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  1. Yo, lads! I'm Maland, a new dude on these here forums, but CERTAINLY not new to KSP! I've been playing KSP for quite some time. (Why I'm just joining the forums now is beyond me.) ...Anyways, I just wanted to share this video here, my 50 sub special! I made a rocket, and flew it to the Mun. And, I didn't die! (It did take a few takes, though.) Hope you enjoyed, and I'll see y'all around. Glad to be here.
  2. Hello everyone! Kerbals hit a milestone, they are now interconnected and they can hear you Loud and Clear! Let your imagination fly with new possibilities, build communication networks, control vehicles remotely and explore every inch of the Kerbol System in ways that weren’t possible before with this new update! Kerbal Space program 1.2: Loud and Clear includes a broad range of improvements and features that will enrich the overall game experience, such as the introduction of CommNet and KerbNet, a rewrite of the Stability Assist System (SAS) that makes your launch
  3. Someone please help, I seem to have a problem with installing the mod B.D. armory. I installed it into the game data folder for ksp and the files even seem to show as some of the loading files on the first loading screen for the game. But when I am in the game none of the files show up in utility or any of the other files. Any solutions? I've tried everything.
  4. So my brother claims he built the Dynawing Space Shuttle from Kerbal Space Program. Dispite my best efforts, he still promised he built the craft. Can someone please give me evidence that he never built it I'm begging you!!!
  5. I really hope that I had KSP. I wish it was free. All I do is watch YouTubers play it. I actually know more about KSP than Jacksepticeye. *sigh*
  6. I've been experiencing some problem with the landing legs, not landing gear sorry. The problem is, when i turn the landing leg it goes inward and turns slightly and i just can't seem to get it to go outward into the landing position i guess. Although i have installed mods which include... TAC Life Support, Tweakscale (just installed today) and... actually that's pretty much it.
  7. So... i want to build a Minimus base so i decided to draw the base plan in MS Paint but i don't know how i would get the parts to dock i was thinking of using a rover but i'm not sure if it could lift the cabins and the science bay.
  8. Ok so i got a pretty hard challenge you need to first go to moho and then to elloo ! Easy:Go to moho and Elloo Medium: Go to Elloo and Moho whitout mining or refueling Hard: Go to Elloo and Moho whit the same lander !! OMG : Impress me !!!!
  9. So i've played a billion flight simulators, HUGE HUGE fan of orbiter 2010, love the realism. purchased KSP to do some more game oriented and fun stuff, so far majorly satisfied with the stock more than what i expected in some areas, less in others, My question, and i hope this is the right place to post, but i would like to find some Addons for KSP to give me orbital data like Time to Peri/Apo-apses Orbit Eccentricity, maybe some kind of surface MFD or module i can display alt, vertical spd, and surface relative speeds in one area, so if anyone knows of ANY mods like the orbiter MFD's for
  10. now ive never made a mod but im making models now and i want to see if anyone likes them! i will post pics when i finish or half of the models plz let me know if you like them or not Jwsavage,
  11. Here's what I got so far on my KSP series! It's not too special, but I'm trying to get discovered, and see what people like and suggest, so feel free to leave feedback! The quality greatly increases in the third episode, as I have completely changed directions with the series!
  12. Hello! I been in the forums for quite some time but have not yet registered here officially, hoping to comment on a bunch of expl-... *cough cough* I mean't ships.... Also thinking of creating a mod for KSP, any advice is appriciated, *C++ programmer* *amateur 3d designer*
  13. Just for fun, how if we will have our own Tourism Campaign, ? RULES for this : 1.) Any size 2.) BE SURE TO BE KERBAL 3.) You can use any stuffs 4.) Always think "THAT'S KERBAL" 5.) NO EXTREME VIOLENCE (Crashes are OK) 6.) ROCK N' ROLL!!! Visit my blogsite : http://kerbalnewsnetwork.webs.com/ for more information. :):):) .spoiler {color: black; background: black}http://i.imgur.com/Ce7pD.jpg.spoiler {color: black; background: black}
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