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Found 1 result

  1. This is from sal_vager's FAQ for this forum section: I've actually had EVA kerbals re-enter a pod they exited only to find a copy of that kerbal hanging on the ladder. I can spin them off, which is a waste of fuel. But it didn't seem to happen if I saved / reloaded before attempting EVA. The engine shroud came into play because I'd often have fuel to spare in a transfer stage, and I'd use that to start a descent burn. I'd then decouple that stage almost right before landing, and the subsequent stage had a shroud that was also decoupled. Just wanted to verify if the behaviour I'm seeing here is from this bug, and if the save / reload before attempting EVA worked around it. I wondered at first if the EVA Follower mod caused this, but then I remembered this didn't happen on craft without fairings or shrouds, and remembered Sal's FAQ. This is from the 1.1.3 build about two weeks before the 1.2 pre-release came out. --
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