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Found 2 results

  1. 9:00 am, UKT (Universal Kerbin Time), Phosphorite Observatory, Kerbin Just of the crater sea. "Mission control, this is Odescia I, we have reached a stable orbit" "Bob, we congratulate you on the entire planet's behalf" "Thank you!" "Everything going fine up there, let us know if you have any questions or issues, ok?" "Yes i do have an issue, according to my instrumentation i have around 1 and a half hours of electricity left, how many orbits until my orbit passes over landing point A?" "Around 2, you should have enough" "copy" As the Odescia drifts through orbit, the observatory looses line of sight, the radio telescope operators are angry yet astonished, angry that nobody told them of this technology, astonished that it was possible. The dream that Kerbals had had for thousands of years has just became a reality. Everyone wants their own piece of the pie. The observatory members had heard of a launch site up north, they thought "why not" 2:30 pm, Odescia I capsule, Bob Kerman "I flipped the switch reactivating the capsule's control systems for reentry, nobody knew if i would die or not, a reentry hadn't been tried before, I was to go from 2km/s to 10 meters per second in just over 5 minutes, i knew that if my parachute deployed before 200 meters above the ground i would be safe. But this was the first time, nobody knew what it would feel like, what it would smell like. most importantly nobody knew how safe it was. As i began to slow down, my communications went down nobody thought this would happen during entry as we had full coverage of the predicted entry track. This hadn't been prepared for. As i got closer and closer to my target i began to slow down, i could feel the air pushing my spacecraft back just a bit, before screaming out of the way in the form of fire. At around 1km/s, my communications began working again, i could hear the crew of the recovery vessel stating some kind of statement about how space has killed someone, I immediately thought, I'm not dead right? I wasn't so I waited for the recovery vessel's crew to finish before radioing an immortal statement, "I am here now, let it be known that I am dead, dead astonished that I have survived." the recovery vessel broke out in celebration, singing Kerbin united, an anthem of kerbalkind. I Bob Kerman had conquered the stars in the name of our little planet."
  2. Mods: Backstory: Kerbinorbiter (me) has decided that this (unless my data gets corupted) is my LAST MISSION REPORT, so the mods are above Aims: To provide you, the reader, an insight to how i operate my space program. To provide some (minor) entertainement (but my sense of humor is. bad.) Planned missions: Honrable modder mentions:
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