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Found 1 result

  1. ADVENTURERES WANTED! The Kerbal Geogeographic Society (KGS) and the Maritime Exploitation Institute (MEI) are seeking enthusiastic Kerbals to join in the exploration of the coasts and waterways of Kerbin. As a part of Global Geophysical Initiative, Kerbals are encouraged to abandon their planes, rovers, and rockets, and embrace the hydrosphere. To promote the exploration of Kerbin's coasts, the KGS and MEI announce a series of challenges/contests. There can be only one top record holder, but through your efforts, you can help name coastal features of Kerbin. Entry rules: Use KSP 1.2 No mods that add parts or alter physical performance of stock mods. No mods that alter the game physics. MechJeb, Hyperedit, and other non-performance changing mods are allowed. Build a boat using stock parts. Power your boat using stock engines (see Scoring Levels below). Start from near the Kerbal Space Center (I have been using Hyperedit to get my boats into the water just east of the runway). Report or show your starting latitude/longitude. Travel to a location on the coast. Plant a flag and name the location. Report of show the latitude/longitude of the site you named. Take a screenshot for the history books. Either continue on your voyage to name more locations or return to the location you started from. If you can't return to your starting point using the same craft, with all of your crew, it doesn't count. Remember the Maritime Exploration Institute's attempt to change its image after the disastrous pleasure cruise last year: No Kerbal Left Behind. To be clear, you can plant multiple flags during a voyage. The maximum number of flags you can place during a given voyage is determined by the number of kerbals onboard your vessel. Ten kerbals? Ten possible flags...and you get to name all those locations. Take a screen shot showing mission clock. Oh, and no refueling. The fuel you leave the KSC with is the only fuel you have. Coolness++ if you go into detail about your ship and its journey. Each entry will be cataloged and added to a downloadable file compatible with MechJeb or WaypointManager, allowing other intrepid explorers to more easily navigate to the place you named. Scoring: Scoring is fairly straight forward. [(Total distance (m) travelled)/(mission clock time in seconds)]* (number of flags placed/number of kerbals on board) A detail: the distance reported by the F3 info screen is often incorrect. To get the distance, either a "Great Circle" calculation will be made using the start and flag lat/long info, or a round trip will be calculated using Kerbal Earth. Short video tutorial showing how to use Google Earth with maps of Kerbin. Scoring Levels: Level 1 "Juno" engines only Level 2 "Wheesley", "Panther", "Whiplash", "Dart", and "Juno" Level 3 "Goliath", "Wheesley", "Panther", "Whiplash", "Dart", and "Juno" Level 4 Any engine you want, including rockets That's right: Kerbals are a score multiplier. The MEI wants Kerbalkind to start exploiting the waters of Kerbin, not just engage in "flags and footprints". Scores: Level 1: @seanth The Skutaliepooper 6.18 (distance: 60,581.07m; flags: 3 ) @seanth The Skutaliepooper 2.78 (distance: 99,213m; flags: 1) Level 2: @gilflo The Gliding Dolphin 84.62 (distance: 2,998,000 m; flags: 10) @seanth The Kitty Wine 6.54 (distance: 267,535.71m; flags: 2) Level 3: @seanth Quarterway and the Pip 21.31 (distance: 1,768,563.22m; flags: 5) @seanth The Western Nosebleed 15.07 (distance: 1,205,202.63m; flags: 3) @seanth Quarterway and the Pip 5.6 (distance: 626,730m; flags: 1) Level 4: -->MechJeb File with the Player Named Coastal Locations: MechJeb.CommunityKerbinNavalWaypoints.cfg<-- -->Waypoint Manager with the Player Named Locations: WaypointManager.CommunityKerbinNavalWaypoints.cfg<--- -->Google Sheet with names and locations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nfzsfbdglJkgbw4mQiehCojOKY3mh4Yuc4AvABhpqLw/edit?usp=sharing<-- -->Github repository with all files and free ships anyone can use<-- Tools: Kerbal Maps is down, maybe for good. Copy is available on the Internet Archive, or can us downloaded. Links in this thread. If you find that jet engines are producing too much "fog" in KSP 1.2, a suggested solution is here. Download available here. Video tutorials on using MechJeb to control boats Custom info windows and stable hydrofoil control Picking and navigating to targets Using (and sharing) Spaceplane "waypoints"
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