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  1. It's simple: Launch a kerbal into orbit from the ground through any stock means possible.
  2. I want to add methane to Laythe's atmosphere, but i don't know if the kerbals could breathe in an enviroment with that much methane gas. Could they breathe?
  3. Do they kinda wiggle them through or retract them into their heads?
  4. with a v simple craft using the MK1 cockpit. after going eva I realised that the craft was spinning. (when it wasn't before hitting the EVA button) so i got back inside and stopped the spin with some SAS. then the moment i hit EVA and my kerbal is holding the ladder the craft is spinning again. so i checked the map and notice that my PE and my AP are going down together at about 20meters a second. I've tested this out with a few similar craft but with no luck recreating it. but this one craft always does it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92121741/broken 1.craft this craft is all stock parts but the install does have mods this is the Ckan file. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92121741/ckan list2.ckan Edit, I've been unable to recreate the problem with a brand new craft but if I use craft that was having the problem to begin with its always there even when I reorganise the parts of the lander and remake it with new bits it still spins. I also saved it under a different name and change the root part.
  5. I am very happy to be aboard and am looking forward to learning all I can about the Kerbal Space program. Thanks for the new ability!
  6. Would it be possible to make a electricity powered spacecraft/probe that consumes no fuel at all? Obviously launching it wouldn't count, but could electricity only thrust be produced in space in ksp? Thanks!
  7. So kinda my first post here, going to make an intro thread shortly but this was kinda exciting and I couldn't really wait. I was doing a stream last night and listening to music, and the song, Monody by TheFatRat came on right as I lauched a probe to go to the mun, and I started making some actions that were lined up with the song. What do you guys think?
  8. What happens when I rescue more Kerbals than my astronaut complex is rated to hold? I'm at my max of 12, and I have three or four rescue contracts underway... Do I get to keep them if I bring them down, or must I upgrade my facility to keep them? I don't want to lose valuable engineers/scientists this way. -Khorso
  9. Explosions are one of the most funny things in the game since its early releases, but looking closely to them, it seems to me that they're a little too feebles, respect to Real Life: I would like to know if it's possible for @SQUAD or modders, to make explosions bigger and more impressives.
  10. well I have bob Kerman stuck in orbit. but I have a plan to get him back I will use a custom built 3 stage rocket to get Bob Kerman home I got 2 rockomax duel silver fuel tanks a poddle a mk1-2 capsule and a whole ambition.
  11. Kerbal Training, how the selection process takes place
  12. How many of y'all went to every place in the Kerbol System? Reply if so.
  13. I have a rover with a mk1 cockpit on it. To go inside the rover, you have to exit the cockpit, and walk in. On the pod texture, it looks like it has a hatch on the back, but when I checked it, a "crew hatch" message diddn't pop up. Any ideas?
  14. Hello everyone! Just a disclaimer before I write: I know game development is hard (I'm part of a game dev team myself) but I love giving suggestions and feed back, so that's why I post a lot in this section :P. My suggestion today is to improve the Kerbal Solar System a tiny bit today, and other things that I think would be awesome in the game. Add bigger asteroids that spawn randomly in Kerbol orbit (ones we can orbit, such like Bennu and comet 67P) The gravity there would be enough to have Kerbals walk on it. A sample return capsule to return experiments without returning the full craft. It would be a 1.25M part, with a parachute, the space for 2 experiments, and a little RCS for orbital corrections. Add another star system to the game, one very far away. (It doesen't have to be a big star system, but maybe a Binary with 2-3 planets and a moon of some sorts. With the new star system you need a warp drive, or the ability to go at a percentage of the speed of light. It would take a fairly long while to get there, talking an upward of 20 In-Game years, depending of course on the speed you're going. The Kerbals have invented the warp drive, and can go to a new star system, that means more science, and wasted science is...well wasted, so adding more futuristic parts such as very high reliability high ISP engines, with one major downfall, but isn't one so bad that makes the game unplayable. More powerful solar panels, etc. etc. Underwater Exploration. Seriously, water is cool and all, but we need some sort of boats and submarines, as well as some underwater easter eggs and geography. As in, maybe theres an underwater trench on Laythe or something. Either Revamp or Remove Dres. It's an extra science load, but it's a fairly boring dwarf planet. Make it have more geographically appealing features. I know there is a mod that revamps dres, but it should be in the base game. Give Rovers and Space Stations a purpose apart from experience and vanity. You could make it so that Kerbals will perform things better in EVA while experimenting in space stations. Rovers could be able to explore certain kinds of areas better. Make space stations have maintenance. I'm not the type of person to make things super realistic (although I do like a little element of realism) but Space Stations are not realistic at all. Space Stations should occasionaly have problems that would need to be fixed, like an oxygen leak or something. If not fixed, the space station segment will break off. A little bit of micro-management would be nice on Space Stations, even make it toggolable if possible IVA in command seats, or a first person mode. One other suggestion that people would like to be implimented but doesn't matter if it's not, is EVA'ing inside your bigger Capsules and Crew parts. It's not important, but it would add a nice little feature to the game, for giggles. Anyway, thanks for reading and let me know what you think. Also Squad, you're doing awesome work, and I wish you all the best!
  15. Put Donald trumps face onto a kerbal so i can Throw him into the sun!
  16. Looking forward to 1.2 and the new telemetry features. The announcement of the upcoming patch made me think about features I would like to have in KSP. Rocket Test Facility - Some place to test fire rockets, maybe some way to mount the rocket and test the ship as it burns and see how CoM and all that jazz is affected prior to an actual launch. I know you could just do that on the launch pad but still...A place to test certain setup and maybe earn a little science with out risking a ship exploding on the launch pad. Cities - I really want and maybe its coming, but I really want missions to setup satellites to bounce Kerbal signals around to different cities. Missions to establish satellites TV/communication network foot prints or GPS networks. Basically I need an incentive or drive to do stuff in KSP. I love it but I am not very good at it because I get distracted. I need a reason to go to Mun. It's like legos I can build what ever I want, but what do I want to build? I can setup a GPS network of satellites but I need them to blink and flash and tell me they connected and doing something and need to see all the fake data the sending back and forth. I know with 1.2 coming out we may be a step closer to this, and maybe a few mods will help it reach what I would like it to be. I guess my only real problem with KSP is I feel disconnected after a while, like I am alone in the [-]world[/-] universe just me and my Space Program of expendable Kerbals. Great game other wise, love it and keep coming back to it. Even though I am clearly no rocket scientist.
  17. The Kerbal Song
  18. Personally I would love to do a permadeath series where you bring back Kerbals as descendants or clones. So you could have Bob the 3rd or Bill the 16th or Jeb the 4,013th. Instead of having a name change you could probably have a new field in the character stats called GenNo for Generation Number. You could see how many times you killed the Fantastic Four. Maybe have a memorial wall for all the Kerbals that died too. Yes it is fun to blow up Kerbals but it is even greater fun to save their lives... and having a memorial to all those who you failed to save would make those saved Kerbals lost in the black even more profound.
  19. Luke Kerman's life is about to change forever...Here's something I drew this morning. I wanted to do it for a long time, and today I thought "Why not now?" so I did it. *insert this* I tried to make it look as much like the original as possible, except with KSP parts. Here's the original for comparison:
  20. Hi there, just got ksp on ps4! Love it so far. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but, here we go. I have looked all over but havent found an option to disable the sixaxis controls for the ps4 version of kerbal when in mouse mode. Is this an option? And if not can it be added as an option? Because as it is now it drives me nuts. And before anyone suggests "just hold the controller still", thats not really a option for me since I have a disability and shake a bit haha.
  21. Hello, i am thinking of changing my Youtube avatar to an actual "Kerbal Kid" is there any suggestions what should be in the picture? (This is my YouTube channel) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3TbNkrkFgDxeBxaIsjB0yw
  22. Do you guys know how to use rcs on a kerbal?
  23. So the other day I was thinking it's still a pain to find the part you want when I noticed the search box over the top of the parts. I was gobsmacked. When did that get added? I think part of me subconciously KNEW that there wasn't a search box so edited it out of my vision or something. All I know is that whoever added the darn thing I need to shout out THANK YOU VERY MUCH - YOU'RE AWESOME at the top of my lungs. Oh and ironically, when I searched for anything about it on here... the search engine failed to find anything on the other search engine. Probably inter-search-engine-competition at work.
  24. Basically, I'll put it in Lamen's terms. I didn't kill my relative velocity and as I was doing my retrograde suicide burn...lets just say I forgot to thrust and kill said veolcity resulting in Leatrid Kerman (I think thats what she's called) being stuck on the Mun, with a Mk1 Lander Can with SAS. I launched, did a successful transfer burn...quick saving along the way of course. Forgot about relative velocity and basically landing stage went boom. Pics will be included of where I landed (front and backshot only I'm afraid) http://steamcommunity.com/id/cambookpro/screenshots/ There are the screenshots for the Landing (ignore the North West Airfield Gmod Screenshot) Hope you can fix my problem KSP Community -awfulcraftdesigns signing out! Mission Update: I sent the exact same craft, succesful transfer burn again...this time I kept an eye on my Relative Velocity and landed in roughly the same area as my first stranded Lander Can but I forgot to put a probe on it resulting in the crew hatch not being empty and basically now I've got two kerbals stuck on the Mun and now I need to work out a way to rescue them both with enough fuel for the return journey. Help plz! Mission Update 2: So I reloaded so that only Leatrid would be on the Mun this time, resulting in me now needing a spacecraft worthy to carry a Mk_2 Lander Can. I've updated my Screenshot Library to show you my Landing Stage and Transfer Stage...the resulting effect being I can't find a suitable ascent stage. So help would be nice...I'll provide images so one second... This is the zoomed out shot of the rescue ship so far...if it helps anyone I've also provided an engineer report...I'm running no mods resulting in this being all stock.
  25. I've recently been wondering where the file is for the Kerbal model is and their helmet as I'm sure that if you can remove the helmet then they are separate models and such could be modded to have a different helmet. either something Russian or shuttle inspired. I might need some help with coding and porting and dependencies. But I can handle the modeling and texturing.
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