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Found 2 results

  1. I was looking through the localization folder of KSP, when I found this: and also: I understand the second one is an error message from when something goes wrong determining the size of an Asteroid or Comet, but what is a Class I object, and why is there only a limited time to visit it? There also another Class, Class H which is the same size but not "strange." I've never seen anything higher than a Class F in the tracking station, and never heard anything about them. Does anyone have any information on these?
  2. Kerbkosmos presents: The Mighty Ant! Mighty Ant is a Mid-size launch vehicle, consisting of a 1.875-meter diameter core, and 1.25-meter diameter boosters. It's capable of up to 3.6 Tons to a 100 KM x 100 KM orbit, though the 2nd stage will have over 1000 m/s of delta V left. * Oh, and also, it's partially reusable. Launch profile: This vehicle requires the Making History DLC, Restock, and in order to be reusable requires FMRS or other recovery mods. Download Link: Steam Workshop::Mighty Ant (steamcommunity.com) *The reason it can't get more payload into orbit is that the core 1st stage has a low TWR, though a more powerful engine would fix this problem.
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