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Found 1 result

  1. Hey kerbonaut! Kerbal Kommander is a new way to play KSP based on a savefile, two parts, and a plugin. Instead of managing a space center, you play as Jebediah Kerman. You are a ship pilot who wants to create his own space company. This adventure takes place a long time after the normal game. All of the Kerbol system has been colonized so there are space stations around every planet. You will have to fly between the stations to earn kredits. You can use the kredits buy bigger ships or hire some crews. There are a few jobs you can do to earn money: Trader: This is the easiest way to prosper, you should start by this because you don't need a huge ship and if you carefully check the prices list, you can earn quite a lot of money. The principle is simple: you buy some resources in a space station and then you resell them at higher prices in another one. To buy or sell resources, you need to transfer them into a station screen. The resources you buy will appear in the screen. BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH Miner: When you have enough money to afford a mining drill, you can become a miner. This activity has a big advantage: you can create your fuel so you won't need to buy it. CREATE A BIG MINING SOCIETY Asteroids hunter: If you are a badass and pieces of wood are not enough for you, this activity is made for you! You will need to use the tracking station to find asteroids, then grab them and sell them at the nearest space station. The Bigger the asteroid is, the more money you will earn. BECOME THE MOST BADASS ASTEROID HUNTER Scientist: Explore the Kerbol system to do research and transmit it to earn money. Create huge vessels with lots of laboratories and scientific stuff; Hire the best scientific crew to run the biggest scientific ship of all the Kerbol system. CREATE AN EFFICIENT LABORATORY Slave trafficker: This is a very efficient way to earn money if you don't have ethics… You buy slaves in a pirate station and then you resell them at higher prices in another one. But don't approach a no-pirate station or the police will find your traffic! BECOME A HEARTLESS PIRATE Good luck, a big adventure is waiting for you! The Gagarine Kerman company Imgur Album DOWNLOAD licence: This mod is under the MIT licence. New Update: 0.3 changelog: Adding 5 new contract for kerbals kommanders games: Infiltrations missions: you need to infiltrate an ennemy station to destroy it Refueling contract: you have to carry some ressources to a ship Rescue mission: you have to pick up lost crew and bring them back to a station Tourism Contract: you have to pick up crew in a station and ferry them to another one Trading Contract: you have to carry some ressources to a station Adding a "shield" for the station, you can't destroy them Fix the docking bug codes improvements How to install Kerbal Kommander? - Put the "KerbalKommander" and "ModuleManager" folders in your "GameData" folder. - Put the folder "kerbal kommander" folder in your "saves folder". How to play? - Start KSP and open the save kerbal kommander. - Go to the Tracking Station and Fly the "Kerbin station" (the first). - Jebediah will be in the station. - First, you need a ship. Click on a screen and select "Ship shop". A window will appear and you can buy a ship or create a new one by clicking "Buy a ship" or "design a new ship" if you haven't made a ship. - Then you are ready for a big adventure! This mod is in alpha so if you have a bug or any other problem, please report them in the in this topic. Coming "soon": Thank you DOSLuke for helping me to correct all the spelling/grammar mistakes. And one last thing, I'm French and there will probably be some mistakes so please tell me if you find them. Enjoy !