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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there Kerbonauts! We are looking for a Part Designer to work alongside our design and art teams to create aesthetically appropriate, highly detailed, and well-researched parts for both vehicles and colonies in Kerbal Space Program 2 . You can learn more about the position and apply HERE!
  2. All Rights Reserved MaErDa Open Jobs Beta Testers Part Balancers Textures Artists 3d Artists Coders Others MaErDa is open to all modders who want work with us. Just grab a task in the Jobs Vault and reserve a Post there has your working thread. Reply to this thread Only if you are working on a task in the Jobs Vault. Plz More Tasks Coming Soon Find the issue who prevent MaErDa Jet Booster T-Series to stage normally. Fix Atlanders symetry plane Write better descriptions for parts. (Thematic : High-Tech, Steam-Punk,Scavenger,Dump ass) Fine tune balances for parts Tech-tree overhaul. Modding Tutorials refresh for Unity 5.4 and Ksp 1.1.3 Bug tracking Better Landing Leg Animation and Colliders : Worker : Warsoul Texturing new concepts models in concept list. Contents to Fix Jet Booster T1/T2 : Staging Bug, Balancing Atlander : Symmetry, Pod Orientation, Pod Windows on Textures : https://gum.co/EzqQt Concepts List MaErDa Power Generator or Atmospheric Renewer Concept Model Concept Model 2 Concept Model 3 Concept Model 4
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