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Found 1 result

  1. The Jool-500 So for anyone that cares this will be my report of the this amazing challenge so I don't have to spam the challenge thread and annoy everyone. But here is what I hope to accomplish in my future/completed episodes: Episode 1: Comms network around Kerbin+rescue some people YouTube video link Episode 2: Comms networks around Mun and Minmus+ science from both of them Episode 3: Closed loop life support testing+ other logistical testing Episode 4: First trip to with a Laythe base and lots of comms satellites Episode 5: Sending an absolute load of people to the system with at least one base per moon Episode 6: Finishing up loose ends and making sure everywhere has a solid connection back to Kerbin Episode 7: Maybe send an army to Laythe to patrol for the Kracken? I will be realativly active with this series and a lot more once school and sports go away for the summer (Finals week is soon so that'll be rough). Anyway that's more or less all I have to say.If you have an idea of how I can improve or something you want to see then post it here or in a comment on the video itself! And if you want to not miss an episode subscribe but be forewarned these are not the only videos I do! Thanks for your time and I hope you get at least mildly entertained. Here is the first video