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Found 1 result

  1. Jool 500 - New Beginnings Chapter 1 - Communications and Scanning Network After playing through any number of careers, I've decided to take a run at a spectacular challenge, the Jool 500. This is a very early stage in this giant challenge, just getting the planets scouted and a communication and scanning network up. I'm still stuck with 1.05, so I'm trying it in that version until 1.1 drops, when I'll try to reconcile what's going on. To complete the mini-challenge, I need 4 sats in a polar orbit, 4 in an equitorial orbit, and a separate scanning satellite for ore. My plan is to keep the commsats very simple (probe, RTG, 1 omnis and a dish), and have a single master satellite for each moon. This has fuel for moving orbits if needed, the ore scanner, and big dish antennas for reaching back to Kerbin. This will be in a Molniya orbit, to maximize uptime. If each moon has one of these, then even if one or more of the master sats is shadowed, at least one will have a clear shot to Kerbin and the other moons of Jool. Each also has a RC-L01 master probe controller to eliminate signal delays and provide direct control in system. As I am starting this in 1.05 and mods are not updated, I'm not actually running RemoteTech, but I'll stick as close as I can until 1.1 and mods are up and running. First album is getting 5 rockets into orbit, each with the equipment needed for a single moon. I've spared the tedious repetition of each identical launch in the album, but you can see how it went. Now waiting for a Jool transfer window. Cost so far 364928*5=1824640 funds for commsats
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