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Found 17 results

  1. I have released a new tool for Kerbal Space Program to help players visualize and plan their in-game communication networks. Players can add spacecraft with specific configurations of antennae, and then drag the spacecraft and planets around to mimic an in-game situation they would like to analyze. All spacecraft are linked with colored lines when a connection is established between them, showing their signal strength. https://ksp-commnet-planner.blaarkies.com/ Checkout the github repo issues tracker for more known limitations Antenna calculations have be
  2. This is my first serious foray into using KerbNet, and I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just not setting up or doing something correctly (probably the later). I have a probe in orbit around the Mun; it has M700 and M4435 scanners functioning, with both Rovemate and MK2 Drone probe cores; but KerbNet display appears to only show Ore mode. When I click the 'Cycle Display Mode' button in the upper left corner, nothing seems to happen - I see no noticeable change in the display, as illustrated in the Kerbnet Wiki. - just Ore mode. Likewise in the Tracking Station, regardless of th
  3. On my 'Survey and Scanning' probes I usually include a Rovemate, as it has 100% anomaly detection, as well as a 'normal' probe core for control and Narrow Band and/or Orbital Scanners. On many occasions it would be useful for me to have independent Kerbnet windows open for two or more cores and/or scanners (on the same vessel) at a time. As it is it will only switch the window contents to show whichever I select. Not a game breaker, but a very useful QoL tweak.
  4. So currently in KSP I've been flying an airship around Kerbin, with one of my objectives being to seek out anomalies. For the purpose of pinpointing those anomalies, I launched this satellite to polar orbit: My problem is, despite playing KSP for almost two years now, I really have no idea how Kerbnet works, or how I can use it to my advantage. This is probably evident in my satellite design, because I added that survey scanner even though I didn't intend to scan for ore at all. I know the approximate location of the anomaly I want to visit, but I've gathered that in order to pinpoin
  5. I was browsing the interwebs a while ago and found this interesting communications network design that works around the annoying orbital drift bug (is it a bug? I'm not sure) by utilising four comsats in eccentric orbits instead of the normal synchronous orbits. I couldn't find where I saw the original diagram, so I knocked this up in five minutes on Paint - I hope it gets the point across. (Note that this is looking at the planet from directly above the north or south poles). There's a few things I was wondering about this setup: 1. What is the probability that you are in
  6. Ok so as you know from the title my kerbnet dose not seem to work correctly. Every time I pres kerbnet access I get a screen saying it’s offline. I have 100% signal strength and direct connection to the space center. As far as parts that would influence this I have probodobodyne for a probe body (that took to long to spell) and two narrow band scanners the only mod I have running on this is TweakScale which can change the size of the parts but I don’t think that would influence it thanks for even reading this
  7. Hi guys, I've been setting up evenly spaced triangle orbit satellites at 120 degrees for my network and can get them at exactly at 120 from each other without any deviation. But every six months-year the phase angles either rise or drop by .01 degrees and decades later my little triangles are all messed up. I know it's because my apoapsis and periapsis are just barely not matching but damn it's hard to get the apoapsis and periapsis that precise. Has anybody else had this issue?
  8. I have a problem. Recently, I launched a relay into stable polar orbit around Kerbin, and even though I'm below 600,000 km AND I have the M700 Survey Scanner, I still can't seem to cycle the Kerbnet view mode to resource mode. How can I access resource mode in Kerbnet? I'll post some screenshots below of what I'm trying to get across. This is the mode I want to see: Resource mode. This is a picture of my satellite: This is my satellite. This is my connection to Kerbin and my altitude: This is some information.
  9. Hi, I am currently having an issue with the KerbNet feature as of the 1.3 update. Prior to the update, I could use KerbNet with any probe body with no problem. Now, all I get is this when I open up the access window: The only mods I have installed are Kerbal Alarm Clock and a planet pack, but KerbNet worked fine with these same mods in 1.2.2. Does anyone know what I could do to fix this? Thanks in advance! edit: solved, kopernicus is currently having some issues with scanners, just gonna have to deal with it.
  10. Hello again fellow Kerbals. I have a rover that I have been testing around the KSC and I have been trying to learn how to use the Kernet aboard my Rovemate. I have located a "?" mark on the Kerbnet that when I am on top of it just happens to sit right in the middle of my crawlerway. My questions are: 1. How do I interpret this map? 2. How do I figure out what the question mark is? 3. What can I do with this info? Here is a picture:
  11. Hello All. I have seen threads mentioning the Kerbnet and how it detects anomalies. I have a rover with a rovermate probe body and I have seen where this should allow me to use the Kerbnet. Is this a mod? If not how do I access it?
  12. Step 1: put a satellite in Kerb-o-synchronous (geostationary/geosynchronous) equatorial orbit. Step 2: once in desired orbit, push 'V' until in "chase camera". Step 3: play your favorite space themed ambience music. Step 4: push F2. Step 5: profit. Working on putting a little video together to share here shortly. It's times like these that remind me how much I appreciate this game and its developers. 400+ hours deep and it's the little things.
  13. Hello, So far the farthest I've ever been in KSP is a Mun landing, Before going to Minmus I plan on starting some sort of network around Kerbin, But I don't know how to start one. I to lonely
  14. So, I had dabbled in SCANsat prior to 1.2, but now that Kerbnet is here I'm quite content with the stock solution. I'm presently living happily with Kerbin and Mun each having a triplet of relay satellites. Having over a dozen probes other spacecraft with probe cores, sometimes anomalies show up... And sometimes they don't. It seems as though one given probe sees a handful of them, another probe might see the same ones or different ones. I found one on the Mun and landed near it - the lander probe core never saw it no matter how close it was, but the surveyor that marked it with a way
  15. The Boffins have not been idle despite it having been a long time since the Circus did anything. No, they've been hard at work testing and tweaking stuff for the next chapter of the Glorious Kerbal Space Empire. Their current project is to develop a kOS script to facilitate the deployment of what they call "Moonsats". In the Circus concept of communications networks (see the link in my sig), there are 2 general species of commsats: Main Relays, which have huge antennae and are in highly eccentric polar orbits over the central body in each planetary system, and Moonsats, which are in modera
  16. Two questions about different scanners; 1) When you use KerbNet on some of the more advanced probe cores, they have the ability to detect anomalies. How do the mechanics of this work? Is there a one off chance of detecting an anomaly the first time you fly over or land in a new biome or does KerbNet recheck on each orbit/touch down? 2) I've been using a Surface Scanner to keep track of my position on my Mun Rover as it travels towards the South Pole. The display looks something like - Biome: Highlands, Lat 63.484 S [-1.108 N] Lon 140.008 E [2.444 E] . . . . . . What do
  17. kOS-SCANsat is an Addon to kOS kill Kerbals in new and exciting ways. It allows you to use the inaccurate data provided by a low resolution scanner to be used for mission planning**. It is designed to provide a "realistic" way to plan your missions and forces*** you to scan your landing side before you send a lander. Features: Low and High resolution altimeter scans Biome scans Resource scans slope data (and highly inaccurate slope data for low resolution scans) KerbNet Scanning of the current vessel. (only for biome and altimeter) ** yo
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