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Found 1 result

  1. Short Story: I need to make a (preferably reusable) vehicle that can haul 4.5 Rockomax Jumbo-64 tanks worth of liquid fuel up to a 100 KM orbit, plus have margin to spare for rendezvous and docking. Long Story: I'm creating a system based around space tugs called ANTS (Advanced Nuclear Tug/Transfer Stage). In theory, a fleet of ANTS would service the Kerbin system by making back and forth transit between Kerbin and its moons relatively easy. The ANTS (solely powered by liquid fuel) would dock to a station in LKO, refuel, send it's payload off, then head back to LKO and then repeat the process over and over again. In practice, however, that requires a tanker vehicle capable of refueling an orbital station. The KOFD (Kerbin Orbiting Fuel Depot) can store 4.5 orange tanks worth of fuel, give or take. Attached to the bottom truss is one of the ANTS vehicles. The ANTS's sole fuel source is a Jumbo-64 tank, and in theory there would be 4 in active service at a time. Since the nose cones can hold fuel, that means that it has enough to refuel 4 empty ANTS vehicles at once, with about half a tank worth to spare. Since I'm using a handy patch provided by Kerbal atomics, each tank is modified solely for liquid fuel, therefore storing about 6400 units worth in each tank. The ideal tanker would be reusable, easily recoverable, and easily launchable. Any help and suggestions would help me greatly, as I really look forward to using the ANTS system soon!
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