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Found 1 result

  1. Ever wondered why your kerbals keep dying left and right, despite hours of preparation and practice? Here's your answer. Bill Kerman is at the VAB adding struts to the new Apollo-Style Duna lander when he saw something fall out of the sky and onto the tracking station. He then picked it up and saw that it was a notebook; what really caught his eye was the message in the interior cover. "The kerbal whose name is written on this notebook shall die." Being the curious engineer that he is, he decided to test it. A total of three names later - and three dead kerbals - he realized the notebook's power was something to be taken seriously. Along with that, he saw his new purpose in life; to save all of kerbalkind from the filth growing within the species. Using the Kerbal Death Note, he now deals swift, effective justice throughout the entire solar system. Please tell me what you think about the video. If you want to try the Kerbal Death Note for yourself, here's the forum game. All you need to do is: Describe in detail what happens to the previous poster's victim, according to the specified cause of death. Name your next victim and cause of death (don't give specifics, because that's someone else's job). If you like it, please like/comment/subscribe to my channel. I got more KSP content coming.
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