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  1. In the original KSP, when you made a Kerbal exit the cockpit it magically teleported to the outside. Maybe they could expand on this a little bit in the second game. It would be cool if we could actually see the Kerbals opening the hatch or canopy of their cockpit. Taking it a step further, we could add different animations depending on how fast the craft is going. It would be really funny to see a Kerbal poke it’s head out a hatch in atmosphere only to get sucked out, or for the hatch or canopy of a spaceplane cockpit to get ripped off after it opens. I have no idea if they are going to add something like this, but Intercept has already created a bunch of idol animations and emotes so they may. Something like this would add a lot more life to the game.
  2. What do you guys think is a Kerbal's individual lifespan? Now, I don't think they only live 70 years on average like humans, considering they seemingly don't need food and can theoretically perform photosynthesis, are immune to space radiation, and can stay 70 years on a cramped space without mental or physical damage, so they seem to be a lot more "durable" than humans, but if you had to attach a value to a Kerbal's average lifespan, if they even are mortal at all and can't die only from explosions, how long would you say they live? A ""little"" bit more than humans, about 150 years? Thousands of years? Or have they discovered the secrets to anti-aging technology like humans hope to do in the future and are actually biologically immortal to diseases and aging, and can only die from serious life-threatening situations? Of course, all of this discussion is pointless, if I had to guess I'd say Kerbals don't age because of game design, game difficulty (making it easier instead of old Kerbals dying on a mission) and maybe limitations, and perhaps this could change and theoretically an individual Kerbal could have a biological age in KSP2, but it is still fun to discuss and guess the reason why this could happen in-game on KSP1, so what do you guys think? Share your opinion below if you feel like it!
  3. I have this question, and if you could send me the link to the truly most liked post on this forum, that would be much appreciated.
  4. What are Kerbals made of? Plants, snacks, regret? Intercept Senior 3D artist Jordan Pack decided to explore what Kerbals would look like if they were made of different materials. Check 'em out. These won't be in Kerbal Space Program 2, at least until we add a puppetry expansion.
  5. Have you checked out the new KSP 2 emojis available in this forum? They're awesome, right?
  6. The president Kerman entered the room. Each of his steps were resonating until he sat at the briefing table with all the ministers. He didn't said "hello". Instead the following went out of his mouth. "Boys. And Girls. We need to learn to fly." And then he left. A few weeks later, the first test plane build by Jeb's Junkyard and Jebediah was ready to take off. Fig-1 Jebediah's Flyer I The plane didn't leave the strip. And slightly get out of the runway ... when suddenly the plane, well .. the thing, exploded. Jebediah escaped unarmed the accident. A few weeks later, again, a second Flyer was ready. This plane benefited from the mistakes of the first one. Fig-2 Jebediah's Flyer II Jebediah get high, I mean he reached a high altitude, nobody knows really, we still haven't invented the altimeter at this time, but sure he got high. Too high and ran out of gas. He attempted a landing, a soft one but mostly failed. Mostly because the pilot seat and Jebediah were still intact after landing. Fig-3 Jebediah in what's left of the Flyer II But this day was the most important in the history of flight somebody went above ground without jumping or using a ladder. New episode coming soon!
  7. What is the minimum viable population (MVP) of kerbals? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimum_viable_population This is extremely important for any colonies.
  8. Do you like your kerbals? I sure hope you do....
  9. As we saw in Show and Tell, Kerbals can dance. Things I'm hoping for in that regard specifically: that Kerbals maybe do idle animations when just standing there, and that either there are a variety of dances or a relative degree of ease in adding new dances via mods. I realize that KSP2 could conceivably plug in new such animations as DLC content. Or maybe there's lots of dances that are only found in certain locations. I.e. you have to "find" dances by going to different places (visiting Easter eggs?), sort of like in the game Wandersong. So far we've seen that shuffling Fortnite Dance, Peering off into the distance, and in KSP1 we have Alan-Shepherdian Lunar Golf. What other sort of things would you want in regards to Kerbal movements beyond what we've seen with IVA actions and walkin-around? [Whoever's good at character animation, I'm sure it won't be long for a list of requests to pile up.]
  10. So, recently, in my new sandbox save, I'm reaching a point where there are multiple "entities", and I'm playing all of them. So then, I got into the idea of different names for each "country", and I came up with these: Kerman States - Kerman (Analogous to US) CCKP (Communist Confederation of Von Kerman Peoples) - Von Kerman (Analogous to Soviet Union, Russian, Ukraine, etc.) McKerman Kingdom - McKerman (Analogous to UK) KerbeX - Kerman (Analogous to SpaceX and Blue Origin and all that good stuff, basically the private companies) Currently, though, I've gotten to the point that the McKermans are building their own Space Station (As they've been excluded from the KISS mostly because of a lack of an extra Clamp-O-Tron Jr.) However, the 'French' Kerbals are also looking to start spaceflight and collab with the McKermans... but I can't think of a name. Help. Ones thought of by others: Kermany - Kermann @kerbiloid Karthage - Kerbaal @kerbiloid CCKP - Kermanski @eatU4myT
  11. A friend of mine thinks that Kerbals are "cute". I can't really understand that, but I was wondering what other people think about this.
  12. Small problem related to kerbal weight (I think) in the latest release. (1.11.0) When a Kerbal jumps on Kerbin with just a parachute or nothing at all, they appear to jump a lot higher than normal, e.g: 2 to 2.5, maybe 3 meters in height, vs the regular just under a meter. NOTE: I play with JNSQ which impacts results slightly. My (quite extensive) mod list here: Images:
  13. So some kerbals die the standard ways. But some just get into a 50g turn on Eva and get ripped to pieces. So I ask you what is the most horrible way your kerbal died. For me it's probably the kerbals that died that were in my car parked next to the vab and then I drove a bus off the vab and it managed to hit the car just where the driver was sitting. No pics sorry. Post below list of ways kerbals died Squashed by your own rocket kraken killed by a falling 30 ton bus ripped apart on duna hit by an srb vaporized on jool twitching? used as exhaust from a service bay Smashed on eve Falling from 100 m rocket Bit his shoulder to death Eeloo is made of hydrochloric acid Gyro kraken Plane issues Kamikaze SCIENCE Burned by engine
  14. Note: I wasn't sure if this was the right place to post this. Please notify me if there is a better location for questions like this to be posted. I was wondering if Squad had any restrictions based on the use of the names of Kerbals, the Planets, or the names of the parts in the game. Like if anyone were to write an unofficial story about the wonderful adventures our favorite little green men, or maybe a short film about them (like Matt Lowne's in-game-created movies), even if it isn't taken directly from the game (in the form of screenshots or screen-captured video clips). Based directly on intuition, I would assume you can reference the stuff from the game without any trouble, just remembering to credit Squad in any credit rolls.
  15. I recently crashed a rocket on land very far away from KSC. I looked in the astronaut complex. It said that Jeb (who I think was in that ship) was in the missing column. Are they going to come back?
  16. If you like to build Stations with Mobile Processing Labs like I do, you need large Numbers of high leveled Scientists. But getting them beyond Level 3 requires Interplanetary Missions which take quite a while and flying Kerbals in bulk to the Mun and Minmus can get quite tiring as well. Besides I don't see much point in having placed a Flag everywhere necessarily making you a better Scientist. For this Reason, severedsolo and Mark Kerbin have made the Kerbal Academy Mod which allows to level up Pilots in Training Courses. So why won't add a secondary way to level up Scientists? As the Final Frontier Mod by Nereid does that, it should be possible to count the Number of Science Points a single Kerbal has researched. This in my Opinion is the most logical Way to count the Experience of a Scientist. So I'd lake to create a mod to do exactly that but my Modding Experience so far is limited to adding functions to parts (Mk 2 Lander Cabin with BonVoyage Controller, Mk 4-1 Pod with Research Lab and a very crude Surface Sample Function in the Drill-O-Matic Junior)
  17. I was playing Kerbal Space Program and flying a plane with Jeb and wondered where he came from. Now I am wondering if there’s a backstory on the KSC staff. Any ideas?
  18. The kerbals are unresponsive on eva cannot remember enter vehicle or move, the option to rescue enter isn't there but the head torch and science can be used
  19. Hello, I am using 64bit version of KSP 1.3.1 and my issue is that I can not hire any new crew members, It just doesn't do anything and in the top-right corner of the window it says 10/12 kerbals assigned even though this is a new sandbox save with only the 4 main kerbals (Link to the image) From what I have read it might be a problem with the save file. The issue occurs when i create a new save too, but I will leave a link to the save file either way. I also read that this issue occurs on both modded and unmodded versions of the game. But I did not find any fix that would work for me. Files: Save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhmnx78pm6lbjmb/persistent.sfs?dl=0 Output_log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wmr3cmkgo2o7l8c/output_log.txt?dl=0 Mod List (visual mods not included): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ah4heciww3opoo/Mods.txt?dl=0 If you need any other log etc. please tell me.
  20. Update 1.4 added this cool new parachute you can use on EVA, and I was psyched about it. But I investigated it further and couldn't figure it out. How do I use it? Is it a part, or is it unlockable somehow? I just don't know. I would be (please help me now) greatful for your input!
  21. So, with the support from the original developer, I took over this mod, and added quite a bit of functionality. Make a smart, courageous Kerbal, or a dumb coward. Either way, these Kerbals are 100% custom. Images: How to use: Hit Alt + K while in the space center to open the window, fill out the information, and click Kreate Kustom Kerbal. Video: Change Logs: [removed] One note on CKAN: CKAN is now fully supported again, and I'd like to thank all of the CKAN people, especially @politas for helping me out. Thank you all! This mod uses Mini Add-On Version Checker by Cybutek License - MIT:
  22. I made a post yesterday to the KSP Discussion thread regarding issues that I've found with the normals of the male character model. Specifically the arms, most noteably the hands. This is the post I made to the Discussion thread, with the full details. To explain the issues, here's an image of a coloured lighting rig setup I made to demostrate the problem. Green light from the right of the screen, red from the left and blue the top. The normals on the arms of the female model are fine, but the ones that the male model has are very wrong, especially on the hands. Something I've noticed in a lot of the screenshots that I've photoshopped to make wallpaper images etc. from, is that I'd have to adjust the lighting of the hands, but until yesterday I didn't realise how big an issue with the lighting of the characters there was. I checked earlier versions (1.2 and 1.0.4) and the problem existed then too. I'm currently running KSP v1.3.1 with a number of plugins, but I've tried this out in a clean install as well, with the same issue being present.
  23. I've been playing around with some texture alterations today, as some preparation for a story series I'm planning to work on and I found something odd about the lighting of the kerbal characters. The issue is that the gloves don't appear to be lit correctly, as if ther normals in that part of the mesh are incorrect. Here's an image to show what I mean, which has a character with a pure white colour texure, all detail coming from the normal map. If you look at the character's left hand, which is facing the sun, it appears darker on the sun side (back) than the shadowed side (the palm). in fact it has the same colour value as the shadowed side of the right arm, which recieves no direct light. Most likely it's been there for a long time and I've just got used to it and mentally filtered it out. It was only because I was tinking with the textures that it caught my eye. My first reaction was that I'd screwed up something in making my changes, but I confirmed this wasn't the case, by first removing all the none stock textures. This gave the same result (dark back of the hands), so not an error I'd introduced. I then checked this on different planets (didn't make any sense, but did it just in case) and found the result was the same, the hands were lit wrong. I also had a look at this in v1.2 and the results was again the same, dark back of the hands. I even dug out the oldest build I have around (1.0.4) and still the hands were wrong. After playing the game for so long and doing a lot of art work based on screenshots, I'm a bit shocked that I've not noticed this before.
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