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Found 2 results

  1. What is Knes mod? Supported mods by Compatibility patch ( Module Manager Required for patch): Optional Dependencies Download: SpaceDock / Github / Curse i don't have tested but Knes is supposed to have a retro-compatibilty for KSP 1.4 (oldest KSP with part variant) ChangeLog: Thanks: Help on Dev and support : @CobaltWolf @Beale @steedcrugeon Hermes Model made with the big Help of @Nookos (Sharing of its Soar Shuttle Model for ref) Hermes IVA Model and original MRK model by @steedcrugeon EndCap made by
  2. Dev thread for my KrakenScience Mod Release thread : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I need help for the science report with many spelling errors ! If you have ideas or problems to be indicated, please post here, thanks
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