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  1. Bill has always been an exceptional Kerb. His engineering feats and his role as one of the pioneers of spaceflight are well known. And yet, he never ceases to surprise us. One of his latest achievements is the concept of the flying board, a family of planes powered not by engines, but by Kerbals alone. The third version of the series was the first to circumnavigate the planet. However, due to unforseen difficulties, it had to make a short stopover. To Bill, this was equivalent to failure. He had engineered this craft to be able to fly virtually forever, limited alone by the stamina of the Kerbal propelling it. So after some minor tweaks, he took off to show all Kerbalkind what his concept was capable of. This is the chronicle of the first non-stop, Kerbal-powered flight around Kerbin. It is a rather long album (since it also was a rather long flight) so here is the trip in a Nutshell: Starting Point: KSC End point: The abandoned Airfield Record speed: 305.9 m/s at level flight Record hight: 27'182m Distance covered: according to F3: 6693km* Make sure to check out @Geschosskopf's Challenge which originally inspired me to do this circumnavigation *Kerbin's circumference is 3770km. So even accounting for my little escape to the desert temple, and the fact that I made the stretch between KSC and the Island twice, I'm at a loss. Possible explanations: Bill was drunk and couldn't hold a straight line KSP also counts all the ups and downs, and there sure were a lot of them
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