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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there! In the past couple weeks I started noticing that the KER DeltaV and Parts indicators were not working properly. When constructing a new ship or editing an existing one, the indicators will sometimes work, but most of the times will appear empty or with incorrect values. For example the Vessel indicator would show that my ship has 1 part when it has actually 4, or the DeltaV indicator will appear completely blank like if the ship does not have a engine or fuel. On this example you can see I created a simple ship an even thou the stock indicators are showing right values, KER is not being updated, is like it got stock when I added the first part. NOW, if I quickly switch the editor to to hangar and go back to rocket mode, KER will show the right values, but just for a couple minutes, then it will get stuck again and will not update the values anymore. This is how the same ship looks after I switched the editor to hangar an back to rocket mode: This is what I tried so far: 1. I am running KPS on Steam, I completely deleted it and reinstalled it. 2. I deleted KER from GameData and downloaded the last version 3. I deleted all saves an starting a new career mode. 4. Googled a lot about this and nobody is (apparently) experiencing the same issue. Any idea what could be the problem? Like I said, a couple weeks ago worked just fine, the issue started even before I updated to KSP 1.11 so I guess this is not a KER/KSP versions incompatibility. Please help
  2. Is there another mod/way to have those little information panels (craft resources/info) in the editor scene without using KER? I like KER, but this is practically all I currently use it for.
  3. Hello all, I am posting this here, because I have noticed some odd behaviour in conjunction with engines using liquid hydrogen (LH2), such as from the Cryo Engines pack by @Nertea or from BDB by @CobaltWolf. I am not posting the relevant threads, as I believe this is not a bug of these specific mods but rather something underlying, which makes these engines work. The issue is that with any LH2 engine, that I have used so far, the dV calculation within the game seems incorrect. This becomes apparent, when using a mod such as MechJeb and/or KER, which calculate the dV per stage and for the whole ship. Following please find some screenshots to illustrate what I am referring to: In the first screenshot, I am at the beginning of executing a manouver node of ~350m/s, I have 3,770m/s left in my rocket. You would expect that after the burn, you'd be left with ~3,418m/s. Instead, you end up with roughly twice the dV expended, with only 3,114m/s left in your rocket. FWIW, I installed KER as well, to see if the error can be traced back to some error with MechJeb, but this does not seem to be the case, as the remaining dV is calculated almost to the same value (#floatingpointerror) in both mods. Now, I do believe there is only one way to calculate the dV of a rocket, hence the error must be somewhere else?! I heard that others, @RocketPCGaming specifically, wondered about this inconsistency as well. As I have currently no idea, what might be causing this, I would like to stick some heads together to try and find the cause for this. As a start I would like to ask others, whether or not they have seen the same kind of behaviour and if so, was/is it similar to what I have seen (roughly twice the dV expended than anticipated) or was it a different kind of inconsistency? Your feedback will be very welcome!
  4. I consider KER a very essential add-on to the game. However, I do encounter the occasional frustration while using it. Specifically, the suicide burn functionality. In the readouts, I have suicide altitude, distance and dV all showing in my surface tab. I use the suicide burn distance to judge when I begin my suicide burn, am I right in doing that? In atmospheric landing, the velocity cancels out much quicker than my reaching the ground (usually cancels at around 500m). And for non-atmospheric landings, the suicide burn distance goes into the negative although I've started my retro-burn, causing me to crash (very frustrating) I resort to you kerbonauts for help, since I would love to get a handle on the suicide burns. Right now, I just have the vessel acceleration readout, and I get the maneuver burn time readout. Creating a maneuver node at the approximate landing spot to cancel velocity, I know how much dV I'll approximately need. The 'Time to Surface' readout gives me a baseline for when to begin my retro burn, giving between 5 and 7 seconds delay between the 'maneuver burn time' and the 'time to surface' depending on the engines I have aboard to get close to doing one perfectly.
  5. I've been seeing conflicting things in regard to kerbal engineer redux and kerbal alarm clock. On spacedock, it says that kerbal alarm clock does not work in 1.4, but i have seen many people use it in 1.4, and the same goes for KER. do they work or not?
  6. I recently bought the full game after messing around with the demo for a while and decided to install Kerbal Engineer to help with delta-v calculations and such. I then unzipped the file, put the engineer file in GameData, and started to play. I then opened the game in a sandbox mode game I had a few ships in, started creating a ship with a probe, and placed the ER-7500 Flight unit on it. Thing was, no HUD popped up, although it seems like something should be there. Anything I missed or should do? Appreciate the help.
  7. Hello fellow forum goers! I would like to start an honest debate about 2 mods. MechJeb and Kerbal Engineer Redux. Both mods are highly respected by their respective camps, and feelings and opinions run hot. I do not recall such a thread as the one I am proposing here. I know people have stooped to arguing about if MechJeb is cheating or how KER is a wonderful flight data device. What I would like to do here, is have an actual forum, not a thread or a message board, but an actual honest forum, where we can freely exchange, debate and challenge the positions of one another. Now, I am NOT advocating total anarchy where X rated language is used. No, I am opening this thread, for an honest debate, similar to the ones we see during election times, where you have 2 candidates step up to podiums and debate. So, with that said, here are the rules: 1. Be respectful of one another. 2. Civil and Polite language only. 3. Support your argument. Using phrases like: "Because thats the way I feel" "Reasons" or anything of that are strictly forbidden. Use real, fact based reasons, and if necessary use photo evidence as well. 4. Arguments must be logical, civil and fair. 5. Standard Forum Rules apply as well, with the exception: Challenging a persons point of view, position or reasoning is allowed and expected. Such challenges are critical to an open and free flowing civil debate. With this said, I formally welcome you to the MechJeb versus Kerbal Engineer Redux Debate! Let's begin! Sorry for this edit, but, I wanted to start the thread and then get the images for my first point in this debate. It has been said you need Kerbal Engineer Redux for delta v stats. I counter this by saying, MechJeb can provide this as well. I will provide you with 2 images, 1 of which shows all 3 stages as a single rocket, and the other shows the stages side by side, ranging from 1.25m to 3.75m. and side by side: This is but a small sample, showing that, MechJeb mirrors features found in KER, with the added benefit of being an autopilot as well. Counter Point anyone?
  8. So having done a bunch of work on a couple of puller-type ion craft designs featuring too many drop tanks, I've been reminded that neither major dv-calculating mod quite has a grip on dealing with drop tanks in STAGE_PRIORITY flow (xenon and mono) and will woefully underestimate a craft's delta-v, as seen here: Older screenshots, but I've confirmed it's not been fixed yet. I dug around the KER thread last week but couldn't find anything new regarding it since during the open beta, when I helped @Padishar isolate the issue -- so I must inquire: where precisely should I look or ask regarding the status of STAGE_PRIORITY fuel flow delta-v calculation? I sense it's probably an annoyingly complex problem with too many edge cases, and I don't want to just derp into the mod's thread asking for a progress update on a specific feature like a jerk. Are there defined channels for this sort of thing, or tracker I can follow?
  9. As shown in the screenshot, KER reads out two readings for stage 3 - 1697m/s, and 5196m/s. Why are those two different? And why are the ones below it the same?
  10. Which do you prefer? Personally I like KER because of it HUD display and its customization. I also don't like having a mod that flies things for me, takes the fun away from it.
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