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Found 12 results

  1. Well I had been playing with BdAc for quite sometime and I thought if we could spawn military vehicles with their engines on ,we could simply have a military campaign. So can anyone help me here? PS. Don't be rude like steam. I've been an explorer for a 2yr now n now I wish military expeditions.
  2. A pack of select vanilla-inspired parts for your aircrafting needs! Powered by Firespitter, special thanks to Snjo for his plugin and continued support! Download: KAX v2.6.4 for KSP 1.2.2 Curse Download Mirror Image Album: http://imgur.com/a/hXkEA Included Parts: -Turboprop -Radial Engine -Electric Propeller -Helicopter Main Rotor -Helicopter Tail Rotor -Heavy Landing Gear -Jump Jet Engine -2M Aircraft Cockpit -2M Fuselage (jet fuel) -2M Structural Fuselage (empty) -2M Tail Boom
  3. I'm having problems with the KAX engines. There is no sound, nor a spinning texture when I activate it (thrust still works). I'm using KSP 1.1.3, and the latest 1.1.2 version of the mod. Let me know if I'm missing any info.
  4. Just a noob question: Is KAX included in CKAN, or is there another way for me to enable it through CKAN? Thanks
  5. K-256 SeaWolf. I took my inspiration for this project from a model sub that i have sitting on my shelf, i also remembered reading about @pTrevTrevs sub experiments, and how people where saying that shuffling ore is just inconvinient, and that how he said that MK-3 tanks are too damn boyant to allow he's U-boat to dive. And i kinda already promised long ago that i would make a sub for the KNS fleet. So, could i make it one better, could i make something that looks like a U-boat, and something that works using only WASD controls. And so i did. It took me about a whole
  6. I have been using version 1.1.3 of the game, and the newest KAX version (assumed to be 1.1.2). Propellers fail to move in the animations, and thrust direction is unavailable. The engines will work, but lack the aforementioned details. I have deleted the entire mod before, and the Firespitter .dll. Reinstall, same issue as before. Are there any known mod incombalities that could prevent KAX from working? Or is it just in need of an update? I have been wanting to do the King of the Hill challenge, but non working propellers won't allow me submit a craft.
  7. So, we've seen the amazing UH-1 replica by @Redshift OTF and the equally amazing AH-1 replica from @pTrevTrevs. Now it's my turn to bring you something from that era, the Chinook, my all time favorite helicopter next to the UH-1 Huey. Little bit of history: The Boeing-Vertol developed CH-47 Chinook was created to replace the USAF's fleet of CH-37 Mojave helicopters. It was developed as a twin-rotor heavy-lift helicopter, but has been used as a gunship, and even as a passenger helicopter by the British Airways. It's main task is to airlift troops, supplies, light vehi
  8. This is the repository where i will be posting all my future navy aircrafts/helicopters. These are the aircrafts that protect our fleets on the open seas. And are the ones that operate from our carriers. Listing in here will work the same way as in the main post: Info about this post: Unfortunetly due to spoilers being a little broken (albums don't work), i won't be using them, so this could get quite long. (don't want to have a wall of 10 or so picks). Doing separate post for each aircrafts (new ones) like i have done for my new ships will propably end up bein
  9. I am trying to find a kax parts pack that had a very long turboprop engine. The name has slipped me can anyone help? thanks
  10. I've had this for quite a while now, tinkering with it, and now that I know people actually like my work sometimes, I decided to share my best "working" helicopter! The descriptions between the civilian and the military version are the same, sorry. The performance is quite good, and it'll respond well in almost all situations. Jeb likes to blind bill with the spotlight by the way, make sure you keep him away from the brightness controls. No pics of the military one, the only difference is that it has a real FLIR camera, wing mounted chain guns and hellfire missile pods, and addition
  11. This year while all the staff are away from the KSC on holiday Jeb decided to host a race, but this race is unlike anything anyone would ever approve of, requiring small nimble aircraft to get in between all of the narrowest corridors between the KSC buildings. This challenge is inspired by 1930's air races and modern drone racing and is a combination of the two, with tight drone racing style corridors but with an emphasis on improving aerodynamic design rather than the rather crude bricks which constitute drones. Each race is a single lap around the course starting at the runway, pi
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