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Found 4 results

  1. I just took a contract to rescue a girl from a retrograde solar orbit. More details in the chart below. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, READ THE CHART BEFORE YOU ASK "WHAT ARE THE TARGET'S ORBITAL PARAMETERS?" MISSION BRIEFING CURRENT TIME: Y54D295 – 1H20M Name Haycal Kerman Specialty Pilot Craft Model Mk. I Crew Cabin Land-by Date Y74D292 – 0H46M Solar Apoapsis (m) 53,476,467,987 Solar Periapsis (m) 41,561,681,152 Inclination (degrees) ~ 177 If I complete this rescue mission successfully, I'll earn 178,200 total (this is the rewards minus the reputation taxes) I'm a bit clueless on how I should proceed with this mission. Worst of all, I have no idea how to build the rescue craft. I had the idea to use ion propulsion for the final rescue craft, but I also need the energy and power generation (especially RTGs) to go with it. Aside from that, I have no idea how to proceed - or if ion propulsion would even be enough. Does anyone have any ideas on how I should: Construct my spacecraft. Propulsion source ISRU or not? Action plan: When to launch Launch when Kerbin is at a certain spot relative to Haycal? Blast off at morning or night at the KSC What to do after leaving Kerbin's SOI Gravity assist/s (I'm bad at those)? Refueling? Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm using the demo version of KSP, and I got a kerbal into orbit around Kerbol, hooray! However, the mission was to get a kerbal into a somewhat low orbit, and it was pretty high, only a bit lower than Kerbin's. At first, I left it there, since it has no fuel (or engine, for that matter) and I couldn't really be bothered to make a rescue ship for him in order to redesign and retry. However, I have now decided that I want to do it properly, and for that, I need a ship capable of getting to Kerbol orbit and back. Details KSP demo v1.0.0.813 Sandbox mode Kerbol orbit with an apoapsis of 13,012,683km and periapsis of 12,912,697km, practically no inclination difference with Kerbin Craft is orbiting in the same direction as Kerbin Craft is ahead of Kerbin Single kerbal trapped in orbit I'm quite a new player Parts available in the demo here Requirements Capable of getting into a Kerbol orbit and back Capable of rescuing a kerbal Preferences A guide in how to use it (this will be really helpful, so pretty please?) A generous amount of extra delta-v just in case Thanks for reading! P.S. If you can, a design for the actual mission to Kerbol orbit would be nice
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