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Found 5 results

  1. This universe has escaped the bounds originally imagined for it, and it would be silly to continue calling it "the Kerbal Future universe." Thus, I present to you... Kerbae ad Astra Kerbalkind to the Stars Centuries after Jeb's flea hopper, the kerbal species ventures outwards, leaving the sanctuary of Kerbol far behind. Little did they know the glories and horrors which awaited them... Faster-than-Light Travel
  2. Kerbal Future is a multithreaded tale which takes place post-FTL. So far, I have two arcs: Wehrcan, a gunner on a cruiser in the Second War, and Edrim, a spacer businessman. These two arcs take place about 1200 years apart. The idea is to unite all the little doodads floating about in my mind into a (hopefully) cohesive story. I'm writing this by the seat of my pants, so if it takes unexpected turns, then that's probably why. Worldbuilding notes found here! NOTICE: I'm rewriting Kerbal Future in its entirety. You can find the old version here, or its reincarnation above. Thank you, 0111narwhalz
  3. [Beta testers needed!] You, the up-and-coming author of the Forums, are writing the next Great Kerbal Novel. Only problem is, you can't think of any names! Perhaps you turn to your favorite name-generator, only to find that it has died off or does not support female names! The Great Kerbal Novel will be a flop without inventive, non-Jeb names. What a tragedy! Does this describe you? For you, dear customer, we have the perfect thing: KSPNameGen! With KSPNameGen, generate up to 2^63-1 kerbal names at a time*! Male or female! And, should you wish to write a work in the Kerbae ad Astra storyweb, or simply throw off the oppressive chains of the Kerman surname, generate diverse surnames with the Future option! KSPNameGen is a joint project between myself [0111narwhalz] and @TotallyNotHuman_. Its only requirement is a piano with a few black keys**. How to use: 1. Download (below) 2. Extract 3. Run KSPNameGen.exe 4. Specify desired gender, surname type, and name count via the menu. 5. Get back to writing! [Download] (source included) Changelog: 0.3.0 * Added flag-parsing 0.2.1 * Added Makefile for Unix-like OSes 0.2.0 * Much improved interface * Added ability to write to file 0.1.3 * Added customization of buffer size when run in non-interactive mode 0.1.2 * Optimizations for large quantities of names 0.1.1 * Command line arguments 0.1.0 * Initial Public Release 0.1.0-rc3: * Fixed bug in which 0 names would be generated when "0" was specified 0.1.0-rc2: * Nuked unnecessary whitespace * Nuked Help() nonsense * Refactored types to suit their role * Refactored variable names * Added help array to replace Help() function (see above) 0.1.0-rc1: * Rebuilt in C# *Generation of billions of names not recommended. **Db pianos not supported.
  4. First Flight has been taken down and will remain so indefinitely until issues with the new EULA are resolved. If you would like to read it, please enquire on the Kerbae ad Astra channel, #kerbaeadastra on Freenode. Thank you, @TotallyNotHuman
  5. Traveller 01 Log: Date: Y2703 D241 SysTest: AllSys 100% Loc: Ki-Ko L4 SasTar+ SasOn RcsOn RwOn Warn: RcsBlk5-Str3 NonFre IsoProb... 100% Prob: FfLk (Ppe Mpt-RcsBlk5-Str3 A) RcsBlk5-Str3: Fls (A, B) ProbRes EndWarn RairCom: ScpOn RairCom: FrOn RairCom: HeOn RairCom: NozOn RairFunc --- Date: Y2709 D153 Warn: Rair PlasmOver Warn: Rair ReaMagConfLeak Warn: SysFail Warn: SysFail Warn: CritFail Assess: PWNS Act: CpyData (Ampf, Ablckf) Act: BlckBBootUp Act: EjBlckB Act: BlckBTransAll ERROR! @&IETIO#Q#*QU*( Kerbin ComSat 023: Warning! Signal lost with Traveller 01! Kerbin ComSat 023: Connecting... Kerbin ComSat 023: Connecting... Kerbin ComSat 023: Connecting... Kerbin ComSat 023: Cannot re-establish communications. Kerbin ComSat 023: Must inform LOS to KSC. WARNING: No direct line-of-sight to KSC. Kerbin ComSat 023: Routing through ComSat network... Complete! Kerbin ComSat 023: Informed KSC of LOS. Resuming nominal activity. --- "Ladies and gentlekerbs of the Traveller 01 Accident Investigation Board, there you have it. For those of you who don't speak Coredumpese, here is what happened: On Year 2703 CE, Day 241, the probe was booted up at the Kerbin-Kerbol L4 Lagrange Point, as intended, and sent on its way. First, the probe did a systems check, and found that everything was working. It activated SAS, RCS, and its Reaction Wheels, and began to orient itself in the proper direction. It detected that Thruster 3 on RCS Block 5 was not firing as it was supposed to. It isolated the problem to a faulty fuel line, and switched to the backup fuel line for that thruster, at which point, the problem was resolved. It switched on all RAIR systems, confirmed that they were functioning properly, and set off. We now jump to Year 2709 CE, Day 153. Several warnings occurred within seconds of each other at this point. First: A warning sounded that indicated that the ramscoop was overloading. Second: Possibly caused by the first problem, a warning sounded that Magnetic Confinement had failed on the Tokomak Fusion Reactor, and the deuterium-tritium plasma was leaking, near-instantly vaporizing the reactor walls. The third and fourth warnings were systems failing as the plasma vaporized said systems. The fifth warning was a critical failure. More data, not shown on the presentation I'm showing you, indicated that the plasma had vaporized the star trackers and guidance computer, both of which are critical to keeping the spacecraft on course. A quick assessment by the main computer correctly surmised the probe would not survive. The next couple of lines are commands to copy all data to the "blackbox", an old Probodyne QBE probe core with a lot of hard drives, a few batteries, some old Sepatrons, and a communications device strapped to it, and then a command to boot up the blackbox. The next line is a command for the blackbox to eject, which it did, firing all 12 Sepatrons and the decoupler. Other data, not shown here, indicated that the plasma was about to envelop and vaporize the main computer and communications device. Luckily, the computer's last command was for the blackbox, upon reaching a safe distance, to transmit all data back to Kerbin. I think we can pin the accident down to RAIR failure. The technology is still very dangerous, and we knew that this might happen. All in favor of concluding the same, say 'Aye'." Ten "Aye"s could be heard as the ten board members confirmed their agreement. --- Next Time: Traveller 02's Arrival.
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