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Found 4 results

  1. So i've been using kerbal engineer redux for a while and recently i've realized that in some rockets removing or changing the weight of a test payload doesnt effect the delta-v and sometimes even affects counter intuitively. So im trying to test a new 2 stage reusable rocket in career and in kerbal engineer redux increasing the size of the monoprop tank only decreases the deltav of the first but not second stage. and removing the tank removes about 300m/s from the second stage. NOTE: rcs is of in the kerbal enginner redux readouts. Could anybody tell me why this is happening and if it is a bug how i can fix this??
  2. I have this monstrosity I've constructed a couple of times now. First by four Kerbal-X rocket launches, and later by three cargo SSTO trips. Since this first iteration, I've removed the Mk1 inline cockpit and added three more Liquid Fuel tanks. I also removed a little bit of mass here and there, used smaller parts where I could, and lightened the load as much as I could while still being reasonably comfortable to a six-kerbal crew. Aside from KER, I have DMagic's EVA Struts in use. If I just cheat this monster into orbit, I get slightly more than 3500 m/s according to KER's estimate. Enough for Duna and back. If I launch it as intended, the first module containing the Mk1 crew cabin and engines will have in excess of 7200 m/s. But then I start piling on modules, and the estimated delta-v doesn't seem to change once it's fully assembled. I have one of these out at Duna in a career play-through that has slightly less than half of its fuel, and has landed the rover package on Duna's surface. Yet KER thinks I still have 3700 m/s. First off, the Iktomi II, in Duna orbit, has 257 parts, 56.57 tonnes, and 1866 / 4800 Liquid Fuel. This is the ship that already dropped off its rover kit. Supposedly I have over 3700 m/s. Assuming one unit LF = 5 kg, that's 9.330 t fuel, making dry mass 47.34 t and dV = 1397 m/s. Enough to get home, barely, if I'm careful with Ike and Mun assists, or I could dump a lot of hardware first. Second, the Defrahnz, in Kerbin orbit, is prepared for departure to Eve. This has 306 parts, 75.92 tonnes, and is fully fueled at 4800 / 4800 Liquid Fuel. Supposedly I have just over 7400 m/s, but in reality with 24 t fuel I have only 2980 m/s. At least this craft could reach Gilly and land on RCS alone, and refuel. Is KER not taking into account the added mass of modules as I assemble this thing? Have I missed a setting somewhere?
  3. I'm having this issue with KER because whenever I have the mod installed, I lag a lot when I launch things. (even if I have no panel open) I can run much more intense mode with KSP than KER, and no lag at all. MechJeb doesn't lag me either. Im running KSP_x64 so my RAM isn't a issue.. Does anybody know what's going on?
  4. I've been building a station in LKO that is going to land on the Mun, I'm not that far into the tech tree yet so I've been attaching modules with the docking port jr. Everything went fine with putting it together in orbit, have 4 modules attached that gives me atleast 3000 units of fuel. The problem I'm seeing is that Mechjeb and Kerbal Engineer Redux is not taking the fuel from the modules into consideration when calculating the DeltaV, While i should be having easily 3000 dV or more it's only displaying 200 dV, as a work around I'm using the TAC Fuel Balance mod to get fuel into the main tank. Anyone else experienced this issue before?
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