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  1. Under (Future) Construction https://unionorion.wordpress.com/ussk-universe/
  2. More then I year ago, I downloaded the KSP demo. I played it very often, flying around. And last Christmas, I got the full version as a present. Once I downloaded it, I started a sandbox save. I named it Kerbal Freeplay. This is the story of that save, written in story format. Please note- the kerbals in this universe are nonviolent and do not have a military of any sort. Writing Schedule There is no set timetable on which I upload chapters, but I post less during the week due to other things. Expect more on weekends, although I will post something on the week. Table of Contents Prelude Chapter 1-The Mission to Minmus Interlude- Mortimer's Mistrust Interlude- The Covert Spacecraft Interlude- Revealed Interlude- Whack-a-Mort Chapter 2-Minmus Lander 1 Volume 1: The Trailblazers Chapter 3-Kelios 1 Interlude- First Time in 1.1 Chapter 4-The Duna Probe Chapter 5-I Like Ike! Chapter 6-Eve Explorer Interlude- Tandin and Hayna Interlude- Koffee Break and a Transfer Chapter 7-Gilly 1 Chapter 8-Moho 1 Interlude- Pioneers
  3. Something that's bothered me for a while. Why are non-badass Kerbals scared so much? At the moment, the rule seems to be, look worried any time below 20km whenever an engine is running It kind of makes sense during rocket launches, which are always, impressive even when they go right. In my case, their concerns are justified most of the time. However, boosting away from a Minmus refuelling base to Jool also terrifies most of the Kerbals, even though we're 6km off the ground , on a steep upward escape trajectory. The risk here is not so much of crashing into something, rather that the craft never comes into contact with anything solid ever again. Ah well, if only i could get my head around orbital math. Worst of all is when flying aeroplanes and spaceplanes. Mine tend to be rather sedate, low TWR, large winged beasts with excessive stability and sluggish controls. Even my space planes don't go supersonic below 10km, and climb out at a rather shallow angle. I can't actually remember the last time I lost a crew member on one, though mission aborts and fails happen a great majority of the time. * Yet, despite the fact that we're 10km over the water, subsonic, wings level, slowly climbing and not on collision course with anything Bill looks like he needs his Mommy. On the other hand, we can be on a fatal plunge towards the ground in a space capsule where the chutes have failed, or about 2 seconds away from burning up in the re-entry heat, and everyone's happy because the craft isn't under acceleration. What gives ?
  4. Nueva entrada en el RINCON ASTROCLOUDER INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA: Diario 005 -Kerbal United alliance KUA- Finalizamos de planificar la misión KORION A2 y refinar el diseño KORION A2.2. La tripulación ha sido seleccionada. También llega el fin de año y el hacer balance. Un año bueno con avances. INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA: Diario 005 -Kerbal United alliance KUA-
  5. Nueva entrada en el RINCON ASTROCLOUDER INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA: Diario 007 -Kerbal United alliance KUA- Después de tantos días de entrenamiento para Jevediah y Bill llegó el comienzo de la misión. Hoy se lanzara la primera parte de su misión, la KORION A2.2. Debe de quedar en la órbita y inclinación objetivo para que KORION A2 pueda acoplarse. El lanzamiento ha sido grabado en directo, estamos editando el vídeo. próximamente sera subido y publicado. Aquí tienen algunas fotos del lanzamiento a 10º 500x500: Tuvimos algunos problemas durante esta fase pero logramos entrar en órbita. Ya solo quedaba un encendido en apoaxis para 500x500. INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA: Diario 007 -Kerbal United alliance KUA-
  6. I wanted to know if there was a mod that lets you see other planets and spacecraft from earth like in real life. I think this would add a lot of realism to the game.
  7. So, I was looking through this thread (mostly page 2), and I decided I might try something like it. It's not as good as I hoped it would be, and it has no background, but here is a kerbal in some regular (i.e non astronaut) clothes: I tried. I can't seem to get the legs right: They look like half-inflated balloons. And I think I need to practice a little on the hands.
  8. Hello! So with 1.1 coming out very soon [and sort of is out right now] I have a little challenge for you all, to build by favorite spacecraft of all time. Of course I'm talking about the Soyuz! So you have to build a Soyuz rocket and spacecraft, And use that Soyuz on a variety of missions! So here's The challenge! Note: This is my first challenge and my first forum post, Played the game since 0.17 1. Build a Soyuz spacecraft that looks similar to the real one! It has to have a Orbital, Descent, And Service Module +2 2. Build a Soyuz rocket that looks similar to the real thing! 4 Strap-On Boosters, 1 Center Core Stage, Orbital Capable Upper-Stage. +2 3. Korolev's Cross [That's Just A Given!] +4 4. Build A Soyuz That Can Lift 3 Astronaut's/Cosmonaut's To A Space Station and back! +5 5. Retro-Landing-Rockets +1 6. Build A Modified Progress Cargo Spacecraft Based of your Soyuz's Design +3 7. Build It To Scale In KSP {That's Going To Be A Challenge!] +5 8. Soyuz-1 Send 1 cosmonaut into an orbit, and then abort the mission. Kill him during reentry. +3 9 .Soyuz-4-5 Launch 2 Soyuz One With 1 Cosmonaut, And the Other With 3 Cosmonaut's. Dock them in orbit and transfer 2 cosmonauts' by EVA to the other Soyuz. +5 10. Soyuz Station Crew Refresh Bring Up 3 Cosmonauts/Astronauts To a Space Station And Do a crew transfer. Simple! +4 11. Zond Mission! Launch Your Soyuz without an orbital module on Proton Rocket, on a flyby around the moon/mun! +4 12. Soyuz Lunar Orbital Mission! Use a space-tug to launch a Soyuz into an orbit around the moon/mun. Based on the Soyuz A-B-V Concepts +5 So that was my first challenge! Hope you like it and respond! Some Links To Help You https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_4 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_5 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz-A https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz-B https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_(spacecraft) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_%28rocket_family%29 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progress_%28spacecraft%29 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz_1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zond_program https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proton-M https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soyuz-V https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Korolev http://astronautix.com/craft/soyuztm.htm http://astronautix.com/project/soyuz.htm
  9. Hello! This is my thread for my main KSP projects, and here, you'll find all sorts of KSP stuff. These are all my own creations, and I hope you enjoy! KerbalCorgi
  10. Nueva entrada en el RINCON ASTROCLOUDER INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA: Diario 006 -Kerbal United alliance KUA- Empezamos el año con la construcción de la KORION A2 y KORION A2.2. Mientras tanto, Jevediah y Bill entrenan en simuladores y con una maqueta de KORION A todas las operaciones que deberán hacer en la misión KORION A2 antes de que acabe el año. También estamos definiendo un mapa político de Kerbal en el apartado Universo Kerbal. Aun no hay nombres para los países. Anímense, creemos un planeta entre todos. Inventen sus propios nombres para los países y comenten en el blog junto con el número para saber el sitio. COMENTA Y DEFINE TU PAÍS: UNIVERSO KERBAL INFORMACIÓN COMPLETA: Diario 006 -Kerbal United alliance KUA-
  11. I've been asking myself a very certain question numerable times that it's not even funny anymore. "How to do we make Kerbals look more awesome". Then it hit me, well I think the more appropriate phrase would be - It Lithobreaked itself into my brain. As all of you people know that the majority of life's numerous problems can be solved with one easy solution, and that solution is just slapping a pair of eyebrows on said problems and calling it a day. [bad example commin' up nice & toasty] [Didn't have time to cook up a proper texture, so I just slathered a Female Kerb's texture on Jeb's face]
  12. In this story, I will be describing the first contact between humanity and Kerbalkind. Pretend that the Kerbol system is scaled up to real size, while still having the same planets. I am also including the OPM planets. Date: 7/25/2077 Location: Low Earth Orbit Interstellar Probe 37 was docked to the carrier ship that contained the reactors and Alcubierrie drives. It flew to a newly discovered solar system and released the probe. To be continued...
  13. Hey! So I spent an hour or two making this video about reentering Kerbin's atmosphere. It ain't a masterpiece, but it sure was fun making it. Anyways, here you go! Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR7lk-bAkFs
  14. If this already exists, feel frwe to lock - I couldn't find a meme thread so I decided to make one Anyway Here's some of my own for y'all: https://imgflip.com/i/zxzyt https://imgflip.com/i/zy01q https://imgflip.com/i/zy056 Post yours below!
  15. Desde la agencia KIDA se ha decidido diseñar y construir vehiculos atmosfericos (AV) y transatmosfericos (TAV) para la exploracion del planeta Kerbin y más allá. El primer diseño de vehiculo atmosferico que se ha abordado es para un avion pesado de carga con capacidades VTOL (despegue y aterrizaje vertical) con el objetivo de transportar carga y suministros a cualquier punto de la superficie de Kerbin. Nombre: AV-1 C Valkyrie VTOL Tripulacion: 3 Capacidad de carga: 3 bloques MK.3 por rampa Propulsion: 4 motores jet rotativos
  16. Hello everyone, I am new and although I have been playing ksp for a while I got 6 kerbals stuck on the mun in two spots with only their capsule. Can I get them back to kerbin or at least my space station with an apoapsis of 130,000 and periapsis of 100,000 wihout cheats? Thank you in advance -Ribby Kerman
  17. Simply press "1" to turn on the engine (fuel generators) and you are on your way! 43 tons of German Engineering. https://www.mediafire.com/?y87f8z958mz8nh6
  18. Chapter 1: Jeb his Check As an fighter pilot in the Kerbal 1st air company, jeb had much experience in aircraft so he was elected as one of the 4 test pilots of the biggest project the kerbal government ever planned to do... Their own space agency.. Jebediah Kerman, Bob Kerman and Valentina Kerman were the first 3 kerbals to be elected when the KSA ceo decided 3 was enough for that moment.. They underwent many special tests to see if they were up to the high standards, as seen with the last 5 sattelite launches Gee Forces can rip stuff apart.. First the health check was conducted! Jeb had to run for as long as he can after a piece of cake.. He managed to do that for 15 minutes untill the man running away from jeb got tired... Anyways! Jeb passed everything in this test just like bob and valentina! Meanwhile Werner von kerman was designing an orbital pod which had enough space so the kerbinauts could conduct some tests! Werner told the KSA that he needed another 3 weeks to complete the design untill further notice the kerbinauts would fly the flight sim...
  19. This is the Story of the start of the Ruskerbia Space Program called Interkerbmos it is my first story and i thought i wanted to give it a try (dont be too harsh :D) Mods used: Tantares Tantares LV Kerbalized flags and agencies [Remember to read Werner with an german accent] [Remember to read other characters with russian accents] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mission 1 Manned by (Frogs) ( фермер ) |Farmer| Igor Kerman: Ehm.. Werner.. How did you build this thingy again?... Werner von Kerman: i found some scrap metal in my backyard Igor Kerman: okay.. so this is how you want to impress Piton?... with an scrap metal brick? Werner von Kerman: YES! And its manned by Frogs! Igor Kerman: Frogs?! i hope for you that Piton Kerman wont Throw you out of Ruskerbia for insulting him Werner von Kerman: that wont happen my friend [The next day] Werner von Kerman: There it is Piton! the фермер!! Piton Kerman: So.. this brick should put us in Space? Werner von Kerman: well its an prototype but i think it will manage to get there Piton Kerman: Launch it! Igor Kerman: Launching in 5.......4......3.....2.....1 Piton Kerman: its fast! but.. how does it steer? is it manned?! Werner von Kerman: Yes its Manned by Frogs... Igor Kerman: *Laughs* Piton Kerman: *looks questioning towards Werner* Very well, you get your money but! make sure we will be the first in space.. [Piton Kerman Leaves the launch site] While the фермер Parachutes down Werner and Igor Celebrate and start working on their New Future Projects Funded by the Ruskerbian Government Mission Succes! Stay Tuned for more!
  20. Basically I can't get the KAS struts to work on my space station. I got them to work on Kerbin while testing them out but when I got to space I have a flimsy part docked to the space station and no matter where I try to attach a strut it says "Target object not allowed". I know for sure that the ships are docked which means I'm not trying to attach two separate ships and I'm also using the correct struts, not the stock ones, I'm using the orange ones from the kerbal attachment system mod. I wouldn't bother the forums if I could find my answer somewhere else but I cant seem to find my problem anywhere.
  21. For those of you interested in more than just fanworks, Radion is running a roleplay on an offsite server here: http://kerbalroleplay.com/
  22. The utterly pointless and useless Kerbal Superhangar! This kit contains the following: the one and only Superhangarâ„¢, my own SpaceFlyerâ„¢ spaceplane, and much more(not really)! Extremely laggy and no usefulness whatsoever! Thank you for testing out this product! Coming soon to stores for only $1000000000 Kerbal dollars! [ATTACH]34862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34864[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34865[/ATTACH] Note: pics in SPH because of EXTREME LAG on the Runway.
  23. Coming soon, here is the sample... https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1qsp1b0Z_HOLWN5R3k4UzFkNW8/edit
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