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Found 2 results

  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nearly 5 Billion years ago, a small yellow star formed in a weird dense Universe. its name... Was Kerbol, and around it formed 7 planets, Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna, Dres, Jool and Eeloo. From her tender embrace, life would evolve, getting more and more advanced in each generation. Till a sapient species known as the kerbals came into being. Sadly, Kerbol formed in a region where stars were rare, and thus kerbalkind was stranded to their own system until FTL drives were developed. But what if Kerbol formed in a area located inside a rich cluster of stars, a... Kluster... If you like.. And whats more... Kerbol formed with more materials to spare, producing a larger and more unique system, one that may seem strange to the normal eye.. And maybe, some planets close to home are different as well... First off, what the heck is Kluster? Kluster is a (sort of) old mod founded in early 2016, by me. Originally supposed to feature many systems, it quickly fell apart due to the main modder, protojeb21, had things to do in his life. Now however, I decided to revive it, and revamp it. Many planets will change, and so will the kerbol system, but many concepts will remain the same... What can we anticipate in Kluster? A ton of Star systems, although the first iterations would start off with barely any systems, over time this mod will grow! Another thing is a near total change to the Kerbol system, new and interesting worlds have formed around Kerbol, and with more planets, more gravitational dances have formed. An example is Duna and Kerbin, Both have been captured by a large oxygen gas giant with small rings (Yea its cliche. But come on! Its cool looking at a gas giant in the sky!.) And whats more, Duna and kerbin... Have found themselves in a eternal dance around their Parent, forever twirling around a baycenter (hopefully if it doesnt glitch.) Forever in each others sights... Team -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Kluster is still in its baby stages, so @Galacticvoyager and I need some suggestions and ideas for the mod. Right now, the system we're most focused on right now is Poait. We would like some suggestions for the system, like maybe another planets or moons for Savaos. Suggestions for other stars and other things in the mod (easter eggs, extra features, etc.) are welcome too. WANT TO SEE THIS MOD'S DEVELOPMENT? Kluster Development Thread
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