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Found 2 results

  1. This is the development thread for Kerbodyne Plus. Grab the latest Dev build here. About Summary Kerbodyne Plus is a parts pack for Kerbal Space Program. It gives players the parts required for building very large interplanetary ships and stations, making for a more enriching end-game experience. Pics Project Goals Provide optimized parts for large construction Improve end-game play Provide beautifully designed parts Keep designs grounded in reality (or at worst near-future) Remain mod agnostic (Kerbodyne Plus does not support or hinder other mods)
  2. Version 1: Radial Small Tanks & Rounded Shroud - 4 Nozzles Version 2: Single Large Nozzle Version 3: Cubic Shroud - 4 Nozzles Version 4: Cubic Shroud & Round Magnetic Chamber - 4 Nozzles Version :5 Rounded Shroud & Cubic Shrouds - 4 Nozzles Version 6: Round to Cubic Shroud - 4 Nozzles Version 7: Superstructure & Cubic Shrouds - 4 Nozzles Version 8: Tapered Rounded Shroud & Cubic Shrouds - 12 Nozzles Hello forum people! Please help me decide which of the above engine designs to choose for the new MPD in Kerbodyne Plus V1.1! Please keep in mind that picking a direction should be about the general idea and not about level of detail. The finalized model will receive more detail than even the most detailed sketch presented here. Anyways, thanks to everyone who votes in this poll for helping me decide!
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