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Found 4 results

  1. I really prefer Karbonite to the stock KSP resource system but my mild OCD tendencies really hate it when redundant/unused systems pile up on each-other. Is there a way to disable the stock resource system and just replace it with Karbonite?
  2. Hello here, I'm new on this forum, and in some way, also new in KSP ("only" 450 hours of played in my steam account) I love the stock game but I want to improve the realism of my career mode, so I have installed TAC, and it make the game a little bit harder, that is nice. Actually, I would like to make a great mod stack for a new career mode, I would like to use Galileo, TAC, and the full package "umbra Space Industrie". I have installed this one yesterday, but it was really confusing for me, it seems really that this mod broke the game and make it really easy, doesn't it? Is this mod balanced? It add so much stuff that make the game easier that I hesitate to use it (news engines, structs, etc...). May someone give me his opinion about this mod stack? Thank you, Ieyasu
  3. So I installed a couple mods which include the karbonite mod and Karbonite plus mod and the karborundum collector and other things show up, but I can't seem to find any karborundum holding tanks (Radial or inline). Can anyone help me figure it out? It would also help if someone provided a complete parts list and where to find them.
  4. I keep on leaning towards installing Karbonite, but I'm not sure what the benefits are- is it that as a resource it is much more accessible than ore? Are the engines superior? If you use Karbonite, tell me about your experiences with it!
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