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  1. This is a mod based on OSE Workshop Reworked by @linuxgurugamer, itself a continuation of OSE Workshop Continued by @Aelfhe1m and ultimately a continuation of OSE Workshop by @ObiVanDamme. These mods allow parts to be manufactured directly on a craft using a Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) container to store them. They also allow spare parts in a KIS inventory to be recycled back into their raw materials (at a loss), and provide some limited support for those resources (an ore processor part, resource containers etc). This mod aims to overhaul many of the features of the previous incarnatio
  2. Universal Storage is a modular parts mod, allowing you to build custom service modules. It is highly integrated with the most popular life support mods, DMagic Orbital Science, and Kerbal Inventory System. Part library and more information available at kingtiger.co.uk/uvsii Universal Storage II (UvSii) is the follow up to KSP’s original wedge based parts mod, Service modules are build from a central core, around which you can place various resource and processor wedges. Customization fairings complete the service module, providing aerodynamic shielding with access via payload door
  3. KIFA - Kerbal Inventory for All Simple Mod that adds Kerbal 1.11 Inventories to all Command Pods including 3rd party mod Command Pods, Station Hubs, and Bases Adds inventories to any parts which already have a KIS Inventory - both from KIS mod and other mods which add KIS inventories (like USI mods Also allows other MOD parts to be put into stock inventory. This can be disabled by deleting the AllowModPartsInStock.cfg file. This will only add the function if the mod author has not added stock inventory themselves. As other Mod authors update their mods to include St
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or not: I was able to put a cardboard box on Val's back, just like a Portable Container, and load it up, and unload the items, but I couldn't find a way to take the box off her back, other than boarding a ship. Then it just falls to the ground outside. I'm able to drag a Portable Container back into the Inventory of a Storage Container, but the same action doesn't work with a Cardboard box. Is that by design?
  5. Fancy lights and animations on your Kerbals will make them look like a Christmas tree! Customize and make them shine with these glowing props during upcoming holidays and ever after. Current parts: Helmet Lights for those times when you wanted to take kerbal selfies during nights. Cupola Helmet for better angle of view when playing with the Through The Eyes of a Kerbal mod. Jetpack Light, useful when your Kerbal doesn't wear the standard helmet. Omni-Tool, a fancy replacement of the screwdriver tool (left handed, so use the "H" KIS hotkey). Holo Goggles, brin
  6. CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. CactEye telescopes feature a fully-functional science system, and is upgradable/serviceable (primarily through Kerbal Inventory System). Orbital telescopes also now become fundamental to discovering asteroids. Unfortunately, Some people on here don't like the forum rules regarding Mod development, leading to Angel 125 dropping this project. This now is open to the community to add to, and work on collectively. In order to keep the mod orderly, We will hold a vote on features, parts, etc. before including anyth
  7. CactEye is a plugin and set of parts that allow for modular orbital telescopes. CactEye telescopes feature a fully-functional science system, and is upgradable/serviceable (primarily through Kerbal Inventory System). Orbital telescopes also now become fundamental to discovering asteroids. Unfortunately, Some people on here don't like the forum rules regarding Mod development, leading to Angel 125 dropping this project. This now is open to the community to add to, and work on collectively. In order to keep the mod orderly, We will hold a vote on features, parts, etc. before including anyth
  8. I'm new with mods so if this is a noob mistake, please don't judge. I'm trying to make a space station and I'm trying to get my Kerbal to take large parts out of a storage unit. First, I don't know how and dragging it into my inventory is not an option as it is around 4 tonnes. Second, can I attach heavy parts or do I have to have more Kerbals to attach them.
  9. I am optimizing my vehicles for building a mining station on Eeloo. In the midst of this I installed KAS/KIS for the first time. Something really weird is happening and I do not know if it is due to the mods, or the game, or my stupidity. I built a skycrane/rover combination. I am using the in-game-cheat to orbit it around Eeloo while I optimize its functioning. When I first show up orbiting Eeloo all the solar panels deploy. I manually close all the gigantors on the rover and leave the solar panels on the skycrane deployed. Then I activate the engines and land. The rover is und
  10. Hi, wondering for you realism fans out there if there's an interest in a radiator Maintenance mod? Specifically, radiators used in atmospheres would have their efficiency degrade over time and a coil cleaning tool would be added to kis and require an engineer to clean the radiators.
  11. I can't use any of details like wrench or screwdriver. And also when I trying to connect nodes for rigid strut the game freezes. Only I have these problems or you too?
  12. Im using KSP 1.7 and KIS and even though in the load screen it says KIS isn't supported in KSP1.7, when im in the game all the parts and the inventory screen are there but when I go out on kerbin to get familiar with the controls, I can move the pieces around but when I right click on the wrench and select equip, it doesn't go to his hand. My engineer is lvl0, is that the problem, because im lost... Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  13. You know how in KAS/KIS when you set up two pipe endpoints you can right click one of them if you’re close enough and link them together? Well, it’s not working for me. The ‘link’ button simply doesn’t appear. Photos below: Any ideas?
  14. Ive been using Kerbal Inventory System for a while. I love that you can store parts and add them to spacecraft when needed. I want to add a docking node to my space station, but the volume of the node is 782.5L and Kerbals can only hold 250L. So when I transport this part to my station, how am I going to attach it if the kerbal can't hold it. Also is there a way to go into the mod files and change how much a Kerbal can hold?? Thanks
  15. Hello, I am trying to figure out how to incorporate BD FPS parts into @Locob's ProProps Mod for my personal use. I have the .mu file and the textures, but for some reasons, I cant get the gun to work as intended. The kerbal makes a weird position, and then disappears! Long story short, if I provide you with the .cfg files, .mu files and textures, can anyone configure them to work with ProProps? Thanks!
  16. So, I'm playing with Kerbalism installed. It's only got a couple of options for food/water containers, none of which I particularly like all that much. I'd love to expand the number of cargo options I have, and I really like the KIS inline container models. I'm attempting to add Food/Water to these containers, but nothing I try seems to be working. Either the parts load in normally, or they fail to load at all - never with food/water. Ideally I'd love to have something like a B9 part switch option that allows me to switch from a cargo container with KIS inventory to something carrying foo
  17. As soon as I perform an EVA while in a vacuum, the ship will spin randomly and accelerate in the opposite direction from the kerbal, sending the two flinging away from each other and rendering my mission as an epic failure. The effect is most prominent when on EVA from a small craft and more subdued on heavier craft and it happens 100% of the time when on EVA in a vacuum. Also, linking two ships together in a vacuum with the KAS tools seems to cause the two ships to wobble until they break each other apart. I suspect this issue to be linked to the KAS or KIS mod, since the issue started aft
  18. It doesn't give the button when I right click them. Capsules and containers.
  19. I queried this in the KIS thread, but to be proactive, I want to take a stab at doing this myself: I made a tiny drone but assembly with @IgorZ KIS system is not possible as it uses Tweakscale, heavily, and KIS cannot accept full craft or sub assemblies into its Inventories. And @allista's Hangar mod does not supply a small enough item, nor are said items manipulable using KIS' EVA or inventory functions. So here's my plan: I would like to create a Box. This box will be able to be carried by a Kerbal in EVA and stored in an inventory using KIS functiona
  20. Hello, I am currently setting up my minmus base using MKS and Kerbal Inventory System, however I cannot access the inventory of the 5 meter KIS container, meaning I cant get the stuff out of it. I can however, access my own inventory which I guess means I have installed KIS properly. Please see image attached for a picture of the issue. https://imgur.com/a/p7t4u
  21. Hey all, I have no clue if this should be in here or addon discussions, but here goes: I just got KAS/KIS and desperately wanted to use the kerbal EVA inventory, because I could remove helmets and refuel airplanes without the pain of docking.The issue is that I have no inventory to use. I right-clicked Doddard(an engineer and dedicated fuel tanker technician) and went to click the Inventory button, but there was none there. Next, I tried to find the inventory button on one of those side mount containers(with some tools inside). Thankfully the inventory button showed. I clicked o
  22. So this is it: I can't open my inventory while in EVA, neither the container. I don't have any other mods installed, only KIS and KAS. I'm running KSP 1.2. What I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much
  23. I've installed KIS and KAS through CKAN with all appropriate dependencies. I have the necessary parts in my ship, I can even build a craft with storage containers with parts in them, and even open and manage those inventories while piloting the craft, but as soon as I go EVA all of that seems to vanish. The kerbal has no inventory, nor can they open storage units. Any hlep?
  24. Pretty new to KSP and I wanted to be able to add items onto space crafts that I already has in orbit. I downloaded KIS and KAS to do this. Unfortunately my kerbal cannot hold anything in his inventory because his inventory volume is 1 L and every object is huge compared to that. Is this because he is a level 1? I tried looking through the save files to increase his inventory size but all I saw was max inventory which didn't fix the problem. I have read the user guide and looked all over the Internet and these forums for more information but I can't find anything. Everything is up to date. Othe
  25. Hi all, I can see the inventory and even put items in container on assembly, but when I go EVA, theres no buton to open inventory on kerbals nor pressing tab key. The container inventory button is there but when I press it, theres the opening doors sound but nothing happens. My versions are KSP - (64k) and KIS is 1.4.3. KSP prerelease chrashes on loading
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