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  1. JEBEDIAH KERMAN PRESENTS: OLD KERBIN REIVSITED Hi. You know the old map of the planet Kerbin, kerbals home? The map in version 0.15 to 0.17? Umm ... I "converted" it to the current version of that map, so i have done the following things to the original: *Added actual Kerbin's features *Removed old features(replaced with the actual ones) *correct(almost) water color *4k texture. Here are some pics: http://imgur.com/a/08JtK Here's the download: Download from GitHub Have fun! Opinions?
  2. Soooo,i made this mapping satellite,and i want to share it with the whole KSP community! The satellite: The rocket: (feel free to copy the satellite and the rocket,but dont forget to give credit) Launch in 3..2..1 LIFTOFF! SPACE! LATER... Yaaay,a successful orbit! Look how much ore there is!
  3. Hi all, I've been busily procrastinating on a Spaceplane performance guide. I've got to a section where i'm discussing the effect of altitude on jet engine performance, ie. what's the best altitude for penetrating sound barrier, what's best for hitting max airbreathing speed. Looking at the config file of the rapier, I can see that at 0.35 atmospheres of pressure, we have a thrust multiplier of 0.5. At 0.08 , thrust multiplier falls to 0.3 (looks like a sweet spot to me) , then at 0.018 we still have 0.09 (still somewhat decent, we thrust has only fallen half as much as
  4. I've been browsing the forums for a bit as I'm gaining a bit of free time. I've looked around for a place to post this but this is the only place I see it fit. After all, I'm telling a bit of a story. Although not a lengthy one... This will advertise my mod because this is about it and me playing (plus the mods that I use). I apologize if it sounds like I'm promoting it, I just wanna share what I have in mind. I've recently added helicopter parts and what I really had in mind was it bugged me when I could make bases on other low gravity planets. That took time and resources. In real life,
  5. ROGUE A story by: electricpants How will the kerbals adapt to a Kerbin that's frozen and starless? [BEGINNING OF PART ONE] [BEGINNING OF PROLOGUE] 11/27/2033, Log 1: A larger star, perhaps of G-F typing, has just skimmed the edge of our solar system. Meanwhile, our system has captured one of this star's planets. We have decided to name it "Coma". Because it was just captured, Coma has an elliptical orbit, and as such will come very close to Kerbin's orbit, so close that it will either capture planet Kerbin or [CLASSIFIED]. [END OF
  6. well I have bob Kerman stuck in orbit. but I have a plan to get him back I will use a custom built 3 stage rocket to get Bob Kerman home I got 2 rockomax duel silver fuel tanks a poddle a mk1-2 capsule and a whole ambition.
  7. As a fan of KSP, I would like to post this image of Kerbin I did in PlanetMaker.
  8. I made the main bodies of the Kerbol System, (Kerbol-Eeloo) entirely in PlanetMaker (planetmaker.wthr.us) Reply if you have created models of the Kerbol system of some sort. -made by planet-creations (with a profile pic of Kerbin)
  9. Looking forward to 1.2 and the new telemetry features. The announcement of the upcoming patch made me think about features I would like to have in KSP. Rocket Test Facility - Some place to test fire rockets, maybe some way to mount the rocket and test the ship as it burns and see how CoM and all that jazz is affected prior to an actual launch. I know you could just do that on the launch pad but still...A place to test certain setup and maybe earn a little science with out risking a ship exploding on the launch pad. Cities - I really want and maybe its coming, but I really want missio
  10. Hello all you forum users! I am currently planning my first Kerbin Elcano challenge, and I am super excited. Most of the trip will be on water, because the land is too rough, but that doesn't matter. I am in development of a mark2 hull based pontoon boat, with an outer deck, seating for 6 Kerbals, solar arrays on the rear, and ore harvesting equipment. Man, I wish I had photos, but Flickr isn't working yet. MODS I PLAN TO USE: KAS, KIS, Ven's stock revamp, (for textures) KER, MechJeb, and MK2 expansion. Anyway, when I get some shots up I'll s
  11. Hello guys! I got a really strange problem for me, it really liquided me off. I've just landed my vessel on kerbin, and then I switched to debris, waited till it crashed, went to the tracking station and... my vessel with just disappeared along with pilot. In the astronaut complex my kerbal got K.I.A. status. What happened? I'm really mad about this thing, that was quite a big flight for me with a lot of scientific data, I made a good landing and then I got this... I'm using clean KSP with Texture Replacer and that kind of stuff.
  12. So I was looking through all of my existing probes in KSP when I realized one of them was extremely outdated. It was a Huuble-like space telescope. So I decided I would launch a new space telescope. I also thought to myself, "What do I have to do to get a probe into a geostationary orbit?" I did some research online (looked at the KSP wiki) and found out that a geostationary orbit around Kerbin would have to have a perfectly circular 2,863.33 km orbit. I spent some time launching it and getting it into the correct orbit, and it worked! I put this on the forums just in case someone is wonderin
  13. Hey Guys, i try to land on Kerbin with Landingstruts on my Vessel. But unfortunately there explode on every landing attempt. I use also Heat Shield and four Radiators, if its nessecery i post a screenshot of my Vessel. Is it impossible to land on Kerbin with landing Struts? Bye Kai
  14. Okay, so here is a perpetual problem I have when I play KSP. I like to make my vehicles cost-effective, and that means recovery of useful parts. I have gotten pretty good at getting them back down to Kerbin survivable, but the closer they are to KSC, the more the funds recovered from the craft. This is especially important with spaceplanes, since they often need a good runway to touchdown on. Unfortunately, my attempts to land near KSC from an equatorial LKO position have a bad habit of undershooting the target, often leaving my craft coming down a continent away. Even a spaceplane,
  15. Hello fellow kerbals! A new mod has Arrived i have been working on it for a while now and its going very well! The south kerbin flag pack adds kerbal-ish flags too the game like the South kerbin aircraft and space association(SKASA). Jeb head mug kerman industries/JHMK IND is working on other projects so progress will be slow and this mod is for ksp version 1.0.5. but you can still ask about update. Download here Drop box.
  16. Operation: Mara One Rescue "We Leave No Kerbal Behind" "Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise, oh you got to be kidding me; they pulled a Voyager and a the Martian in the same day. I'm not reading this." - Jeb, Heroic Astronaut of the NASA KSP Program. He survived. The Mara SLA01 - Current Status It was supposed to be an automated probe for a flyby of the Mun. It's test launch of course was manned. Outfitted with some of the most powerful SpaceY engines available and designed like nothing the NASA KSP Program created before, it was to be the
  17. This Contract....it now took me 1 hour to almost perfectly align my satellite orbit to this contract..but: +-10.000m on a 15 Million Kilometer Orbit... is this game serious? This isnt enough??? Any help? Is this really that absurd, that orbits have to perfectly align, at this orbital speed, where 0.1 m/s makes 10.000m Orbital difference? Holy. Im in career mode and need that money from that contract :/
  18. What Is The K-MP?: The K-MP is what it says on the tin, it's a mission from Kerbin to the Mün. I will be using my Münar-B11 lunar rocket, which has the Münar-A6 lunar lander. I will be doing this "mission" from the 1st April to the 8th April 2016. I don't know if we'll find the Mün or just a dull grey rock by Kerbin :]. Joining us on this mission will be sir Jebediah Kerman, a highly trained kerbalnaut. Will kerbalkind make history, or is this Mün a lie? Find out in The K-MP! Reports: 3 April 2016: Today It Begins! Images: Rocket Downloads: PS: The reason why
  19. Hello There, today I have a simple task for our Kerbalnauts. Travel Kerbin all the way around in a one plane as fast as possible. RULES: 1) Must use some sort of aircraft. 2) Jet engines only. 3) Must not go Suborbital. 4) Stock parts only. 5) Have to visit both poles, (with evidence) 6) You are allowed to mine ore. (if you really want to for fuel) 7) Do so as fast as possible NO assistance mods, Kerbal engineer is allowed. Will make some sort of badge.
  20. Objective: get to Kerbin orbit (Pe > 70 km) starting with the least fuel (liquid+oxidizer+solid). Stock parts only (sandbox mode), no mods, manual piloting (SAS/RCS/reaction wheels allowed), no cheating, no refuelling. Multi stages allowed but be nice and don't use decouplers for propulsion. All stock engines allowed excepted electric. Payload/reentry not required, just get a pod to Pe > 70 km. Scoring: least fuel at takeoff (liquid+oxidizer+solid) wins. Unused fuel doesn't matter. Tip: you don't need to take off with completely filled tanks.
  21. For some time now I've had a hypothesis that Kerbol is not in fact a magical tiny G-class star but an old, relatively cool white dwarf (such as a DC9, which is spectrally similar to the Sun). The planets would also be made partially of electron-degenerate matter, making them much denser than any known planets and making possible their high surface gravities relative to their sizes. But today I decided to fact-check myself and look up the lower mass limits for stellar remnants such as white dwarfs, and I found the following: - White dwarf: at least 0.6 solar masses, below which it will c
  22. This is the Story of the start of the Ruskerbia Space Program called Interkerbmos it is my first story and i thought i wanted to give it a try (dont be too harsh :D) Mods used: Tantares Tantares LV Kerbalized flags and agencies [Remember to read Werner with an german accent] [Remember to read other characters with russian accents] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Hi, i got a small bug with grass colours on kerbin the grass seems off and darken than ksc grass and it persists in flight scene and in orbit. Here is the picture:
  24. Do you know Halo ? there is a station that is called RimWorld and it is station around whole Moon or something like that. I wil try to do that in ksp :3 EZ Only one mod that adds a station hubs and parts But around Kerbin and it will be smaller in diameter and it will be round
  25. Guys, please, I need help. I went on science mode, and managed to go into munar orbit and back to kerbin orbit. Thing is, I didn't add any heat shields, and I won't survive reentry. I guarantee, I will die. I have quick saved more times than I can count. Can someone please help? This is my first post, and I don't know why I can't put pictures, but my ship is basically Mk1 command module TR-18A Stack Decoupler Science Junior (Already dead weight) Science Junior Two mystery goo containers on either side of it(All dead weight) FL-T400 Fuel Tank (
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