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Found 2 results

  1. I have found a beautiful planet in space engine that i would transfer to KSP, I am using Kopernicus and kittopia tech. The Kopernicus part works out nicely, and the planet shows up in-game with the right texture. however i cant seem to get the kittopia part to work. My planet's terrain is spiky, and does not follow the texture. i have defined the heightmap in the kittopia config and reduced the bumpyness, but it does not work. I have searched everywhere and tried everything I could think of. It is as if it does not apply the kittopia config. Kittopia and my planet works in-game except that the surface is spiky. there is almost no documentation on the in-game kittopia UI, so i couldn't save the settings properly to my planet. I don't know if in-game kittopia is the way to though.
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