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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone! After 1,600 hours (and still not getting back from Eve) I decided to give a try to the "Jool5" challenge. It's a Level 1 entry but with some additional personal rules for realism and fun. And now some precisions... Costs: - strato1 (Laythe SSTO) : 45,827 - bottommothership (kerbol/moon transfer) : 311,170 - topmothership (tylo and other moons lander): 124,204 - bottommothership2 (moar motherships) : 243,421 x 2 = 486,842 Total = 968,043 Imgur album showing ships and difficulty
  2. Greetings. This was a one-off mission that I did earlier this year, across the duration of February 2020, but one I had been designing since mid-2016. Below is the original information I posted on the Jool 5 topic, as well as the album to view the full mission at.
  3. Here we go! Read all of the Prelude (Also Sprach Jebediah) and Chapter One here. Read all of Chapter Two (A Capital Idea) here. Read all of Chapter Three (Of Moons and Madness!) here. Read the whole Plan Kappa Crossoverlude here Read Interlude Indigo here Read Bill's Engineering Updates here (a semi-canonical, 4th wall busting log of the ship design/development process) Read all of Chapter Four (Intrepid Away!) here. Read all of Chapter Five (Flight Operations) here. Read all of Chapter Six (Rising Up) here. Read all of Chapter Seven (Tanks, an
  4. I blame all this on Jool-5 This is a simple mission report for the Ultimate Challenge Thread (because my last attempt ran out of fuel), and this marks the 2nd time I do a full Grand Tour in succession, and my 3rd Jool-5 because I can't seem to stay away. All of this started because I saw the Jool-5 thread, and skipped my actual Jool-5 run on my Career Save, and started a new mission. It was accepted for the Jool-5 thread, but not the other one. This run seeks to fix that. And just to up the scales, since my last one use ISRU and yet ran out of fuel around Moho, this one doesn't
  5. Orginal challenge topic: KSP version 1.3, mods used for 'stock' category (preapproved) [X] Science BetterBurnTime Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Engineer Redux MechJeb2 Precise Node Transfer Window Planner SSTO with IRSU, single launch Crew: Jeb, Val, Bill, Bob, and Sam (room for 1 more) Vessel mass was 53,139 kg at a cost of $111,869 funds Imgur album seems not to be embedding correctly, here is the link http://imgur.com/a/zBDPE Mission synopsis: Launched from KSP runway and achieved LKO using rapiers T
  6. Failed Level 3 mission report with fun observations that just might help other intrepid explorers: I have almost 1,400 hours on KSP according to Steam, how did I live without Precise Maneuver before now? Single lauch of a six crew, 269T, 157 part mothership with landers to a 397km orbit with 7530 m/s of delta v ready for trans-Jool burn The boosters were not recovered Conics gave me iffy predictions again. Combined with the inherent issues with low TWR ejection burns, it cost extra delta V to get a Jool encounter The Thermal Control System panels are a lot
  7. Hello, I'd like to post here updates of my attempt on Jool5 challenge - First: My design to get there: http://imgur.com/a/tO4ni Filippa: Laythe SSTO: http://imgur.com/GsK5oIT (didnt load to the gallery somehow)
  8. ISRU Rhino SSTO Explorer Mk1 Jool 5 Mission Hi All Here is the Mission Report of a new try for the ISRU Level of The Ultimate Jool 5 Challenge - continuation for KSP 1.0! , my first try since the 1.05 update ! I started a new career in hard mode, so the challenge is a little harder in ISRU version, because of the restricted Ore availability... To be efficient, i wanted to do a SSTO ship with 4 Kerbals ( The Orange Suits boys and girl ), the minimum of fuel, two big drills and a big converter to avoid long mining time. BTW, that's the first mission to Joo
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