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Found 2 results

  1. [V1.1.4] [1.8.x] Kerbal Galaxy 3 -------------------------------------------------- The Original Mod Made By Artyomka15. Link To Original Mod "KerbalGalaxy2" New Version By: XxLedvin25xX, Olympic1 and Our Benefactors(AR3S) -------------------------------------------------- This mod is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA -------------------------------------------------- Devs are sought, if you know how to use Kopernicus, EVE, Scatterer any mod that should be compatible with KG3, contact me to the server where my mod is hosted Discord or by forum message. --------
  2. Hello, I need help to edit/update the KerbalGalaxy2 dll, since I am not an expert in C#, this is to help the community revive and improving the quality of the original KerbalGalaxy2, if you are willing to help me, comment the thread, since the original code is dead, the only option is to create it again, the function of this DLL was to transport you from Jool's WormHole to Gargantua. Link to original thread HERE Link to Remaster HERE
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