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Found 6 results

  1. Tundra's Space Center After a long wait, I can finally share you my version of some historic real life launchpads! To set it up, put the TundraSpaceCenter folder into your GameData, open the KK menu (ctrl + k) and place it anywhere you want! After that convert it into a launchpad and you are good to go! This mod only works with KSP 1.8.x and above!! Statics: LC-39A/B - LC-41 - LC-40 - LC-19 - LC-46 - Barge - Engine Test Pads LC-5 - LC-6 - LC-14 - LC-17 - LC-34 In-game pics: Current parts TLC-5 TLC-6 TLC-5-6 laun
  2. Thread of the month of April ! After 4 months of work, I am very proud to present my first add-on: Aurora Space Center! Presentation Aurora Space Center is a mod that adds IRL/fictives buildings and launchpads! This mod has for vocation to be improved very strongly in the future, come back often to see the thread! Buildings and current launchpads: Features: Buildings and launchpads use stock textures. All other textures (logo or text) can be modified in paint for exemple! Buildings and pads will automatically turn on and tur
  3. This mod adds a basic Space Centre and a Landing pad for you to land on minmus. These mods are required for this to function: Kerbal Konstructs https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/151818-181-kerbal-konstructs-18115-15dec2019/ Omega's Stockalike Structres - No Textures Required https://spacedock.info/mod/2061/Omega's Stockalike Structures: No Textures Required Tundra's Space Centre https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174368-18x-tundras-space-center-v20-december-18th-stockalike-ksc-launchpads/ Kerbin Side Remastered https://forum.kerbalspa
  4. I don't know why but Kerbal Konstruct don't work in my KSP RSS in 1.8.1... The kerbal konstuct logo show up but when I do Ctrl+K nothings append. Can someone tell me what to do ? I already tried to change KK version but that don't change anythings.
  5. Are there any versions of KerbinSide that aren't broken on 1.6 and up? I really like this mod but I can't find a working version.
  6. BAD-T Arenas and Airbases is as set of World War II themed KerbalKonstructs Statics and Prefabs originally made for and used by the BAD-T Tournament as air combat arenas. At present this pack contains 6 Arenas and Airbases scattered across Kerbin. This pack requires KerbalKonstructs to function. Included airbases and locations: Boostershire Farms 2v2 (medium) Medium sized farm located adjacent to one of Kerbin's mighty rivers. Teams start facing away from each other. Runway length: 450m Keenemunde Rocket Base 2v2 (Sm
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