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  1. This challenge was continued with permission from the previous thread manager @sdj64 LINK to the old Jool-5 thread There are over forty-five pages of entries and discussion, so look and see what made it and what didn't LINK to the older Jool-5 thread. There are hundreds of pages of entries and discussion, so look at it to see what worked and what didn't! CHALLENGE RULES Given the scale of this challenge, everyone who completes the mission successfully gets a spot in the hall of fame. 1. No cheating, including the stock debug menu cheats, HyperEdit, kraken driv
  2. Veteran forumites may recall when my thread "Sights of Kidonia" was active. I managed to get a humongous mothership assembled in orbit for the Ultimate Jool-5 Challenge, filled with all manner of fun payloads and equipped with over 9000 m/s of delta-V, and then... I abandoned the project, the challenge left unmet once again. That was actually my third attempt to pull it off, the successor to "Julia" and an unnamed predecessor mothership. Each attempt had been grander than the last, and each attempt had failed (for the first, I was woefully short on delta-V; for the second, a KSP update to make
  3. Pretty much as title. I'm designing a mission to Jool (my first time visiting that particular system despite having played for more than 2 years ) and I'm not exactly sure how much dV I should equip my probe with to be able to fly by each moon. I've consulted a dV map and have gathered that I'll need about 2km/s for the transfer, but it doesn't really tell me what I need for moving around the Jool system itself. Help would be appreciated (also, side question: the dV map tells me that I need ~3.3km/s to land a probe on Tylo from a flyby trajectory. Is this accurate or will I need more?)
  4. DOWNLOAD: On KerbalX - Jool Mix-Up On Steam - Jool Mix-Up IN SHORT: This mission/challenge is all about navigating the Jool system with only the level of control afforded when you are out of comms range. That's right: no keyboard aiming, no maneuver nodes, no fine-tuned thrust. Pol and Bop won't be too much trouble. Vall could be a challenge. Tylo might be just too much for you. And what about Laythe? Seriously? I you expect me to fly a plane with the "radial out" button? Yes. Yes I do. BRIEFING: This is a PR nightmare! Jeb landed the Bop lander on Pol,
  5. For example, I want to fly to the Jool, land and take off from Laythe, Tylo, Vall, and Bop and back to the Kerbin. How much dV do I need?
  6. How do I plan a gravity assist using Kerbin similarly to how Juno used Earth to get to Jupiter?
  7. This is how not to make a planned rocket, almost missed fuel! https://discord.gg/EJmz3kE
  8. Getting back into KSP, I wanted to finish up my video series on my Tylo Rescue mission that started in 2017...of when I stranded Bill in 2014. Sorry, it's been a few years since the last update. Hope to finish the series within a couple of months. This started as a standard Mission Report, but after reading Kuzzter's wonderful Kerbfleet stories, I've been inspired to make it more of a narrative cinematic. So forgive the inclusion of the KSP GUI when it pops up. Note: This beta 0.235 game predates Bill, Bob and Jeb having dedicated roles as Engineer, Scientist and Pilot. So they may
  9. Hello all, it's been almost forever and several updates to KSP since I last posted a mission report thread... Here is my entry into the Jool 5 Challenge, Jeb's Level: Episode 1 is here: The craft file is here: The mothership was inspired by this photo: Mass on the pad: 3 014.78 tons Cost: 1 825 046.0 (on the pad, no refuelling missions... yet) Parts on the pad: 410 Crew Capacity: 33 Crew on Mission: 2 of 6 Snacks/not Snacks on board: Loads...
  10. I'm going to build a reusable ship to go to Jool and back, that has to have the ability to reenter LKO. My current design I'm working on has about 10,000 m/s and I'm wondering if that's enough for the mission it'll have to undertake.
  11. The thing is this: I originally created a ship to "imitate" the Cassini-Huygens, the section that would land on Laythe I separated it successfully, I was about to enter Laythe but it just touched the atmosphere and went off to Jool. Nor did he fall into the latter but accelerated a lot. The discussion is, is this normal? I have not been able to calculate to what percentage of the speed of light this speed corresponds; Here an image.
  12. Even though I have 15,000 excess science.. it's not enough. I found I had not yet landed on any of the Jool moons. Bad Kerbals! So, i decided I would take a lab with me, and make a single lander that can hit all the moons except Laythe (requires a specialized design). Tylo being the biggest challenge, because of its very high gravity/size, it's like landing on Kerbin without an atmosphere. So I designed a lander with some jettisonable fuel, with the idea I would go to Tylo FIRST, and then wouldn't need those tanks for Vall, Pol, or Bop. I would bring my lab with me as an
  13. Welcome! So, you want to go to Tylo. Alright, keep reading then. But know this: Tylo WILL BREAK YOU. Why? It's as big as Kerbin, just a little bit lower surface gravity, but HAS NO atmosphere. That means you will have to brake ALLLLLL the way down to the surface burning precious fuel. You will find yourself orbiting very low (10km or so) with speeds of 2400 m/s, and if your TWR is lower than 1 you will fail. Simply. This is not a tutorial, this will not teach you how to do transfers between planets, nor how to construct a rocket. It will just tell you what to expect bef
  14. The buoyant force works not only from the liquids, but also from the gases. So how possible is to build bases on the level of gases with density equal density of the base? The density of atmosphere at the sea level on the Earth and on the Kerbin ~ 1.25 kg/m3 . So if we need to reach the density level like water, we need to reach the depth when pressure is equal 800 atm. What do you think about this? I think that it's impossible, because pressure must be 80000000 kPa, but the pressure limit for all details is only 4000 kPa. And also it would be impossible to take off from t
  15. A proposal was made to design a long-ranged interplanetary transport based on the venerable Julius platform. The A3-Julius was a military cargo transport (often nicknamed the Space Truck) used extensively during the Minmus-Mun Conflict. Even though the ship was unarmed, it's oversized manoeuvring pods gave it the thrust needed to side-slip in all directions. Thus, it could perform evasive manoeuvres needed to avoid enemy attacks. This, coupled with it's thick plating, gave it a reputation for reliability and survivability (albeit at the cost of delta V). fig 1: A3-Julius m
  16. This day, i launched the rocket that carried the JoolianExplorer, a probe that will explore Jool and his moons. I don't have the screenshots to show cause i'am playing in a another computer. Forget this, let's get started. The rocket was ready to launch, but a new foe has appeared. Who? THE SAS!!!!! aww man.. Again the SAS came with his incredible "crazy" out of control attack. I tried but at least i recovered control. Now entering LKO and prepare to half-burn. Half-burn complete, now manuever to solar orbit and injection burn to Jool. Years later, periapsis at 459K (idk), burning
  17. NOTE: if you want rings for all the planets, not just Jool, check out the KSP Ringification Mod. Tired of boring old Jool? Add some rings to it! This mod offers six different ring variants, in a range of styles, sizes and colours to suit (almost) everyone! Jupiter style - Grey and relatively faint, with one bright white ring. Based off of the real-life rings of Jupiter. Saturn style - Various shades of green and yellow, with seven distinct zones. Also includes a faint Phoebe ring beyond Tylo's orbit - see if you can spot it! Uranus style - Slim and grey, stretchin
  18. The time has come for Kerbal-kind to leave our small blue oasis on Kerbin and venture out into the great beyond - to the unknown worlds that beckon us from afar like silent lanterns adrift in the night. We are resolved to go to Jool! To unlock the secrets of the unknown, and hopefully also to come back! Prologue: What follows is my account of the planning, execution and aftermath of the Magellan mission to the Jool system in my career save. I have spend the majority of my time playing KSP within the Kerbin system visiting the Mun and Minmus ad nauseum, and unlocking most of
  19. Simple poll: Would you like to see another gas planet besides Jool? If so describe the moon(s) you would want in the GP2 system. FYI : I plan to do a poll almost once a month because of how popular (kinda) this was. Hint for next poll (minimally encoded, I'm not THAT nice): Wait, wait, check my other new poll now:
  20. Hello, B14TC1-1 Just kidding, i'm currently planning a Jool 5 mission, but it's no ordinary Jool 5, it's a "no docking, no refueling, no MechJeb" landing mission, now i only got Tylo landing and return Stages here. the Laythe stages are too big so i had to return to this state, any suggestions that should keep the mission in this way ??? order type : Pol-Bop-Vall-Laythe-Tylo
  21. Note: This isn't being played as part of a campaign, so there pretty much isn't any RP. I'm coming at it as an engineering exercise, since that's pretty much my play style. So there's going to be a lot of dry reporting on engineering, testing, and development. Comments and questions are welcome! A week or so back, I came across a mention of the Jool 5 Challenge. I've played KSP since 0.19, so it's not like I haven't heard of it before - but for some reason, this time the bug bit. I decided to take on the Challenge, even though I've never attempted anything nearly so big before. Since
  22. This post is an improved copy past of my attempt at Jool5 & STS Jool I've added more beauty pics and more details around re-entry, orbital maneuvers, shuttle ascent lifter etc ... STS Jool / Jool 5 This was a first to me because I've only landed on Vall once (one week ago :o) and I'm quite proud of my Artisan shuttle design which proved itself to be very sturdy and adaptative Jool is an amazing system and there's so many possibilities with all those moons ... I'll be back for sure I decided to launch 2 shuttles to fly this mission. STS Artisan ST
  23. Jool 500: The Ultimate Kolonization Program Most KSP players have heard of the Jool 5 challenge, which involved landing on each of Jool's moons with a single launch and with a different kerbal on each moon. Well, with the release of version 1.1 and the incredible performance improvements that are coming with this new update, I feel like it's time for something bigger. So I present to you the Jool 500 Kolonization Challenge. The idea of this challenge is to take five hundred kerbals to colonise all 5 of Jool's moons, in the most complete way possible. Although there is a way of scorin
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