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  1. Alternis--the God of Change and Difference--decided to smite the heck out of the Kerbal's home solar system. This is what happened. PRERELEASE OF AKR v2.6.0 FOUND HERE ON GITHUB For use with RTB's Bleeding Edge Kopernicus for KSP 1.11.0 Download 2.5.0 (KSP 1.7.3) or (KSP 1.11.0) at GitHub or 2.5.0 (KSP 1.7.3) on SpaceDock. If you want to help support my work, see my Patreon. If you want to discuss my work, check out my Discord server. BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE INCOMPATIBLE VISUAL MODS (see below section on Visual Mods) Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered is the re-release of the classic v0.23 mod for KSP: Alternis Kerbol. It grabs and re-arranges the solar system bodies to create something new. Almost all bodies have been changed somehow, be it in a large way or a small way. Alternis Kerbol was one of the first planet packs, using its own plugin to change the planets, before even Planet Factory Creator Edition was released and while RSS couldn't do much more than resize Kerbin. Under those conditions, it did a damn fine job. Here's the list of changes, as true as possible to the original Alternis Kerbol mod with plenty of extra improvements to the previously stock bodies: Changes Jool: Moved to Kerbin's original orbital position, blu-ified. Bop: Turned into a tiny little subsatellite of Kerbin. Pol: Inclination lowered, made into a lumpy rubble pile. Kerbin: Now orbits Jool at the same place Tylo used to. New terrain. Eve: Yellow, ringed, and shrunk to 670km radius, 1.12 G. Laythe: Redone entirely, now a jungle moon with varied terrain, more land, and trees. (Panspermia's a heckuva thing.) Minmus: Orbits Jool beneath Laythe, now 29km in radius (from 60), and deep reddish orange. Tylo: Orbits the sun a bit past Duna's original orbit, radius increased to 1103 km and surface gravity is 4g, plus an atmosphere no more than 80% the density of Kerbin's. Duna: Orbits Tylo, completely new terrain. Moho: Orbit moved inward and made more eccentric, turned red and given a hot atmosphere and the, well, original Mohole. (New) Gilly: Small comet, shrunk to 8.5km radius. Renamed to Gillian's Comet. (Comet tails with Kopernicus Expansion) Ike: Fat comet, shrunk to 17.5km radius. Renamed to Isaac's Comet. (Comet tails with Kopernicus Expansion) Mun: Relocated to Jool orbit, replacing Vall, enlarged to 257km radius. New terrain. Vall: Now orbits Eeloo, shrunk to 99.8 km radius. Totally new terrain. Eeloo: Moved outward, increased to ~500 km radius, less eccentric and inclined orbit. Totally new terrain. Dres: First moon of Tylo. New, heavily cratered terrain. Lighting: Ambient light now nonexistent in space Sun is slightly reddish-yellow and casts a harsh, warmer light. Sun: Shrunk to 75000km, gravity increased to keep planetary speeds the same. General: Most orbits have at least some inclination and eccentricity now, as opposed to being perfect circles like the Kerbin system. All atmospheres are defined realistically using OhioBob's calculator. Science: Science configs have been made for all modified bodies, and many bodies have modified science multipliers. Mods: Compatibility for PlanetShine, Kopernicus Expansion Rekerjiggered, Distant Object Enhancement, Outer Planets Mod, Kronometer, and Principia, and Environmental Visual Enhancements. All supported in the main download (you no longer need to download a separate config pack for clouds or scatterer, as previous versions required.) Pictures Known Problems When timewarping outside of the Jool System, Kerbin will wander away from its orbit in the Tracking Station and Map View. This is visual only and does not happen in flight or when orbiting Jool. This is the best case scenario, the alternative is Kerbin just not orbiting Jool at all. Note that as far as gravity is concerned, Kerbin is always in the right place. Trajectories will always work as if Kerbin were properly anchored into its real orbit. It's only a visual thing. The space center is never accurate. There is no fix for this, but it's not game-breaking and should not appear outside the tracking station. On Linux only: Making History breaks PostSpawnOrbit, which allows Kerbin to be reparented. The main menu buttons will be broken if you use Linux with Making History and any mod that uses PostSpawnOrbit. To play, you will have to uninstall Making History or play on PC (Not sure about Mac). If there is sufficient interest in a patch that totally misses the point of the mod by re-adding Kerbin into Solar orbit while preserving the other planets, I may consider it. You may have noticed that all of these problems are related to re-parenting Kerbin. This is a fundamental problem that only Squad can fix. Recommended or Compatible Mods PlanetShine (All planets and moons have appropriate planetshine colors) DistantObjectEnhancement (makes the sky seem more authentic. All planets have proper dot color, and with the removal of the skybox when looking at planets, makes space feel even more empty!) Kronometer (Makes the clock sensible for the weird system. Click here to see the definitions for the times) Transfer Window Planner (Or use this online tool. Note that the online tool is inaccurate for Eve and Pol due to their physical characteristics and Bop due to its permanent moonlet position.) Texture Replacer (Use a dark skybox like Deep Star Map) Kerbal Engineer Redux (Especially if you plan to go to Tylo) Environmental Visual Enhancements (Clouds for all bodies with atmospheres) Galactic Neighborhood (Adds this planet pack as a separate star system "Alternis" with a star based upon 54 Piscium A, along with other planet packs and stars.) Principia (Stable N-body implementation of the system, axial tilt for some bodies.) Interstellar Consortium Plugin (Allows you to play from any IC-compatible system, treating AKR as an alien solar system.) The Alternis Super Tylo Super Challenge Back when Alternis Kerbol 0.1 was out, Tylo was an extremely difficult destination. Harder than Eve to land and return from. I'd only ever seen one person do the mission, and that was without the Deadly Reentry mod that added re-entry heating. Now re-entry heating is on by default. Tylo is right now the single most difficult planet to land on, in this mod or in stock. If you want to attempt this challenge but don't want the rest of the system, first of all: how dare you, and second of all: here's a standalone Super-Tylo on Spacedock. To clarify, you only need that download if you are NOT playing with Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered. Easy Mode: Land a space probe on the surface of Super Tylo. You get one gold star. Normal Mode: Land a kerballed spacecraft on the surface of Super Tylo, plant a flag, and get back to Kerbin's surface. You will be rewarded with two gold stars. Hard Mode: Impress me. If you've impressed me enough you will get three gold stars. (Impressing me need not rely on Tylo, there are other difficult things to do in the Alternis system. Hard Mode is also impossible if you're not playing the full Alternis Kerbol mod, so you can't use the standalone version.) Attempts: Visual Mods IMPORTANT: Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered is not compatible with any other visual enhancement config packs like SVE or Astronomer's, or anything else for that matter. AKR has its own configs to support Scatterer and Environmental Visual Enhancements. You do not need the BoulderCo folder of default E.V.E. configs, just the plugin folder. The "canonical" skybox is Poodmund's Deep Star Map. You should also decrease the map and flight ambient light in your settings menu--Alternis Kerbol was notoriously dark! https://imgur.com/a/Qq5Oi In this album is a set of screenshots depicting Alternis Kerbol with E.V.E., pre-0.052 Scatterer, and Distant Object Enhancement. If Jool has any green in it, you're doing it wrong. Installation Install Kopernicus (Requires ModuleManager and ModularFlightIntegrator, both of which come in the download) Optionally, install Environmental Visual Enhancements and/or any of the other compatible mods. Make sure you have uninstalled any previous versions of Alternis Kerbol. Download Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered and merge the contents of GameData. Enjoy. Credits @NovaSilisko for the original Alternis Kerbol plugin. @Winston for the original Jool texture from Alternis Kerbol. @Thomas P. and others, for maintaining and developing the Kopernicus plugin which makes planet modding possible. @Thomas P., @KillAshley, @NathanKell, and @Sigma88 for helping me early on. This was my first real mod and there's no way I could have gotten to where I am now without these people. Round of applause for them, please. @Poodmund for the city lights on Kerbin with the E.V.E. compatibility patch. @Pkmniako for awesome The Alternis Kerbol Star System infographic. License All of my own art assets are All Rights Reserved, unless you get explicit permission from me to use them. The planet PQS Material shader configs are from KillAshley's KASE, and are licensed CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 The original mod's art assets are CC BY-NC 4.0
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