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Found 4 results

  1. I can't be the only one who has a problem with the KJR Mods in 1.11 Most of my Crafts, especially with Mod parts wobble around like stupid, no matter which KJR version I take. I also tried Autostrut but it has almost no effect at all, worse than the KJR mods. It also seems like nobody continues the KJR mods anymore and I couldnt do it myself. So is there anyone out there working on a new version? I just want to play KSP peacefully again without being annoyed by constant Kraken effect.
  2. Tired of rockets collapsing when physics initializes, but it would be fine if physics didn't start with a jerk? Irritated launch clamps can twist your rocket apart when physics starts for no apparent reason? Need more joint stiffness because you're playing Real Solar System and the stock joints just don't cut it? Then you need KERBAL JOINT REINFORCEMENT! Lessen the effects of physics glitches and get back to designing rockets to handle flight, not to handle the forces applied when the game loads. EXCITING FEATURES! Physics Easing Slowly dials up external f
  3. Hello! I use KSP 1.3.1 with RSS, FAR and KJR and a few other mods. I want my game to be as realistic as possible. I don't use Realism Overhaul because it doesn't support every mod I have. I've made an airliner that is a little smaller than the Airbus A318. I tweaked Squad engines to get rid of fuel and use Electric Charge instead. It uses SXT and some other mods. I just want to have flutter to make it even more realistic. I disabled autostrut and rigid attachment on the wings and there's still no flutter. I'm pretty sure it's because of KJR. I'm not sure it is a good i
  4. Probably a good idea to use KJR for this, as the propeller blades have a tendency to cause a critical existence failure if they collide. Retrofitted to fly without KJR, but a smaller version which requires KJR is available as well. Presenting the new, affordable, and actually controllable helicopter for the whole family! The AutoGyro MKIII is designed for short-distance excursions to nearby dictatorships scenic spots. It isn't a VTOL due to the finicky nature of controlling those (and a fair measure of laziness), but it is a STOL, requiring only to attain a forwards velocity of 25/35
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