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Found 1 result

  1. So, after being forced to drop out of the Beyond Home space race, I decided to make my own...using @DunaManiac's Japris Stellar Neighboorhood! This IS NOT a JNSQ space race. But like many JNSQ races, this is based off of in-game time. we will be playing with a VERY /moderately high science multiplier....some of the kspie parts have very heft costs! And the tech tree will only be completed up to the Daedalus engine, other wise this would take forever to complete. The goal of the race is simply. To put a self-sufficient orbiting colony and planetary base around/on Oppo. Special thanks to @DunaManiac for this wonderful, high quality mod. I will write up a list of milestones later on, each will include a set amount of points. The player with the most points at the end of the race wins. The Race will start one week from know, Saturday, November 21, 2020. It will end at a time yet to be determined. This will be a science mode game. Career would be ideal, but the kspie parts are too expensive to be used in a space race. (it would take forever to get the necessary funds!) The science multiplier will be 130%. Just DM me with your flag and country/company name, and I'll put you in the Roster. Mod list- Extra Planetary Launch Pads (for interstellar vessel only!) Kerbal Planetary Base System KSPIE Japris Steller Neighborhood And qol mods that you see fit (EVE, KER, etc. etc. Mechjeb is not allowed. Milestones Points will be given to whoever does following- Orbit around any celestial body(+10) Science returned from a celestial body (+15) Landing on said celestial body(+15) Landing a crewed mission on said celestial body(+25) Sending a colony/orbiting colony to said celestial body(+35) Finally- An orbiting colony and/or surface base on/ around Oppo For every kerbal over 25 (+5) Only an Orbiting colony (+50) Only a surface base (+60) Surface base and Orbital colony (+90) Also...an additional 10 points will be given to the person to who creates the most visually/and/or functional base/colony. Roster- @Lewie Green Origin @DunaManiac Kerbin Federation @AccidentalColonies Kahos Theory Spaceflight & Spacecraft @sir rocket Phoenix Aerospace Corporation Cheers! -Lewie
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