's move on. Note: If you're wondering where all the action is, and you've already scrolled through 5 pages, the first space race post is here: Rules: 1. No cheating (Hyperedit, Alt-F12 cheat menu, just plain old lying, etc.) 2. Everything is based off of in-game time 3. You are limited to ONLY 1 milestone and 1 prerequisite per flight. Even if you accomplish more, IT WON'T COUNT. 4. Use quicksaves/reverts only because of game-related problems. If the game glitches out, go ahead and revert, but if you forgot a part or something, too bad so sad. Setup: Set the game to normal difficulty, except add these: Set the crew respawn option to off You can enable advance tweakables (autostruts) if you want Mods: You can basically use any mods you want, except any OP mods, for example Alcubberie Warp Drive, Metallic Hydrogen, Dark Matter stuff, Antimatter stuff, and the likes. Basically, no Interstellar Extended. Of course, you need JNSQ. We're going for a 60s-90s feel, so feel free to use BDB and Tantares. Recommended Mod List: JNSQ (duh) Nertea's Stuff (Near Future, SSPXR, CryoEngines, Kerbal Atomics, Mark IV Spaceplane, etc.) KS3P or TUFX with Zorg's configs Better Time Warp Final Frontier KSC Extended Restock and Restock+ Habtech 2 Modular Launch Pads Universal Storage 2 Contestants: 1. Kerman States @Misguided_Kerbal (Me!) The Kerman States is a rising superpower, a democracy consisting of 5 powerful city-states connected together. After the Great War, Von Kerman scientist Wernher Von Kerman, brought to the Kerman States by Operation Staple, discovered a new dimension known as "Space". The Kerman States Parliament has approved a healthy stockpile of funds to explore this new dimension, and perhaps even land on the Mun. 2. Neo-Dressian Spacefaring Foundation @The Dressian Exploder After the failure of the MQVI, The DNRA lost all funding and was abandoned. 50 years later, one Nertia Kerman (In no way related to the great modder *AHEM*) found the ruins of the DNSC, and realised that it was time for Dressia to reach for the stars once more. 3. Tree Industries (Formerly K.H.R.I.S.S.E.R) @GuessingEveryDay Dedicated to the memory of Khris Kerman, we will continue on, this time with the trees to the stars. 4. AAARG (Advanced Audacious Aerospace Research Group) @jimmymcgoochie Succeed or fail, our intrepid Kerbals always scream our name! Prerequisites: (Does not have to be followed in order, but the order listed below is recommended) Bolded ones are Milestones, which will be explained later. You must complete EVERY prerequisite in each part before advancing to the next part. Before landing a Kerbal on Duna, you must have completed EVERY SINGLE PREREQUISITE except for that. Part 1: Up, Up, and Away! 1. First Launch 2. First Satellite 3. Polar Satellite 4. First Kerbed launch 5. First Kerbal to reach orbit 6. Docking 7. Kerballed Docking Part 2: Flags and Footsteps 1. Launched a working communications relay (at least 3 commsats) 2. Munar Probe 3. Minmus Probe 4: Space Station 5. Kerbal to reach Munar orbit 6. Kerbal to land on the Mun 7. Kerbal to Minmus orbit 8. Kerbal to land on Minmus Part 3: Establishing a Presence 1. Second Space Station (Must be bigger than the first one) 2. Mun Space Station 3. Mun Base 4. Minmus Space Station 5. Minmus Base 6. Duna and/or Ike probe 7. Eve Probe 8. Jool Probe Part 4: Rusty Dust 1. Unmanned lander on Ike 2. Unmanned lander on Duna 3. Duna Sample Return 4. Kerballed landing on Duna Milestones: Now, what are milestones, you ask? They are the bolded ones on the top. Basically, first to do that Milestone gets those points. Points are only there because, for example, 2 contestants land on the Mun at around the same time, then whoever has more points wins. Also, they are a nice little touch. Part 1: Up, Up, and Away! (5 pts) First Launch: @GuessingEveryDay (10 pts) First Satellite: @jimmymcgoochie (15 pts) First Polar Satellite: @jimmymcgoochie (15 pts) First Kerbed launch: @Kraken that doesn't exist (15 pts) First Kerbal to reach orbit: @jimmymcgoochie (15 pts) First Kerballed Docking: @jimmymcgoochie Part 2: Flags and Footsteps (20 pts) First Kerbal to reach Munar orbit: @jimmymcgoochie (25 pts) First Kerbal to land on the Mun: @jimmymcgoochie (20 pts) First Kerbal to Minmus orbit: @jimmymcgoochie (25 pts) First Kerbal to land on Minmus: @jimmymcgoochie Part 3: Establishing a Presence (20 pts) First Mun Space Station: @jimmymcgoochie (30 pts) First Mun Base: @jimmymcgoochie (20 pts) First Minmus Space Station: @jimmymcgoochie (30 pts) First Minmus Base: @jimmymcgoochie Part 4: Rusty Dust (20 pts) First Unmanned lander on Ike: @jimmymcgoochie (25 pts) First Unmanned lander on Duna: @jimmymcgoochie (35 pts) First Duna Sample Return: @jimmymcgoochie (40 pts) First Kerballed landing on Duna: @jimmymcgoochie Leaderboard: @Misguided_Kerbal (Kerman States) 0 points, 0 milestones, 6 requisites completed @The Dressian Exploder (Neo-Dressian Spacefaring Foundation) 0 points, 0 milestones, 0 prerequisites completed @GuessingEveryDay (Tree Industries) 5 points, 1 milestones, 3 prerequisites completed @jimmymcgoochie (AAARG) 335 points, 16 milestones, 27 prerequisites completed Example Post: (Example post in spoiler)
  11. Heracles Space Program Hey y'all! i need some motivation, so i made this post to help detail my new save instead of dong whatever, this program is intended to be the first duna landing in JNSQ, but first we'll start with the Mun, with a station and a long term stay, then we can move onto phase 2: exploration of duna and the outer system Question should i use some life support mods? I have some experience with kerbalisim, but i kind of want to try out snacks! which do you prefer?
  12. At Year 0, Day 0, a few companies made it their mission to explore space. Each one wanted to be the first to go where no kerbal has dared to go, armed only with boosters, struts and a whole lotta luck. But they were not alone in their endeavors, and they would have to compete against one another for mastery of the Kerbol System... Kudos to Ultimate Steve for the original RSS/RO Space Race, which is absolutely awesome. Go check it out! This is originally made for peeps who really enjoy the RSS Space Race, but really aren't skilled enough for the challenge of RSS. People like me! So feel free to join in. JNSQ SPACE RACE Contestant 1: Dressian National Rocketry Association Created when a group of Universities in Dressia united together to eat snacks send a rocket into space. The Dressian government soon noticed them, and gave them funding to help Dressia become a spacefaring nation. Despite a government grant of over100,000 to develop the required tech, DNRA remains a private company. Contestant Two: Agencia Espacial Kanada (because kerbal backwards Spanish & beer) The AEK's tired of building arms and legs for everyone else. Time to reach space on our own, leaving empties on The Mun and beyond. Led by the fearless Chris Kerman, fighter pilot and badS extraordinaire, and backed up by original four-member Bob and his hosehead engineer brother Doug, these kanucks emerge from behind the successes of others to take the spotlight on their own. Contestant 3:Notebook Space Program *insert bio here* Contestant 4: Laythe Initiative (sorry, couldn't find a bigger flag) Contestant 5: Za Warudo! Space Agency After Enrico Pucci remade the universe, DIO found his immortal soul adrift shunted into the outer multiverse. Would this be an opportunity for a revival? For a chance for the once godly DIO to resume his conquest of the universe itself? Unfortunately for DIO, he emerged on a minor world, without access to either his vampire or Stand abilities. Reborn as Dio Kerman, DIO would have to rely on his charisma and wit to dominate the new world. While the Kerbals were not respective to displays of brute force, they had an obsession with space travel. In order to get the Kerbals to follow him, Dio muscled his way into the leadership of the Kerbal Space Program, which he renamed after his former Stand, Za Warudo! Now, to plumb the secrets of the universe and keep his easily distracted minions occupied, Dio would have to begin the conquest of the world, via space. Contestant 6: Photon Corporation Pending Competitors: No one as of now. Rules and Mods The way this race will be judged is through the milestones in Pap1723's Career Evolution Contract pack, one of the mandatory mods of this Space Race. The first person to complete 30 milestones of this pack will win the race! NOTE: This is in Game time, not RL time. Meaning one participant could finish a week before another and not win the race. Required mods: -JNSQ (obviously) -Career Evolution Contract Pack -Kerbal Construction Time -UnKerballed Start & CTT. -Kronometer -Plus all their dependencies. The rest of your mods are up to you! Non-OP parts mods are allowed and encouraged, I'll be using Tantares, Taerobee, CRE and PParts.(among the mess of mods I have) Oh, and one final thing... at least one of your 30 milestones has to be kerballed, doesn't matter which one, and apart from that one milestone, launch probes to your hearts content! Coming soonish (I.E when I get this all set up, and we have enough participants.) Reply if you want to join!
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