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Found 2 results

  1. We all are sad about kerbalstuff.com shutting down. I am making an alternative to all game mod websites. Get ready 4 fun! HERE IS DEV THREAD for GameModHub.com:
  2. As we all know, KerbalStuff.com is shutting down. I am currently making an alternative, though, that holds mods for all games (minecraft, KSP, Fallout, terraria, etc.) and maps/craft (spaceplanes, minecraft maps), which will be much better than KerbalStuff :). Please watch this thread to see the beta updates, the alpha updates, and when it is a release. If you want to help me, tell me what hosts are very good hosts :D. Also, I will keep this website UP always. UPDATE 0.0.1: most of CSS HTML and php got together! (BTW Im using MAMP to do stuff)
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