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Found 2 results

  1. What are good background stories for the Kerbals we all know? Here is my personal suggestion for Jeb: Jeb- Having lived a life flying planes and helicopters in ways even the craziest daredevil would not recommend, Jebediah has always been fearless. He is often found grinning and was actually banned from his grandmother's funeral due to the fact he kept laughing and smiling through the whole thing. One day he found a flyer from Wernher von Kerman, who at that time was the CEO of KSC, saying "Looking for Kerbonaut applicants- At KSC, Aerospace Dr." Attempting to boost his reputation, he signed up. He passed all the tests flawlessly and only had trouble in Test #247- Which was to see how much he could resist the urge on hitting the big, shiny, red abort button. He is currently the main pilot for KSC, and does an outstanding job of it. Note: Suggestions do not have to be on kerbonauts. For example, you could write about Gene Kerman or Wernher von Kerman.
  2. I'm sure many others have fond memories of the various Kerbal History threads (and perhaps some less fond memories...), but as I recall they were all plagued by one problem above all others: They kept starting at the dawn of civilization and prophesying that the "current" year was some number like 5000, and as a result we ended up with silly figures like the Jebediah being 3000 years old, and also we missed out on important events in prehistory. So here's my go at it. In this edition we start at the current year, i.e. Year 1, Day 1, 0h, 0m as displayed whenever one of us takes control of a new save game. Then we go backward just a little bit at a time, listing important events that led up to that point and then what events led up to those. The game will of course end when we reach the Big Bang, but who's to say how many billions of posts that will take? Rules! - No repeated MLP, Homestuck, Doctor Who, etc. references. I hate to call out specific fandoms like this but we've all seen what can happen. If the Kau or the KIONICLEs want to make one or two cursory appearances I won't press F9, but we'll all be sad if the thread derails and crashes. - Don't jump back zillions of years at once. I don't want to see the second or third post be "Year -13750000000: The Big Bang. Thread Locked." - No other horrible thread-killing events. Since we're going backward in time it's very hard to say "Year 5: Kerbol explodes," but I don't doubt people's creativity in coming up with ways to ruin everything. ;P - No going forward in time! If someone violates Rule 2 and jumps back too many years, you can try to fill in the gap with a few events, but don't go forgetting and posting stuff going forward in time or we'll all get very lost and confused very fast. - I reserve the right to add a few new rules in case some nasty contingency appears. Also if a post is exceptionally stupid I reserve the right to mark it as "non-canon," but as much as possible I'd like to leave it to the people in the thread to fix problems with clever narratives. Examples last few events, to get the ball rolling: Year 1, Day 1: The official Kerbal Space Program opens its doors for its first day of business at the newly constructed Kerbal Space Center. Late Year 0 BK (Before Kerbal Space Program): The Mark 1 Pod memorial is erected to commemorate the long service of the now-retired Mark 1 Pod. Three of the last remaining original rocket parts are transported to the Island Airstrip to be stored and preserved for posterity. Year 0 BK: The old northern Kerbal Space Center closes its doors for the last time and most of its employees are transferred to the new equatorial Kerbal Space Center. (From here we count up BK years the same way we count up BC years on Earth, i.e. 10 BC was the year before 9 BC.)
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